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  1. Artwork Updates

    That looks brilliant. Can't wait to see one of them hopping about. My only concern is its name might naturally get abbrieviated badly.
  2. Glow in the dark is good for fighting phantoms with as you are guaranteed to kill them after 12 rounds of combat. Of course they also have self destruct so it will always deal you damage. As they drop decent money I considered the viability of a Ghostbuster character role.
  3. Save the Internet!

    When it says the nations largest cable and telephone companies, is it suggesting that each nations biggest companies will be doing it of that the big American companies will be gatekeepers independent of where you are? Is the issue to do with who owns the internet? I might not have much knowledge on the big picture but I imagine that if this did happen and it was as bad as it looks to be, I'd guess that a second internet would pop up from somewhere and users would migrate to that.
  4. We mix our Fire essences without considering the the by products of the process. I propose that items such as FEs are emmiting a form pollution that effects our abilities in a way we can't really perceive. If we breathe too much of this pollution it decreases the chance of making rarer items such as an EFE. So if globally Fire essences become very popular the pollutions levels might rise either across the world or just locally. Imagine desert pines storage, near materials, enclosed space, many people, it might get very polluted and people might choose to go outside where it's nicer and to have a better chance for making the rare variety of essences. In the same way, fighting with a No More Tears cape might be leaving a magical residue in areas where it is used most often, and this residue is bad for the cape which explains why it now can be destroyed in combat. But if the fighting were to be taken to new areas the cape might retain it's indestructable status until the new area is very frequently used and becomes contaminated with this magic residue itself.
  5. ICC world cup 2007

    I've got money on Ireland winning. Why? It was a sweepstake so I could have drawn anyone out the hat.
  6. 3rd Party Team Speak

    I was on another forum today and people were talking about 3rd party MMO talking software for guilds and conferences and things. I was wondering if anybody uses a team talking type program within their guild. Or have I totally got the wrong end of the branch of destruction here and have misunderstood the whole concept. I tried asking about it in within the guild first but got questions answered with questions. Mostly whether I played a huge mess of abbrieviated other games, which I don't, which I why I need to ask here.
  7. EL Bad Jokes

    #GM from PKer: Our guild used to specialise in PK, it's all we'd do, we'd make a warparty and conquer KF on a regular basis! But that age is now gone, we recently decided to let in more alchemists, crafters and manufacturers. #GM from New_Recruit: Oh, branched out then? #GM from PKer: ... *sobs*
  8. New playable race unveiled!

    You know what this means; Pengman spell Temporary Change Life! Temporarily turns target player into a Pengman, their pants, boots and torso armour is less effective for the duration of the spell.
  9. I hadn't seen the swinging pickaxe before but it makes sense and fulfils everything my proposed solution wanted.
  10. When harvesting within the first 120 items of the hour you get a floating score for harvesting the item pop up above your head. After the hourly limit the pop up messages stop as you are no longer gaining exp. I suggest the messages should continue but display a zero score. It would make harvesting look like a continual process that you can see your character participating in, as it is you need to check whether your resources are increasing or check the console to find out whether a "you stopped harvesting" message was the last thing displayed. Harvesting events stop your progress to add a bit of chaos every now and again. If a player is locked in conversation during this event it ight go unnoticed. With a new "Harvest +0" message it would be more obvious to the player that the character had stopped.
  11. Suggestion: Horses!

    I suggest putting horses in the game. I know the trouble with that is that if they were in game people would suggest riding, and that doesn't work, so I thought and thought about it and came up a solution that fits everyone. Under the manu skill, or maybe dual skill manu and summoning, you wear it instead of pants. I'm off to manu myself a horse!
  12. The Power Plotter

    When I was but a level five T'was a battle to survive A plan of mine was hatching Oh the levels I'd be catching I'll have to wait 'til I'll be great Now I've got a few resources Discovered there are no horses I'm gonna try some fighting It was quite exciting 'til I died I ought to attempt another ring And see if fighting is my thing Get myself cheap armour or try some fancy bling Where community is high All the villains are left dry The people are all helpful but other motives underlie Despite fluffy being strong I rarely get it wrong With my magnetism I can safely wave "so long" Everybody in a guild And after talking with the skilled I've new ideas to improve my build
  13. EL Bad Jokes

    What do you get for upsetting girls in the mines? 30 points of ladyation damage.
  14. tit plate of freezing

    What about bumping up the % chance?
  15. About plans for the future (blog post)

    I think it's a brilliant plan. Bring it on!