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  1. It is with great sadness ,I have been told Ikale has passed away

    He was a really nice person who helped me greatly on my E.L. journey

    Always patient with me when i asked stupid questions

    I will miss him and so will E L


  2. the reason I posted this was it was my 1st WC of the day and within 2 secs i was kicked

    I,m not disputing my WC,s   which i can assure you are not deliberate

    I,m asking is it now normal to be kicked after 1 WC? or is it just me that is gonna be kicked after 1 WC

    its a reasonable question

  3. I play for a few hours each day,and i do WC sometimes (probly age related)and occasionally get muted...probly 2-3 times in last 2-3 month

    I,m beggining to think I,m a marked man

    I see other players WC several times

    I have WC once today and immediatley kicked having seen other players wc several time s today

    Questoion...do they get same treatment??


  4. there are quests that at 1st dont seem to make sense,,,usually when you have read it wrong...........then all of a sudden bingo you got it...suggest you go back to NPC who gave you the quest