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  1. That's great too. I just wanted to make as few changes to existing behavior as possible. I wasn't sure what would/would not be wanted. Thanks! Q
  2. Hi all, I've had a problem on Linux that middle clicking to rotate the camera can use an item if you misclick in the inv window. I asked on channel 6 and windows users don't seem to have the problem. I've made this patch to make using items in both the inv window and the quickbar require using the left button only instead of allowing left or middle. http://www.reptileroom.net/elstuff/item-use-left-click-only.diff Hopefully this can be accepted. Thanks, Q
  3. Enriched Energy Ess bug

    I don't have any on test but can loan you one on main if you want.
  4. Enriched Energy Ess bug

    You can still cast it from a quickspell icon. This bug is in the magic spell window itself. It must be searching for image ids instead of names or something similar.
  5. Mage/healer class, reloaded

    I like the idea of allowing for more use of magic in the game, especially with more spells and spell types such as area effects. However, boosting harm damage to nearly 200 (some people can already harm over 100 with existing attribs, etc) sounds too overpowered. That's a 2 harm kill to most players, even wearing rdholam and mol. Boosting rem heal a lot would be very nice too. @teotwawki - in order to think of everybody, you have to think of what it enables higher level people to do against everyone else, not just how it would effect them independently of higher level people
  6. Pear finder cooldown

    Stop the crying. The huge number of pears you've already found is payment enough. You keep making claims that it's nothing but non-pear hunters "against you". Hey, guess what? I've hunted pears and I voted for cooldown. Stop making false claims about whether or not people have hunted. You don't know that, and can't accurately state it. I believe I'm being singled out here yet again despite not being the "best player", nor ever claiming to be, just on equal footing with a few others who also were willing to put in the effort to be good at it. And gee, why do you think you are being singled out? Is it perhaps because of your king of the world attitude? Maybe it's because of the way you treat people? Once again a statement you can't back up.
  7. Pear finder cooldown

    I've done some pear finding myself and understand what Burn means about the race part of it, but really it's just being found too fast. I voted for a 30s cooldown. This is enough to keep someone from checking 10 maps in under a minute, but still keep it from taking too long to check all maps. 30s cooldown would make it take a maximum of about 40 minutes to check all maps, which is still pretty reasonable. On the "teamwork not being profitable enough" - I call complete BS. LNX has found it a couple times working together and I think everyone was pretty happy with the results. You divide up the costs and efforts, and divide the eventual profit. Assuming efficient teamwork that divides the work equally, the time/risk/reward ratio is exactly the same, just divided by the number of people. And really, with more people working together, the risk part goes down since the chance to find increases. I'm sorry if certain people in this game are complete misanthropists and can't stand to do anything with other people, but this is an MMORPG, so teamwork is supposed to be encouraged.
  8. Up a tree

    You could still get attacked up there if you tried to range from there in an invasion. Monsters ignore vertical distance (z axis) - only horizontal distance (x/y axis) matters to be far enough away not to get attacked.
  9. Pears

    The "pk crap" is completely appropriate as an example of your willingness to discuss subjects YOU know nothing about. Yet all I see is you ranting about other people talking about pears, claiming they shouldn't because they don't know anything about it. They are merely pointing out the hypocrisy in your statements.
  10. Up a tree

    One of the many reasons to always have tele essences on you
  11. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    I voted no, and yes. My no vote to the first question is only assuming "even though there are multiple ways to still help". For the end of the 120+ invance, there is no way for a lot of the lower level people to help. They would just get in the way and cause problems if they either can't tank dragons, or can't be useful shooting them (full AP and decent range level). However, as long as other mobs are still left people should be fighting them instead of standing around doing nothing. Regarding min equip - I would say min steel instead of tit for 120+. I normally go in BD torso/cuisses and ID greaves, but if I didn't have drag, I would prefer going in steel vs tit because of the higher armor value. Tit is only better for the heat/cold protect and no -2 acc penalty, and no -1 def. As rokk mentioned, very high level people can help a lot by tanking without armor, allowing others to join the fights. There should be some sort of exception to allow for that too. I'd say tit short, steel shield, and augs for 40-60. I went with that equip with my alt several times and think I was pretty helpful doing so.
  12. Tel to loc problem

    I hope the tele to range can be restored to 24 steps. The original problem with the hydro can be easily solved by making some of the tiles unwalkable in that area.
  13. first game you ever played?

    Mickey's Space Adventure
  14. No exp from invance while tzu day

    [radu @ 6]: nvm found the bug [Aislinn @ 6]: that was easy [Raz @ 6]: gratz! [radu @ 6]: the problem was that only the first player got the exp [DarOH @ 6]: \o/ [Devnul @ 6]: that was fast [radu @ 6]: the next one got half, thne next one 1/4, and so on That was ~5 minutes ago. I assume the next server update will fix it.
  15. Sign up for WTF!?!? instance US evening time

    I'm busy some nights, but will gladly go when possible. I've been on a few WTF already. 130/128 a/d 48/48/18/14/4/18 attribs range 66, WH perk mule level 12 I have all the equip needed of course too. With neutral or better astro, I use therm too.