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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    EnoB - 20k Blue Quartz, 20k Ogre Toes (80kgc) Please and TY
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    EnoB - 10k Blue Quartz, 20k Ogre Toes (60kgc)
  3. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Great work again. I haven't mixed a great deal with the new client yet but it's another huge step forward. Thanks for all the effort you put in. Also, an edit to the first post of this thread, like was done with previous updates, would be very helpful in pointing people in the direction of the latest update. I check this thread fairly regularly, but only now did I notice the new capabilities- one month after posting
  4. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Najash paid Your transaction ID for this payment is: 8YK11050D73503409
  5. Found a DB in PL storage

    If you were mixing in PL sto and lost a bag with bones powders in it PM me ingame with the other items that were in the bag and i'll happily return them
  6. Animal nexus removal

    960k bid from anonymous 10 mins left
  7. Animal nexus removal

    Anonymous bid of 950k received ingame. Auction ends midnight BST (GMT +1).
  8. Animal nexus removal

    Auction starting at 900k gc 1 week 10k increments i guess Post bid here or PM me ingame SOLD
  9. Nice work! Previews are all great but there is no link for Sedicolis preview showing up.
  10. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    I created this directory on both my phone and tablet. Works fine. Just create the folder named el.android and put the downloaded file inside it.
  11. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    Great work Domino! <edit> Note client crashes if you try drop items into a bag.
  12. SOLD 5003 3603 Dandelions 5010 3610 Blue Berries 6925 5525 Mullein 5030 3630 Posion Ivy 5058 3658 Tulips 5069 3669 Rue 5006 3606 Nightshade 5086 3686 Yarrow 5023 3623 Poppies 5028 3628 Red Currant 5274 3874 Henbane 5038 3638 Woodworm Would like to sell the lot for 110k gc Or Just 5k of each 100k gc Will consider selling individual lots of 5k @ Gen X prices PM me with offers ingame - EnoB or post here SOLD
  13. Selling some books

    1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Magic construction (drop only) 15k gc 2 Book of Iron Axe construction (10k at NPC) 5k gc each 1 Book o Steel Axe construction (10k at NPC) 5k gc 1 Book of Potion of Physique (750gc at NPC) 300gc 1 Book of Crafting Potion (3k at NPC) 1500gc 1 Titanium Short construction (4k at NPC) 2k gc Best to PM me in game (EnoB) but posting here is fine too.
  14. I'm selling: 2 1 Vitality Removal Stone 28k gc each 1 Physique Removal Stone 9k gc Willing to swap the two Vitality Removals for a RDHOLAM also. PM me in game (EnoB) to discuss Edit: SOLD
  15. Armor

    I was under the impression that Bronze stuff is very fragile. Is this not the case?