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  1. mouse pointer small on the game

    I didn't found that new version 1.9.5for download, and there's no options on "Font" tab who make the pointer bigger.
  2. mouse pointer small on the game

    Hello there !! I was a long time out the game, and now i'm having a little problem with my mouse pointer, but just in the game. The mouse pointer is very small and that dificcult to me, to attack monsters and to do another things. Can somebody help me out ???
  3. Bring back my alt !

    Hello !! I was warned what we can have alts to help us in te game now. If that's true, i would like to ask to the admin's bring me back my Alt "Preto_Velho" . Thank's for the help !
  4. request unban

    I was banned a 1 week ago and they said to me what I will be unbanned in 3 days and I still banned plz solve that problem!
  5. what kind of game is that? despot ? where's the right of go and come ? anyway, I yet train with cycs sometimes, and in the map where I was it's full of cycs what's the problem with that ? So that is the directive of the game? "If u don't do what I order, you will be kicked" ?? I guess what all you responsible for the game have to be more flexible with certain causes. And to finish! I didn't know what is prohibit stay in a map of invasion that is below of your lvl! Sorry my english, I don't speak very well and I hope that missunderstood have been resolved! Anyway thanks for the atention!
  6. i cannot create a new char

    So ! When can I will be allowed to play with another chars ????
  7. i cannot create a new char

    Hello everybody. can somebody tell me why cannot I create a new char and login with him ? I want to make a new char to do diferent things. If somebody can help, i will be very thanksfull !
  8. Ancient TItle

    Hello all of EL ! First I would to excuse me for my bad english. But I had a idea what maybe can interest those who's been played EL for many years. Here is the idea! How about create some kind of honnor title for those who plays EL for more than 5 or 7 Years, like an "Ancient Title" ! That titlte could give his ower some privileges or some itens or atributes what only the ancient ones can have. I guess what is a good suggestion, think about it like a kind of merit award for those who dedicated a long time of your life to EL! Since now, I would be thanksfull and good EL for all !
  9. i'm still banned

    Hey everybody of EL, I'm really mad because that dam ban. I was banned in some months ago and I didn't anything. but i want you all know what my conection with internet it's made by one router. can somebody do anything using my IP number outside my computer? well ! I hope that problem be solved soon because I want go back play EL like I was played before that incident. I really like to play EL, but I like to play it in my home. so please help me with this problem! since now, thanks for the help!
  10. i was banned and i don´t know why

    has 2 days what i don't login in the game. what's going on ? the last time what i login was in thursday and it was in a lan house out of my room, because i was travelling and i come home yesterday saturday and when i tryed to log in, appeared the msg what i have been banned. i have certain what i did not nothing.
  11. i was banned and i don´t know why

    hi my char is fox_macloud and i my ip was banned for no reason, i'm certain what i didn't nothing wrong plz check this problem plz.
  12. fox_macloud and preto_velho was banned

    hello guys. on month already passed and my chars are not unlocked yet. can somebody help me here??
  13. fox_macloud and preto_velho was banned

    ok i read the link what u gave to me read and i have 3 questoins for u. question one: my chars will be back in 1 month ??? question two: how can i play with my wife? we have to play only one per time ? never the two at same time??? question three : if we can play togheter we cannot make trade one with other? i just question this because i really dont know how the game works. sorry for the trouble
  14. fox_macloud and preto_velho was banned

    please i really don't knew what i was doing was ilegal. reconsidere plz i promisse what we never will play with the 2 chars at same time again. just give our chars back. i know what is hard to belive but i really dont has intention to be out of rules.