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  1. Forum Account

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Forum Account

    Nevermind... I remembered it. Sorry for spamming. Can I get the new account deactivated though so I can switch this account to my new email, please? Sorry if this is all in the wrong place also.
  3. Haidir Quest

    Please delete. Wasn't a bug I just didn't get the joke.
  4. Looking For A Guild

    You probably all know me and how I am. Looking for a change. Att: 75 Def: 80 Har: 65 Alc: 67 Mag: 48 Pot: 46 The rest don't really matter. Pm me in-game.
  5. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    At the moment, the idea seems like a great addition to the game. The depletable reasources would increase the demand for them which could make harvesting a bit more profitable. Instead of selling the majority of your harvests to NPCs they're more likely to be sold among players. As for the multiplaying being legal, it would be great for families to intearact with one another but would provide a chance for those who do multiplay or have multiple computers to multiplay to advance in the game far too rapidly. Another thing to take into consideration is the crafters and manufacturers who depend on massive quantities of the resources to get by in the game. These players would not be able to gather the resources they need which would create an inflation on the prices of armors, rings, potions, and other things produced by said players. Which would make them unattainable for some. For the most part, my favorite part of this is your plan for Isla Prima. The newer players would get a better start in the game financially because they would have access to the unlimited resources and would in turn be able to sell them to the higher level players who don't have that kind of access to resources. This could also create a lot of character spam because people will continue creating characters after one reaches the level of 15 to be able to havest the unlimited resources on Isla Prima. My vote would be a yes to the depletable resources and a no to the multiplaying. If you weigh out the pros and cons of multiplaying the cons strongly outweigh the pros. As for the depletable resouces, I think it's worth a try. Perhaps it will stimulate the economy a little bit and it will be definitely cause more players to explore for resources.
  6. Story & Quest Writers Agreement

    I, Beorn, have read, understand, and agree to follow the above terms of the Eternal Lands Story and Quest Writers Agreement.
  7. Operating System

    I'm using KUbuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Linux.
  8. About Yourself

    RL Name : Randy Age : 17, 18 next month Country : Ohio, USA Race : White / Caucasian Hair : Longish brown curly hair with natural red and blond highlights. Eyes : Green change to brown in the winter. Height : 6'4" Waist : 32" Weight : 162lbs Body Type : slim ABOUT ME: Star Sign : Virgo Interests : ancient greece, anime,art,death, digital art, eternal lands, Finland, graphic design, horror stories, japan, livejournal, manga, music, mythology, philosophy, poetry, reading, stephen king, theology, writing, youtube Profession : Student: College for Philosophy Major and English minor. Cigarettes : Pack A Day Alcohol : Yes, please. Love whiskey sours. Drugs : acid and marijuana Makes Me Happy : Chuck Klosterman books, rain, sex, silence Makes Me Sad : People in general. Bad Habits : Smoking, drinking, not being able to keep a job, and insomnia. Personality : Neo-hippie, intelligent, slacker, argumentative MY FAVOURITES: Food : Chinese, mexican, and cheese cake. Music : 38 Special, The 69 Eyes, Adam Absinthe, ACDC, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, BTO, Dave Matthews Band, The Doors, Foreigner, Gackt, Golden Earring, Guns N' Roses, HIM, HYDE, Jack Johnson, Joe Roberts, John Lennon, Journey, Keith Urban, Led Zepplin, Miyavi, Negative, Nirvana, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Poison, The Ramones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones, Sisters Of Mercy, Tom Petty, Trashlight Vision, Type O Negative, The Used, Vains Of Jenna, TV Show : Bleach, Fairly Odd Parents, A Haunting, House MD, Law & Order: SVU, Mindfreak, Monk, Mythbusters, Psych, Scrubs, Spongebob, That 70s Show, and VH1 Author : Chuck Klosterman, Hunter S. Thompson, Stephen King Movie : Back To The Future, Blow, Christmas Vacation, Dreamcatcher The Doors Movie, Face Off, Halloween, Gone In 60 Seconds, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Ref, Saw, Secret Window Animal : Ferret Sexist Actor/Actress : Can't think of any, but Amy Winehouse is the sexist singer in my opinion.
  9. Tarsengaard Crypt & Cave

    I'm pretty sure it's finished I'll probably need to add a few things and make a few grammatical corrections, but yeah..it's finished to me.
  10. Well after a long time I decided to bring it back, but most of the original members are gone. So, we're looking for some people to join us for the ride. There aren't any level requirements, but you have to have the ones required by EL at least. If you want to become a Misfit then go post on our forums about it *CLICK* and we will most likely accept you. -Beorn
  11. What was your first guild?

    *FT* -> KSF -> STA -> newb -> GarD -> BanE -> Yay? -> Twin -> HIM -> =Fp= -> elm -> DiE! -> *CO* Way too many.
  12. Coke or Pepsi?

    Pepsi all the way.
  13. Day Jobs

    I'm a cook/assistant grill manager at Cracker Barrel.
  14. Yeah i need a new siggy/avvy to...

    No, I assure you I made it myself using frames in the GIMP. It's actually pretty easy to make. Compile a bunch of different layers then save as animation and set the time for each layer.