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  1. selling various items

    All procceds go to situ guild map fund hawk feathers sold 1k tree mushrooms 800 swamp candles 700 yarrow 600 henbane 80 leopard fur 30 falcon feather 1k cactus 4 padded leather armor 1 leather pants 1 iron battle hammer 10 star medallion Please pm me in game or leave bid ,no reasonable offer refused. the_grud
  2. selling various items

    Please close thread all items sold ty the grud
  3. buying dragon blade

    buying dragon blade please pm me in game to ensure i still have the neccesary gc Thank you the_grud.
  4. buying dragon blade

    Please close thread ty
  5. damaged crown of life

    Selling damaged crown of life starting bids above 27kgc please I resrve the right to withdraw or sell to private bidder. PM me ingame if you prefer. the_grud
  6. damaged crown of life

    SRRY sold ingame immediately i posted this advert. Please close thread
  7. selling vitality removal stone

    1 vitality removal stone Starting bid at 10kgc please I reserve the right to sell to private bidder or withdraw item if bids are to low. the_grud
  8. selling vitality removal stone

    Sold please close topic ty
  9. coordination removal stone

    Selling 1 coordination removal Stone open to offers or trade. PM me in game or leave a message with gossip ty the_grud
  10. coordination removal stone

    Sold to extrapolation Unable to contact valcaz! ty all
  11. Vial Mold Seller

    A solution would be to make vial molds more reliable. I bought 3 so far and not got value from them,now I dont bother buying them anymore. !
  12. I have known bomwan as a fellow guild member for over 12mth to even suggest he is capable of such a thing is ridiculos,I would trust him with all my el possessions,he goes out of his way to help other players wether they are in situ or not!. the_grud