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  1. Artificial Removal stone

  2. New quest contest

    it was a very nice quest, ty radu
  3. being able to remote heal from OUTSIDE the arena

    still happens in nca though
  4. dpa fights: http://www.imgbox.de/users/public/images/x24059s90.jpg this lil fight ended up costing me 44 hes, ~30 mag immun ess and some sr. it lasted ~20 minutes not cause I could not hit, not cause I did too low damage. cause 5 people remote healed from OUTSIDE the arena, staying totally safe. during no time of the fight I was in mana problems, or close to dieing, or could not hit well. yet, I was unable to kill, cause off way too much outsourced healing. I am not complaining that they could do it, I am complaining they could do it WITHOUT ANY risk for them. change proposal: do forbid healing from outside arena, only allow it from inside, in order to enforce some risk. also, since summoning is a related issue here, make summons only attack if their master is inside arena as well.
  5. New Special Day Suggestion

    no cooldown on sr only for pk fights? get a friend "gang" you on icy barefisted, no cooldown on sr and powning it as for no brod day. brod does not work on no griefs.
  6. New Special Day Suggestion

    I wouldn't use that day to pk, but to mix cheap on fruits or go kill some dragons. I hate no cooldown for pk, it makes fights too costly
  7. bronze sword

    old bronze sword stats were too powerful, they got reduced for a reason.
  8. PK arenas change

    there is only so good gear you can use, while the char development was practically endless(pp buying). best gear costs what? 2-3M or so should get you there. char development with pps till the end? 100M? more? more! I really like that idea
  9. PK arenas change

    radu said he will probably make them no a/d exp areas, to prevent abuse (in channel 6) with that said, go for it
  10. Emotions

    compiled cvs with emotes works fine, no errors. however imo the animations look too fastpaced for me, please slow them down a little
  11. Pr0 team work

    http://media.lightlan.de/pics/el/new/mb_vs_giant1.jpg http://media.lightlan.de/pics/el/new/mb_vs_giant2.jpg http://media.lightlan.de/pics/el/new/mb_vs_giant3.jpg http://media.lightlan.de/pics/el/new/mb_vs_giant4.jpg
  12. Re-adding the Day of no Grief

    day of no grief: no stuff breaks in combat that day. day of acid rain: every minute some of your stuff may degrade or break if it rains. what you think about readding the removed day of no grief for a higher chance of acid rain day?
  13. a/p protection spell

    rangers are quite dangerous nowadays tbh. there are a few capable of dealing constant 40s of damage with elvenbow, if not killing you, it at least makes you run, unless you get to them.