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  1. Change the save directory

    Is there a way to change the location in which my personal settings and logs will be saved? Right now everything goes in my home folder. I would like my log files and such to get written to a different drive. Is this possible? I'm using Linux Mint 13 64 bit if it matters.
  2. Windows and Linux version 1.9.3 full download

    I presume you know that hardy dekstop is no longer supported. Anyhow, the packages are building now and should be ready within the hour. tyvm, bluap. Your ubuntu packages are much appreciated.
  3. Windows and Linux version 1.9.3 full download

    Bluap, can you update the hardy heron repository? I know hardy is old, but it's what I use.
  4. 1.9.2 Update

    Just installed the Ubuntu package. Only problem I've noticed is the brown border at the bottom and right keeps coming back when I go back to regular view from console or map.
  5. Big Belly perk and food bar

    The food bar used to extend, but only up to 55. On my computer, that caused the yellow bar to overlap the health bar. It's better if the bars don't overlap. My EL resolution is set to somewhere around 1152x864. I don't know if a wider resolution moves the bars farther apart. I would only support this idea if the bars won't overlap each other.
  6. #marks view on the continent maps

    I would also like this.
  7. Exp Bonuses

    I think entropy's idea is the best because it won't give people who spend real $ a significant advantage over those who don't. At most, it would allow those with a lot of $ but not a lot of time to keep up with those who do play a lot. On the other hand... Now that I think about it, there is a way for people who play a lot to get xp faster. Buy an xp item and use it. Spend the next hour fighting or mixing or doing daily quests. After the item wears off and your xp gained drops to half of normal, harvest or do something that doesn't normally earn a lot of xp. So that time isn't wasted. I don't want people who spend real $ to have a significant advantage over those who don't, so more discussion is needed.
  8. award for the potion tutorial

    I'm a little worried about what these potions of extra feasting would cost, but I still think it's a good idea. I think it would be good to have a recipe for them and make them by luck when making regular feasting potions. And I figure the cooldown time should be about double the cooldown of a regular feasting potion.
  9. Achievements for Breaking Tools

    This idea is not related to the armorer quest.
  10. rostos lost

    EL-CEL already tracks the number of rostos lost, I believe.
  11. post enriched essences

    I don't think having a lesser EFE like nathan suggested would lower the cost of EFEs. It might actually raise the cost of EFEs a little. The high cost of EFEs comes from them being necessary for making high level items. Right now, very few mid level items are made because of the high cost of EFE. If lesser EFEs get implemented the way I imagine, they would be used for mid level items only. High level items would still use EFE, so the demand for EFE would stay the same. Thus, the cost of EFE should stay the same. In fact, EFE may become more expensive due to some enrichment stones now being used to make lesser EFE instead. But that's only if enrichment stones are the only way to make lesser EFE. If lesser EFE can be made by chance while mixing FE (at a higher rate than EFE, of course), than the price of EFE should not change at all. I realize I'm making some bold claims. Is there anything I haven't thought of?
  12. post enriched essences

    It seems the problem is that some mid level armor and weapons shouldn't be manufactured because their stats don't justify the price of the ings. The one ing that is too expensive is the EFE. One possible solution is to lower the price of EFEs, but I don't think we should do that and we probably can't, anyway. Instead, Cilestiel's and forever's ideas are both good. Either change the recipes for these items to use something other than an EFE or make the recipes produce two items. If the recipes use something other than an EFE, maybe it could be something like 500 FE or maybe a different, more common enriched essence, like an EWE or an EDE. Maybe both 500 FE and an EWE. 500 FE generates a lot of heat and an EWE is needed to cool things down. That's good for role playing and wouldn't lower the price of these finished goods as much.
  13. Guess the player name!

  14. Making Pickaxes...

    I like groomsh's idea. I'd use enhanced pickaxes if they existed, but I doubt this will be implemented. Pickaxes are a huge goldsink. If there were pickaxes that lasted 10 times as long, and people used them, general stores would sell a lot less pickaxes. If there was a way to get pickaxes that broke less often, but still took as much gc out of the game as regular pickaxes, I think that would please players and radu.