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  1. Selling 190k iron ore 3,8 ea

  2. Selling 190k iron ore 3,8 ea

    190k 148k 3,8 3,7 Pm me here or in game
  3. Selling storage

    pm me in game, im now online
  4. Selling storage

    New items added
  5. Cleaning my storage

    only 30kgc for all
  6. Cleaning my storage

  7. Cleaning my storage

    20k. 25k. sold to amar sorry he was faster.
  8. Cleaning my storage

    ok pm me in game - Aureliusz
  9. 50k silver ore auction

    Start 125kgc BIN 150kgc min inc 1kgc end : 2 days from now - 10th nov 9:00 PM in game name: KapitanBomba Fastest auction Sold by BIN
  10. VEGETAL removal auction

  11. VEGETAL removal auction

    Start 450k BIN 480k end 10th nov 8:00 PM
  12. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  13. 50k silver ore auction

    Sold by BIN