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  1. WiFeK & Yetio Banned for SPAM ^^

    We promise that we'll never be spamming on a local chat.YetiO also promises ... true?
  2. WiFeK & Yetio Banned for SPAM ^^

    Naturally.I got a muted on the channel, but not on a local chat.I do not know how to explain it.This is a game between me and YetiO (the spam)
  3. Wafel banned :<

    Hi.I won't ask you to unblock my account "Wafel" that was locked 2-3 years ago.I got ban for using bad language on Polish channel.This promises to be more not happen again.Please to give favorable consideration of my application.
  4. Wafel banned :<

    I would like to play for Wafel because I like the nick ;P.I'm no break any rules of the game.I swear