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  1. In case you have too much time in December, there is a programming contest for you (join any time, no registration cost - no prizes :-) A new problem will be added everyday until December 24. Problem difficulty will range from very easy to very hard. More info at http://www.demesos.b...ng-contest.html To the registration: https://mooshak.nes.aau.at/
  2. Xaquelina Harv Quest stuck with PV task

    There's no question about the fact that you must get the popup messagage. Go back and try standing in that exact spot at 350.154 and pick a piece closest to you. Either way you have to get a popup before going back. I did so today, after 62 Valerians (without exca cape or perk) I got the popup message. For me this is fine. Still something was odd in this case, since there was no popup for over 300 harvests and Xaquelinas talk options changed... The spot is, by the way, rather unambiguous, there is a single flower at 350,154. Anyway thanks for the fast help and in general for the great effort you put into the game :-)
  3. Today I got the task to harv 150 valerian in PV (350,154). I went there and started to harv (the spot is rather unambigous, only a single flower there), but even after 301 harvest there was no message (no exca cape was used) Going back to Xaquelina I expected to have the "Need help" talk option, indicating that the quest is unfinished. However, she offers the "Got your stuff" talk option now. Taking this option I would expect her to take the flowers and spill the XP, however, she complains "you need to harvest 150 valerian" instead - although I had the over 300 valerians in my inv at that time.
  4. Changing appearance

    Great idea, would definitely make the graphics mode of the game more interesting. I must confess that I play often in console mode, e.g. when harvesting. Having meaningful looks makes it definitely more interesting. Perhaps also character age could influence your look, by getting your hair gray or baldy.
  5. Idea: EL (e.g. Radu's Shop ?) sells livestock animals which you can settle on your guildmap. On the guildmap there is also a cratch which you have to visit at least every four game days to put food for the livestock into it. The livestock food must be bought at the general store (a goldsink for Radu). If you feed your lifestock well, their number increases up to a given limit. However, if you kill one, it does not respawn. So beware of killing all your lifestock. A cool guild will be able to breed their stock up to the maximum and could have a hunting party every month, where half of it is killed. Within one month of carefully feeding the population recovers. The idea has something Tamagotchi-like and I guess many guilds will invest in lifestock to show their wealth. Besides it makes the guildmaps more interesting - you could now visit them regularly in order to count the lifestock or feed... and be careful whom to trust onto your map.
  6. Day of Civil War The map with the most players on (bots excluded) becomes PK (IP excluded ofc). Take care to avoid groups (that is maps) of many people. Stay with your friends to protect you. And flee if it becomes too crowded! Role Playing: People loose their temper due to the unjustice in the lands of Irillion and Seridia. Suddenly a civil war breaks loose, with riots wherever too many people meet. Rationale: Since only the map with most players on becomes PK, most maps are not affected. However, one has to be aware not to choose the same map as others. Lazy afk harvers like me will have an adrenalin boost during that day. For PKers there is another strategy to invade maps with so many people that it becomes the PK map at once. The interesting thing is the dynamic aspect: behavior of a group of people (in-)directly influences the fate of others. And yes, some noobs will hate it because they might be attacked on maps where they do not expect it. But when you log on during an inva, it is the same thing... Anyone who likes the idea?
  7. Increasing the NPC prices just a bit that Manuers can compete would work to keep the gold sink, since the NPCs then sell fewer items but for a higher price.
  8. What do you think of an invasion, where each player can only kill a limited number of critters? Thus you need a certain minimum number of players to participate in order to kill them all. This solves the problem that weak invasion creaures get quickly slain by strong players, which gives weaker players less motivation to join in fighting an invasion. For the roleplaing aspect, the creatures could be some kind of undead (zombies, vampires ?) which can only be killed once by a particular person. Once a player kills one, the remaining become immune against that player. There should be definitely different kinds of these for various A/D levels. To fight back such an invasion it is thus adviseable to consider which creatures you kill. And the weak ones remain for the noobs :-) ah, yes, in order to make this work, the monsters may only attack players with A/D where they have a chance to win over the player, otherwise the auto-attack kills the idea.
  9. Bot marketplaces

