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  1. thank you for the top player list its really useful would it be possible to have a search name facility as in the old top player list? if not thank you for all your time
  2. Annoyance

    each to his own,,,leave him be...you post rubbish sometimes
  3. Server Update Suggestions

    load list command please
  4. Server Update Suggestions

    ability to pause reading a book,,,,,,and be able to continue to finish it on a **special ** day...also be able to kick a player from guild / reduce rank if player not in game
  5. xavierx bot payment

    xavierx Receipt number: 4FN1337300191793N
  6. kensin

    Be careful in invance If kenshin tanking if you dont ask him ok to attack or use weapon he doesnt approve of he wont share This is the 1st time this has ever happened to me !!
  7. kensin

    the MB didnt turn.....it was near full health and you thanked me when I attacked maybe cos i wouldn,t pay 2.2 mill gc for your ubbers earlier on the day...or drop was veggie?
  8. Server Update Suggestions

    allow horse to be *customable** (The_Grud_on_main)_Eternal_Lands_2023-07-08_12-18-47.mp4
  9. are you getting any error messages
  10. Who is more trustworthy?

    now had dealings with both....trust them both
  11. Ikale has passed

    It is with great sadness ,I have been told Ikale has passed away He was a really nice person who helped me greatly on my E.L. journey Always patient with me when i asked stupid questions I will miss him and so will E L
  12. broken bot

    TY Ben,,,sorted,,,using command goto home Apologies if i posted more than once
  13. broken bot

    my bot is giving this message to traders ****[PM to XavierX: buy 1 bone] [00:06:52] [PM from XavierX: Sorry, I am not a trade bot!]*** had the bot for years.....any ideas????
  14. Expiring bots

    payment for xavierx bot in NC...made owner the_grud 03/11/2022 Transaction ID 32D3545025464152C
  15. Wrong Channel

    I play for a few hours each day,and i do WC sometimes (probly age related)and occasionally get muted...probly 2-3 times in last 2-3 month I,m beggining to think I,m a marked man I see other players WC several times I have WC once today and immediatley kicked having seen other players wc several time s today Questoion...do they get same treatment??
  16. Wrong Channel

    the reason I posted this was it was my 1st WC of the day and within 2 secs i was kicked I,m not disputing my WC,s which i can assure you are not deliberate I,m asking is it now normal to be kicked after 1 WC? or is it just me that is gonna be kicked after 1 WC its a reasonable question
  17. Questions about game future

    why dont you just play and increase player base by 1?
  18. help me

    there are quests that at 1st dont seem to make sense,,,usually when you have read it wrong...........then all of a sudden bingo you got it...suggest you go back to NPC who gave you the quest
  19. attributes bar

    that would be ok revi
  20. attributes bar

    suggestion is an attributes bar under the channels bar...switchable on and off This would help to see when to *drink* a attribute potion ......E.G. Coord 25/20 etc Whats the thoughts??
  21. Updating the Invance Map

    sounds good to me
  22. Best Default Top Players List

    you cant please all the people all of the time but you can please some of the people some of the time lol...do it your way!
  23. Best Default Top Players List

    learners top players page had everything i needed
  24. F&F recruiting

    We are a no drama guild,,,players of all levels,,,,play as you please..just dont bring problems to guild......pm The_Grud or Mags for more info