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  1. Apologize from Wafel

    At this moment we had 7+ miliards people in the world and EL got 200-300 online ppl atm. Watch out because soon you will not ban anyone. I can’t wait when this game is end and online here down to 10 ppl with 400 bots… and soon you will ban yourself too. Bye.
  2. Apologize from Wafel

    I noticed - this posting about imbroglio is waste of my time, and you having fun with me, so ok, let’s end on this. Can you unban my other chars, and ip’s ? or again, we will write long posts about me. I'm already tired of this discussion.
  3. Apologize from Wafel

    Ok, wanna see the power of my evidence, and with that I'm right - here they are: (copied from chat log) It’s my translate to english but if you don’t belive me you can use other translate google or somethin. I do not know if moderation it can somehow confirm that (special local logs or whatever): I have chat logs in local chat when Siberian asking me for that [19:15:14] Siberian: chcesz kupic chare?> (you want buy char?) [19:15:18] Siberian: przez vilka możemy (we can do via villek) [19:15:27] waflu: jakiego (what char?) [19:15:30] Siberian: ta (ye) [19:15:35] waflu: ? [19:15:41] waflu: jakiego chara? (what char?) [19:15:43] [PM from Siberian: siberiana] [19:15:48] [PM to Siberian: heh kupic ;d] (heh, buy) [19:15:52] [PM to Siberian: a ile bys za niego chcial ?] (how much you want for him?) And what do you say to this ? If you don’t belive me – you can check this, but villek can confirm that words I think that these logs is a strong proof for my benefit about Imbroglio char I think that it is enough…rule 4 & 10 is still valid. IDK what u mean here “why does your version differ from magiczny's version” – What is Magiczny version ? I see Soul post, and? I don’t care for that, I bought that char and it’s mine. For example, I got from someone char and someone writes on forum he got deleted character, nice, maybe I can post for top 1 char and he get locked cause I posted on forum “I never changed my pass to this account, it’s looks like someone hacked me” ! ~ but here are small difference, you got IP from him and you base only on this, but when it comes to the right to char, according to rules I got full acces.
  4. Apologize from Wafel

    I did not have to write it here, and I know selling char’s it’s strictly prohibited, but I write only that here cause you want to know from where I got Imbroglio. So…when I’m back to the game, I was looking for buying new char. so I got this char from villek, I asked him for any char with 100 a/d. And he told me, he got a char for me, so he gave it to me. (not for free), I changed pass for this, and it’s all. I think when I changed pass for this char, so I’m new owner, right? Anyway, I guess it’s char from villek before. I think rule 10 can help me here.
  5. Ip Ban =)

    Hi, i want return to the game I PROMISE, i will no longer do anything wrong I just wanna only chat with old friends End.
  6. IP ban, idk why...?

    I'm back from holiday i can get unban?
  7. IP ban, idk why...?

    I have no idea, possibly when I was leaving my house, my brother he was at home...and he maybe logged on zexel and make a shitstorm and he only knew my pass on zexel, maybe it's him. ZeXeL is my harvy alt and sometimes he logged in at him while harvesting... my brother rarely helps me and have the ability to login on zexel.
  8. IP ban, idk why...?

    I did not write this crap and fake mess from aislinn on channels 3,6 etc... i'm not guilty If you don't belive me, ok, it's your mind, man so much time playing in this game gets banned because for some idiot write stupid lyrics...
  9. IP ban, idk why...?

    Ok, fine... I can end this game now, and write here what I think about all this...but give me the time and money i spent in this game...! ! ! this is all some sick ! >,<
  10. IP ban, idk why...?

    still can't log in ...
  11. IP ban, idk why...?

    What is coincidence for you? You have any argumentation?
  12. IP ban, idk why...?

    My network have public adress, and a lot of people close to me and may have a similar address...I do not think someone had broken into my house, and broke into the character ... possible that the same network. I do not know how to explain ... but you're wrong person...it's not me...also I have a variable IP, ok, fine I did the problem at 44 and say bad word on channel 44 because they pissed me one person, and i got a boot, as soon as I got Boot i logged on a zexel and and after a while I went off...because I was leaving to the house in the mountains , and next day i run el and i see ip ban...really do not know what this is all about.
  13. IP ban, idk why...?

    So? What do I do? I do not understand this whole situation and this ban... Can someone explain this to me in detail ?
  14. IP ban, idk why...?

    What you mean ? intentionally ? I do not understand this
  15. IP ban, idk why...?