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  1. I know that bag jumping is not illegal, but some people are not nice and will do it. I had made a bag to mix a lot of Harvest/Degrade Indicators in the Arius Engineering School on Engineering Day on Feb. 6, 2016. My computer lagged out and player Nocturne got on my bag and went invisible. He then pm'ed this message to me: [PM from Nocturne: 25k gc for bag back]. I didn't repond but wasn't going to give him any gc for jumping my bag. He took all the bones and cooked meat that he could get out of the bag. Beware of Nocturne's bag jumping.
  2. Post your jokes like these one's ;)

    A blonde went to take flying lessons, but they told her they were short-handed and she would have to fly by herself in a helicopter and they would give her instructions by radio. So she started out great and they told her to fly up to 1000 feet. She made it successfully, so they said go up to 2000 feet. Then suddenly the helicopter crashed to the ground. They quickly got to the wreckage and pulled her out and asked what happened. She said that she got cold so she turned off the big fan, and after that she didn’t know what happened.
  3. please change my forum name from mikie to byteme, ty much