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  1. 日本人

    Poor Yuna. Her name is Mari (not ball), and she lives in UK. The last "Yoroshiku-ne" part is a common expression of greeting like "nice to meet you"; if it's a letter she'd write "Regards" or "Thank you."
  2. Thank you for the explanations. It looks like things get more interesting as I progress in my levels. I'd take it as an ongoing quest as you suggest.
  3. I did red snake skin collecting quest (180 skins). The reword was paltry 1200 gold and 1800 exp, if I remember correctly. It took me for a long time (now I am lv.84) and patience to gather that many of snake skins. Simply, the quest is not worth doing. Selling skins to player would have been better. The quest rewards need to make better or reduce the number required.
  4. Newbie Intents VS Current Status

    I wanted to become a good harbester/alchemist/crafter. Worked hard while there was not much restrictions and impediment for harbesting and making things in general. All I had to care is carrying enough foods and keep resouces at hand. Now everything changed. EL became a waiting game. The worst thing is cool-down time. I started new character to see how it goes. When he started making essenses, it became unbearable to wait until I can eat again and work. Long seconds wasted. Now, I pretty much just walking around, sightseeing. Nothing seems to be worse doing. Oh, I am willing to work hard. I will, if my time is not wasted because of some control freaks who want us to sit around waiting for permission to eat. I want to work hard and see my character levels, but the game does not allow me to do so. It makes me just sit and wait.
  5. Japan

    Hello, Chisato Very very late reply. Only recently returned to Eternal game. I'm alHamil in the game. Mostly harvesting & making things. Not made very high level yet. Oh, for those having doubt about connection from Japan --- there's absolutely no problem. No lag whatsoever. お望みなら、日本語でのおしゃべりも可能ですが、必要なさそうですね ^^
  6. Changes

    Don't I know what is good and what is bad? Well, if the game is no more fun, I know it's not good, at least for me. That's why I stopped playing after posting several times in the forum. There are other things to do and games I enjoy playing. What is a beta tester if he or she does not speak up when he/she sees that something is not working well in the game. The tones may be differ, but those who post may doing so from their love of game. This part is addressed to Mr.(I suppose) gunslinger: True, developers are working hard. But should knowing that fact shut player's mouth up? Wouldn't that line of thinking lead to danger of blindly accepting what is happening? For instance, if one think that because the soldiers are serving in certain foreign nation as a part of invading force, the citizens of the soldiers' country should not speak anything against the war, would that serve any good? I know I am speaking of extreme case, but we saw where that kind of thinking leads to. Regards Jojo Sorry for my poor English. It's not my mother tongue.
  7. Testing New Formula

    That was what I hated most about FF VII and after. And that's why I no longer want to play any new version of that game. If I wanted that kinds of game, there are many online game spots. Oh, I just tested with my main character. With harvesting lv 50, it took way too long to harvest tit ores. Tit ores have been my main source of income for some time. I needed to raise my manu level. For that I needed lot of leathers and threads. Of course I can make some money by selling off my 20k stock of tit ores and make those useless leather pants, but what can I do after that? By the way, it takes about 10 second to mix a leather pants. And do not forget it's not a simple click and it's done. Sometimes it takes several tries until I get a lether pants or lose the indredients. One trial may take 5 or 6 remixes. I need to make about 150 leather pants just to gain a manu level. To get to the level where I can challenge something people would readily buy, I still have a long way to go. How can I finance that when mining is such a slow process, and how can I manage to sit in front of PC staring screen waiting for the result of "click"? Hours and hours, just maiking leather pants, becuase there's no alternate resources to use. Iron? Before, I used my precious iron bars to make iron shields to make money. But when Trik no longer buys iron shields? Forget it. Really, it is no fun any longer.
  8. Monsters Invasions

    MM perk not working... Then my reaction to monster invation may, that is, if I returned to play EL before that, Alt+X.
  9. 1) As if harvesting and polishing diamonds are child's play. Please consider what it involves. 3) By the time I attain lv 60 harvesting, I'll be a brain dead. Please privide all harvesters with auto clicker so that everybody can spend their time for more meaningful activities other than blankly staring the screen.
  10. 5 second for a diamond harvest at lv 60? How long would it take to complete one harvesting session? Should the character sit in the mine that long while gargs hovering around him? And then the painful process of polishing diamond with 3 sanding papers and 2 water esses. The water seese mast be made mixing four ingredients including sapphire. Then finally the process of making a ring. Do I want to sell the resulting precious rings to some other players? NO. I'd keep them for my own use. Doesn't matter in any way. After seeing how things are, I quit. I may drop in sometime later to see what changes are implemented. I am really sorry such a change came in my favorite game.
  11. Ok. I read about half of posts...not enought time to read through all. But I seriously doubt the wisdom of controling harvesting speed by server. making some adjustment according harvest lever is one thing, but limit the speed once in one second is not working. I use touch pad, and it takes greater mastle control to slow down tapping speed. That means more stress. I have been working to become a harvestor/manufacturer but now it seems I'll have to waste most of my time just waiting what the server pleases to do with harvesting. I may not call it a playing. Click once and sit back and watch ores come in my inventry? Of course I can do something else while my character is controled by the server, but would you call it a role playing? I do not think so. You can do better things than trying to control what players can do within their limited time of access. How about adding more things to make such as bone knives (perhaps from bones and deer horn) which will give young manufacturers something to work with other than pricy leathers or metal bars, or leather shield from deer skins? Trik no longer buys iron shields? Then iron shields may go the same way with leather products... Just rot in storage.