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  1. Well Topic say's it all , Why not make a Ring of irsis? Easier for people to get to their destination
  2. Don't trust rimini

    I will track him, find him and kill him.
  3. Calsonic - BEWARE!

    If they were shooting and you saw it, then back off. Duh.
  4. Calsonic - BEWARE!

    When giants are about to spawn, get your 3-4 strongest fighters and make them tank it when they spawn. Alternatively, the rangers should be far away from the casty as possible, so when giants spawn, they have time to escape.
  5. Any 100+ a/d gap?

  6. Eternal Lands PK Event

    I'll possibly take part depending on timing, but count me in for now. Idc what team.
  7. Pk Contest

    Arena? Make it in Kiliran fields royal rumble style, so the attributes are put to the test and summons too
  8. England

    From the Isle of wight
  9. Competition Chinese new Year 4710 on 23. January 2012

    You're posting about a contest 3 months away? Preparation my friend
  10. Selling JS of cooling

    250kgc #EDIT -> SCoMD
  11. Gatherer medallion

    Yes the first person engaged with the monster has a higher chance to recieve the bag.
  12. Haidir passes

    Until I get a very good mission Thats how I get my exp tbh I don't like training on lorc/trices
  13. Fix PM mechanism

    Good idea, I've had this problem many times
  14. Selling Various Things

    Potions: 14,000 SR Pots - 14.5gc each
  15. GODz

    Welcome back, Hope to see more action in PK now
  16. Blind Summons

    There already is 'Smite summon' spell which is enough already, preventing summoners to not being able to summon is ridiculous
  17. Normal Invasion, Save Iscalrith!

    Great invasion thanks Usl
  18. Various items for sale

    Potion of accuracy - 225 (100ea) Potion of evasion - 320 (100ea)
  19. Great idea, somewhere like Irsis would be great.
  20. An 120-140 Instance

    Great idea but i'm not sure if there are enough people in the 120-140s catagory
  21. Selling 60k HEs

    I'll take 10k please
  22. Invasion 13.07.2011

    Great invasion, Every 10-15 steps i'd see a red dragon in irinveron
  23. Large Spider stuck in Naralik house

    You cannot see the large spider however I placed a 'Rc mine' and detonated the mine causing 27dmg to it. I saw that the damage came from below me so the spider is stuck under the land and below the house.