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  1. Princess_Legend Paid

    I have paid the renewal for Princess_Legend IIsabella
  2. Time to Celebrate!

    A Year has flown by so fast...I am going to try my hardest to be there. Fabrianne
  3. Game ethics

    Quote from wuffzel - "they missed the hard work to level up, and have no respect for the players who made the long way.." That is a great point. Someone works long and hard to reach a goal. Thier efforts should be respected instead of someone stealing it right out from under them. You will never be able to remove ethics from the game because all people are different with different degrees of what is acceptable behavior or not. I just wish sometimes the good behavior and/or hard work would be more respected.
  4. I wish there would be a medallion or something created to help the rangers obtain the bags, and I am sure this isn't new news, but I feel it needs to be repeated. I am not asking for rangers to make profits for ranging (although in a perfect EL world that would be great) but to at least re-coop some of their costs. I haven't been ranging for a long while and i understand and can accept not getting all the bags that you are ranging in an invasion, but I wish something could be done to help with the rangers getting some bags. It's not fun ranging when you have people who don't even range or fight with a sword who come in wait for the monsters to drop and grab the bags. They don't even share the bags and then whine and complain if they die while trying to get the ranged bags and they lose their stuff. If everyone would just share it wouldn't be a problem but there are too many untrustworthy people in this game. However, a lot of the ranger and sword fighters respect and help each other, but there are a few that just ruin each time for the rangers. I understand it happens for the sword fighters too but they have the option to wear a medallion to prevent that. I also understand the programming would be a lot of work if even possible, but if anything could be done would be appreciated by the rangers. Note to add: I can say the people who were ranging yesterday almost stopped ranging during the invasion because of it, and most likely will stop ranging in the future when they see certain individuals arrive on the map. Fabrianne
  5. 100k Silver Ore Auction

    210k Fabrianne
  6. 100k Silver Ore Auction

    190k Fabrianne
  7. 7k Gem papers

    changed my mind Fabrianne
  8. Auctioning Ice Dragon Set

    380k in game name Fabrianne
  9. Auctioning Ice Dragon Set

  10. Auctioning Ice Dragon Set

  11. Merchant bot at beam auction

    I will put a bid in for $30
  12. Merchant bot at beam auction

    Will the Bot be able to have a guild tag attached to it?
  13. Human Removal Stone

    SOLD ingame for BIN price - Thanks to all that bid
  14. Human Removal Stone

    SOLD ingame for BIN price - Thanks to all that bid Human Removal Stone Starting Price Increments 5k BUY IT NOW PRICE 350k No below-starting-price offers please Auction ends Friday @ 19:00 CST Fabrianne
  15. Special Swords and Ice Swords MANU

    I will take both books for 40k gc ingame name = Fabrianne