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  1. Account does not exist

    Hello! My daughter tried to log in after a long time away from the game. We haven't been playing for about two years, more or less. The account apparently does not exist anymore. It had OA around 60, so it wasn't a noob account. What is more interesting, mine and my wife's accounts are OK, though we haven't been playing for the same time. Is it possible to find out what happened? Was it deleted due to inactivity? Someone stole it and destroyed? If it was removed due to inactivity, is it possible to revert it? For security reasons I would prefer to send the account name to the Mod privately, but I don't know who should I PM? Regards Chryzopraz
  2. Polska - Poland

    Vanyel, ty ┼╝yjesz? Pozdrawiam Chryzopraz
  3. First guild ever ! haha beat ya *CO*...

    Gratz! Regards Chryzopraz
  4. summon stones

    Wow. Will it kill everyone on the map? Including the person, who planted it of course Regards Chryzopraz
  5. Do you like PKing?

    Why haven't I thought about it earlier? A summon stone is a perfect insurance for a mixer Regards Chryzopraz PS. You might expect me to carry some summons with me soon
  6. PK server started!

    Exactly. #stats shows you how many players are connected. On the main server it's next to useless because of the bots. But here it shows you real players currently, as there are no bots yet. Regards Chryzopraz
  7. PK server started!

    Yay! Works. And I am the only one on at the moment. The whole Draia just for me Regards Chryzopraz
  8. questions

    Nope. It was promised to be this month though. I guess it may be delayed due to the problems with the update. Probably only change in the server port/name. I'm pretty sure the client will be the same. But it is possible that we will have to download some different maps, who knows? Regards Chryzopraz
  9. Can we do anything yet?

    Thanks. Regards Chryzopraz
  10. Can we do anything yet?

    Hi! I just wonder if the tailoring skill has anything we can mix already. I don't like having an unused skill. I couldn't find any tailoring recipe at http://eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm Regards Chryzopraz
  11. Trismegitus Bot Project approved by Sourceforge.net

    Looks very interesting and promising. I can't wait to see a working trade part. It has some features I have never dreamed of It would be very nice to test it. Regards Chryzopraz
  12. Halloween Invasion

    Ha! I logged in when it was 4:40 or something like that. And went to my usual steel bars mixing. Suddenly I saw a dragon! Near storage (in EVTR). You know, the adrenaline hit me. First I backed off not to be eaten. Then replaced my mixer stuff with fighting stuff (not much, as I have a/d 34/35). But with a mirror cape I managed to get 20 hitpoints from the dragon. Yay! Of course I died several times. But it was fun. Walking with everybody out of the underworld and then teleporting back to the monsters. I didn't kill anything, was killed several times, but I had fun. And I am no fighter at all and I have low levels. Regards Chryzopraz
  13. Is there a way to set the graphic whiteout running EL

    I have a Nvidia GF4 MX 440 card (chip NV17). And I have been using legacy drivers for a long time. But lately I have tried the normal driver (version 1.0.8776). You know what? It works. And even slightly better than legacy drivers. I have a few FPS more than on legacy drivers! Regards Chryzopraz
  14. my ideas for pk server

    There will be some time before anyone has skill to make diss rings. So there won't be any rings at the beginning Regards Chryzopraz
  15. Determining Safe Areas

    I'm again too late. But my coords are a little different. I have taken in account only "real docks" and boats. So: WS docks: [695,134]-[726,183] - Trik excluded! Desert Pines: [348,312]-[377,365] VOTD - this one is difficult, since the docs are not orthogonal [63,160]-[75,187] Portland docks are within city walls Grubani has no real docks. Besides it is a dangerous map, so why the boat itself should be safe? You can meet a fluff there C2 Port Anitora dock: [269,178]-[293,200] Idaloran docks: [150,223]-[181,290] Irinveron - two rectangles: [149,677]-[160,695] and [161,653]-[195,682] Melinis - port within the city Hurquin: [118,84]-[152,104] South Redmoon - two rectangles: [159,10]-[181,30] and [182,25]-[196,60] Iscalrith - two rectangles: [240,340]-[245,256] and [246,330]-[286,360] Regards Chryzopraz