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  1. The Circle Guild ~o~

    Hi all. I am still here every once in a while. Maybe only once every other month...but still here.
  2. hey guys.... I am still here every once in a while. I still love EL (mainly cuz OL is more invasion oriented on a more regular basis than I like.  I usually try to log on at least once a month to EL and I like my character. Not willing to give up my character and my wonderful inventory.

  3. very old players

    I am still here occasionally.
  4. very old players

    I am still here occasionally. I still like to check in every once in a while. Ashiana <3
  5. Happy Valentine

    Happy Valentine (& wedding anniversary) to my wonderful hubby marack of 39 years. We beat the odds hunny, & still going strong. Forever always ...as from the beginning.
  6. stay_puff

    I think stay-puff is a sweetie...he's always been nice to me. Sorry, but just my opinion and I've had no reason to change it.
  7. SyTy, Luring

    I also had SyTy try to lure me into KF ...lol. I am way beyond his a/d and I told him no but he still wanted to "try". He kept it up with quite a few more lines of trying to get me to accept his offer of a "fair fight...no brods" (as he explained). I finally said "no more talk..find someone else!" and he still persisted so I just ignored him. I can post the convo if needed, but probably not needed as he seems to do this quite often. Please email me if you need the convo with him posted. Ashiana <3
  8. Screenshot Thread

    How did you get the female character with sleeveless shirt, and what looks like a tatto on her shoulder to elbow?
  9. first game you ever played?

    Pong and Space Invaders, but what truly got me gaming was the TombRaider series - Lara Croft. Amazing what we used to find exciting back then.
  10. mini events

    I hate them too. I probably wouldn't mind them so much if they didn't occur every 5 seconds. Most times I get hit as soon as I sit down and haven't even gotten anything yet, and I can barely get 10 of anything I am mining/harvesting before I get hit with another (and that is with my harvester cloak on). Also, you can't carry on a decent conversation with anyone because you are constanting hitting the mouse to get yourself started again. I know that I have not been playing as much mainly because it has now become a chore instead of enjoyment. Sorry...just my 2 cents worth and as pointed out by some, it has already been discussed at some length and ultimately closed.
  11. New special day, will you use it?

    I probably wouldn't use it because I always need the finished product of whatever I may be mixing/making.
  12. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    I have never posted on forum before, but I just wanted to voice my opinion on this subject. I am against the idea of both multi-playing and depleteable resources. Also, I do no feel that myself and marack can be classed as alts simply because we are from the same IP. We are husband and wife in real life and have developed our characters separately now for well over 3 years. I have a full-time job and only have limited time in the evening and on weekends to use for playtime in EL. This I believe idea would put me at a disadvantage to those who do play 24/7 and have multiple chars, who would deplete any of the local vital resources I need for my trade. This would force me to areas where I would need an MM cloak or worse still...put me at risk from PKers who would most likely take what I had already mined. Also, if I understand correctly, when I find another area with those resources, I could get there and find it already depleted anyway. I can see there being alot of wasted time wandering around trying to find the resources that are not depleted. I believe that this would also inflate the prices of these resources I would then have to buy from those who do have the time and multiple characters to obtain them. Further on the subject of depleteable resources....I am a crafter, and I go through large quantities of ingredients in pursuit of this endeavor. For instance, quartz is easy to use up quickly in making 2-3K empty vials, so if I can only mine 500 quartz, then this would definitely inhibit my ability to fill an order for this item. If I can't fill an order to replenish my cash, then I will definitely not have the $$ to purchase these I items at inflated prices that I would otherwise have obtained myself. With higher end items (ie. COL) the resources for the bars are already hard enough to obtain without them being depleted when you get there. Just my concern and opinion.... Ashiana
  13. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Marack and Ashiana bought two tickets last week, and after some discussions today, we decided to purchase two more. It is for a very good cause, and you can win stuff too!!
  14. Count me in. Ashiana (forum and ingame) female ingame and real life (I have an alt but you can request private it if you wish)