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  1. cpu load probs with new client

    CPU is at 100% in console mode. It seems to start around 30% and then it quickly bumps up to 100%, essentially freezes my whole computer. AMD Phenom X4 9650 3 GB Ram
  2. I agree with changing his looks, but I think he should still be a leopard. Maybe give him similar differences to normal leopards that fluffy rabbits have with normal ones. Leonard the vampire just doesn't have the same ring to it
  3. change guild ranks

    I'm not really sure what changing someone from rank 19 to 20 has to do with this suggestion, other than the obvious.
  4. New clothes

    Hell yeah, I want that hat too (that's my picture after roja was through with it btw )
  5. GIWS and Mod font color.

    I'd personally like to be able to change the colors of all the different chat, as in change the colors in options
  6. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Minor problem: Everything on the new client looks kind of fuzzy...it looks like the outline around things is much thicker. Old Client New Client
  7. IP ban, idk why...?

    Intentionally, done on purpose.
  8. Bigger Channel Limit

    I think 6, but that's my spammy self talking
  9. Bigger Channel Limit

    Maybe have the channel numbers (@ whatever number) different colors. Like red, blue, green. That might make it easier to tell.
  10. Bigger Channel Limit

    Then if you want to do an invance or instance....or a contest on channel 7...you have to choose one of those 3 to leave.
  11. Bigger Channel Limit

    Yeah, with all the invances and instances that kills 2 channels
  12. Bigger Channel Limit

    If people weren't limited to 3 channels there would be more chance of someone going to a different channel like that. You wouldn't have to choose between which 3 channels to be in.
  13. Bigger Channel Limit

    Something else I was thinking of. If the channel limit was bigger than 3 maybe we could successfully separate parts of channels that people complain about, like make a pk flame channel so it isn't all in channel 6.
  14. Bigger Channel Limit

    I would think that would really only matter if someone was on multiple channels with as much chat as channel 6 on a busy day...not sure how likely that is.
  15. Bigger Channel Limit

    Yeah, i've heard this idea shot down in the past because some people would find it too spammy. Which doesn't really make sense, i mean you don't *have* to be in more than three channels