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  1. Cyberwulf reached Level 100 !

    Sorry I've been on vacation! Great news, congratulations!! xo
  2. My server is having problems

    Hi Paul, Just so you know Agneum's sale is something that has been on labrat's website for some time, it's not new and has nothing to do with this issue. Just I guess a way to test waters and see if someone else is interested in her and the bot capabilities. As I mentioned to you in #IG labrat is an honourable man and I'm sure if he's not posted it's not out of lack of wanting to, rather lack of ability to. He respects the game and the impact it has on people's lives; he will be back with an answer and solution as soon as he's able to give one I know you've been patient and 2 weeks feels like a long time, but sometimes things are out of our hands and we need to be more patient love out Sapphy
  3. Eowyn7 and SirDan's Wedding

    awww my fave ex-guildie! Congrats hope you have a lovely wedding, not sure of the timezone difference so i'll likely miss it Enjoy!! oxox
  4. Quest time!

    This quest is great, thanks! Luckily for me, I did it together with a friend, for some reason some of the checkpoints i didn't get to see the text, she did and I had no problems completing or moving forward (i.e. no one ever said you can't do this part of the quest you need more information sort of thing) Very strange, but glad we put two heads together and completed it. Thanks again!
  5. "Cooldown" message for harvesting

    I'm totally there and would be happy to help gc wise for implementation ever heard of having to swallow after eating???
  6. Custom Clothing

    Ehrm batgirl is *all* about the class I use it, it rules, there are some now that are a little bit non-PG rated, but I'm not a censor and neither is anyone else
  7. Sapphy's spring sale!

    17.7k for this? sure babe catch you soon
  8. Sapphy's spring sale!

    Raistlin they're yours, will catch you in game soon abxolutely, see you soon see first post, bindings italicised and on hold for raz; contact me with offer for EFE and it's yours sorry Raistlin got in first, need more meat so will be going back for more later see first post, bindings italicised and on hold for raz; Sheitan has first offer on EFE too sorry for all that sorry mate they're gone for Raz Sorry i did miss your post, i have accepted a 1.2gc offer for the nightshade and would be looking for similar for mullein. Thanks
  9. Sapphy's spring sale!

    Missing you too! get your superman butt back here soon EL is just not the same without you! Will feed Agneum, mmmm picks tasty!
  10. Sapphy's spring sale!

    Raz 90k is fine, are you ingame now? if so pm me - otherwise we'll catch up soon. Items reserved Rasool - yes catch you soon TeeHee - sorry you're dreaming (13gc/pick no way; mullein and nightshade are def more than 0.5gc ea)
  11. Sapphy's spring sale!

    Feeling like emptying my storage so buy away!!! Pm Sapphyrah in game or post here All Italicised items are on hold for other players thanks for your interest **Flowers** 10k mullein 10k white chanterelle 12k tree mushroom **Ores** 12 seridium oresreserved **Essences** 1k Air Essencereserved **Books** 1 Palon Vertas Ring Building ****************************************** All items up for offer, I reserve the right to say no if I feel your offer is unreasonable. First post has item reserved for them until deal or no deal. ****************************************** I'm in Australia GMT+10 (so really it's a Fall sale, but I don't like dust bunnies...) editing to add holds and remove items once sold
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    delivered. Thanks.
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    BaldyBob - 3k Blue Quartz; 2k Silver Ore (11k) sorry didn't see NuJac's post Uzb - 10k Lilacs (5kgc) [bATCH 3] In stock "claim" notified via gossip
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Lidda - Toadstool batch completed and delivered, tyvm and once again apologies for the delay * sorry taking too long to claim this week due to work commitments, back in 2 days *
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ayreus please now contact ValeriaofCapri for your sulfur!