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  1. Name change for a locked character?

    Hi. I do NOT mean to waste anyones time, but this question was never really answered by radu in-game, by what i think was a lack of communication. I also wasn't sure where to post in forums, so sorry if its in the wrong spot. There is a character named "Halt", that has been locked for a very long time now. This character is NOT mine. However, i would like to have the name "Halt" for my new character that i make. I had asked Maxine in-game if it was possible to delete that locked account so i could use the name since its been locked for so long. She said she had asked (dont know to whom) and that the answer was NO. Im not trying to purposely waste time by asking this next question, its just "Halt" was a name iv'e really wanted for awhile. My question is: Could i pay $5 for a name change to the locked account "Halt" and make the name usable? When i had asked radu about this in-game, his answers and my questions were hard to understand. If need be, i can post the PM's sent back and forth, to see if its confusing to anyone else as well. I just want to know, is there anyway i can get the name "Halt" even if i pay $5 for a name change on it, or is it completely out of the question? Thank you, and again, i do NOT mean to waste ANYBODY'S time.
  2. More shirts, pants, and sandals?

    I could only imagine what you would do if I had said an orange jumpsuit. =/
  3. I think it would be awesome to add a red tunic with green shirt, sandals, and different pant colors. This way, i can dress like Jiraiya from Naruto. Just a suggestion. ^_^
  4. Low FPS

    The link you gave me is not available to update graphic drives on a mac.
  5. Low FPS

    My FPS is around 4. I have enabled poor man and set my FPS limit to 50. Every time a player walks by me or any time i move, the game reads, "Resync with server". What can i do to raise my FPS? Thanks. #GLINFO: Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M OpenGL Engine Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1 NVIDIA-1.6.26
  6. Locked? Why?

    Thank you so much! Im sorry this ever happened.
  7. Locked? Why?

    I am so sorry for that. I dont know how that happened. Right now my dads having money problems and it was his account i used. I feel really bad about this Radu and im truly sorry. I dont have the cash right now to pay you back but, you probably dont need my permission for this, feel free to take anything from my inventory if it helps somehow. I understand why im locked and i accept it, but i ensure you i had no idea this would happen.
  8. Locked? Why?

    In game name is Microsoft and he was locked. If someone could please explain to me why i would appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. Game Crashes on Startup (Mac)

    Im using a mac and just downloaded the game. However when i log into the game, it crashes. I know it says to edit the file but i cant figure out how. Could someone please give me a step by step guide on how to do this? EDIT: I have changed the #use_animation_program= 1 to #use_animation_program= 0 but i still have a problem with the crashing. I can stay in the game for about 2 min. until it shuts down. EDIT: Ive fixed the crashing by disabling the user_animation in the options on the login screen instead of going into the el_ini file. Thanks chr0nik.
  10. Upside down screen and Opposite Text

    Well, mysteriously when i logged on this morning the screen was right side up and everything went back to normal. So..... theres no longer a problem with this topic. However if somebody has this same problem and doesnt seem to get it fixed then i can shine some light. I took the honor in googling up the problem i was having and found that the problem is due to your graphics card overheating. A way to fix this in-game is to press Cntrl+Alt and the (up) arrow button. If this doesnt work then let your computer cool for a little, come back and see if that works.
  11. Upside down screen and Opposite Text

    Im playing on a Apple computer so i assume thats mac. Anyways when i installed the client download and chose the EL app. when the game started up and after i created my charcater the entire screen, along with the text and objects flipped upside down and reversed making all the text opposite. Also the shadows of objects is a bright red color. If anyone can help me please respond. Thanks!