    I voted yes, because the creation of marketplaces populated with vendors (bots) will nicely contribute to the roleplaying aspect. Regarding the market aspects, clustering the bots will speed up the market process. For bot owners, this can be a disavantages (losing a local market monopole) but can have also advantages, since the number of people willing to pass buy is higher.
  10. Actually, what I was trying to indicate is that the system should be finetuned so that levelling will neither be faster nor slower. Probably less items will be needed until next level but same time/gc effort. And, yes, I know that adjusting this is not easy :-)
  11. The following ideas came to my mind basically on the example of manufacturing, but most likely would apply to all the mixing skills. Problem statement: Levelling requires an overproduction of items nobody needs in that quantity. This affects the market and creates great boredom for the mixer. In case of manufacturing, people even get stuck at producing leather helmets 4ever, since the higher items are less apt for levelling. Apart from being monotonous, for me personally, it is more fun to produce an item than is actually needed and used by someone than producing for Trik. Proposed improvements: I.) Adjust the gained XP to the level (similar as it is implemented in fighting) Producing an item below your manu level will give less XP, producing an item above your manu level will give more XP. If the XP gain has a steep curve, the best XP is made with items slightly above your level, causing many failures. Thus, a player can decide to produce for the market (many items, low XP) or to level (few items, more time, but better XP/time gain) II.) Make the schools more attractive for leveling. Increase the XP in schools (probably reduce the XP for real manufacturing a little bit). Schools produce no items, thus further mitigate oversupply in the market. III.) Make it more time-consuming to produce an item. This reduces the overall number of created items. This could go hand in hand with more role playing. If, for example, swords could only be manufactured at smitheries, the time to transport the ings to the smithery would make the time effort per sword greater. As a compensation, the XP sword should be accordingly higher. Overall effect: same time effort for leveling, but a fewer number of items flood the market. Expected results: Less items on the market. More alternation and change in the levelling process. But time and effort for levelling stays the same. Related discussions: After checking for related posts, I found out that the problem has been discussed before, but the proposed solutions are novel. For interested readers I refer to threads http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28455 and http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19119
  12. mining quest

    Adding a new quest would be cool, especially if it consists interesting tasks and riddles. However, the expected reward of pickaxes does not sound interesting, since pickaxes are no item that is used in large bulks such as leather or wine. What if the completion of the quest would boost the experience for some time? Like allowing to get Xp for the first 150 harvests (not 120) for the next 20 days or so...
  13. Proposal for new special days to spice up the game: Cold Day. All maps (except Isla Prima and insides maps) suffer from cold damage today. Role playing: A cold front reaches both continents. Get out your fur stuff, if you don't want to freeze to death. Rationale for this day: there is a lot of fur stuff in manufacturing which has no practical use, since most cold maps can be visited with leather armor w/o damage. On this special day, the cold damage should be so severe, that real fur stuff is needed (not only leather armor). NPCs on Strike. NPCs do not work today. If you're antisocial, you will barely notice a difference ;-) Role Playing: Today the NPC's are on strike for better working conditions. Rationale for this day: This will have interesting (temporally) effects on the economy. And it is probably less nasty than "Labour Day", I would say.
  14. The teset server needs some testing

    no, what i meant is that the cooldown time resets to its start time. like eat fruit cooldown time =50 ... cooldown time =45 ... ... ... cooldown time =30 disconnect/reconnect cooldown time is again 50 (on the main server, it would be 30)
  15. The teset server needs some testing

    I think I found a misbehavior with the new system on the test server: When I eat something with a cooldown (tested with fruit) and disconnect/reconnect, it resets the cool down time to the initial value. Thus when frequently reconnecting, the cool down never ends. This behavior is different from that on main.