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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    The years of his dedication and knowledge will be dearly treasured by us all. My condolences to his families of both his real life and his other life.
  2. The Most Hidden Features

    Not sure if it counts as a feature or a mod. Heard people have their spells on function keys rather than the alt keys. Awesome as.
  3. 2013 Zenial scams

    Hopefully this is the last step of a rather embarrassing saga. I was told today, after selling my character in the heat of the moment in 2013, a lot of my buddies were scammed by the purchaser (SouLLove or Madalinux). Some scammed for HEAPS. This is my faiult - I should have cleared my buddy list. There's a lot of weird stuff in my storage because the character (renamed Leyl) was banned shortly afterwards, if it's your gear I'd like to give it back to you. Apparently it made it to channel 6, so who's got the ancient chat logs? There's the chance someone had stopped playing because of this so I need to bring it up. There's a lot of friends who I can't contact directly, so if this is passed along to get my apologies across. it'd be appreciated. Sincerely, The Real Zenial
  4. Looking For A Guild

    Hey there, Looking for other players in GMT +8:00 to +11:00 ish. (I'm +9:30) or just really active guild. My stats are open http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=zenial #accept please. :-Do -zenial
  5. Settings won't save

    Hi guys, PC info: Windows 10 64 bit Eternal Lands Version 1.9.4 I had EL working fine for a while, I'm not sure what caused it but my setting changes in View Options and side Spell Bar won't hold when reopening the client on any character. Chat log and quest log are updating to: C:\Users\citzy990\Documents\Eternal Lands\main but the other files in there have stopped updating as of 08/01/2017 including el.cfg and el.ini When this first happened my initial effort was to reinstall EL (as animation program is set to be on by default and makes all characters one solid colour (found that setting by fiddling). Thanks in advance for your help. -Zenial
  6. Settings won't save

    HI all, Thanks for the replies. Removing the old files worked. The client produced new files and are updating normally. Thanks Burn. They weren't read only and the disk wasn't full. The Event Viewer has listed a tone of errors for 08/01/2017 for Service Control Manager and DistributedCOM. I can't find anything directly related to EL... -Zenial
  7. Hello everyone, Its been a year and a half since the phoenix was first introduced to EL. In that time, I've seen <10 players shape-shifted to phoenix. I want to leave a reminder now that these were designed to be a competitive combat addition. There has been no changes to phoenix since its introduction. Its a shame to see aspects of el to be implemented and not utilized as intended. I'd like to make some comparisons and suggest balancing changes without straying too much from their original specs. 1. Max fire protection from a normal set of armor (RDHoLM + IDA Set (worth ~360kgc) is 11 heat protect. Max Fire protection from Pheonix is 14. In PK scenario, we could expect Thermal Serpent Sword (+10 fire damage) Fire Bolt (+10 heat damage). 14 has no benefit over 11 heat protect. (Assuming dmg:protect scale is 1:1) 2. No comments 3. Phoenix has no armor or weapon damage bonus. Max basic armor = 32. Max basic weapon = 40-60. Suggested 2 or 3 * level extra attack. Max 28 attack bonus might compete with Mage Pants and RDHoLM, as phoenix cannot heal. 4. Phoenix will only be carrying CF and maybe rings, so rosto threat is irrelevant. Complementary to this, should be a HP bonus relevant to shapeshift level, no restore spell is very significant. Lack of predictability is also a burden to the phoenix player. 5. No comments. 6. While phoenix cannot benefit from the same variety of items as other players, I can see good use with summon stones. Cost of Phoenix 9600 Creature food is required to complete Mule Leveling. Pheonix uses twice as much CF per a minute. So total cost to level pheonix = ~1.5Mill GC This is far too expensive when compared to it's armored opponent. Consider two players of equal level and stats. Pure combat of phoenix should be higher than it's opponent as the other player more options with spells and changing equipment to suit. Let me know what you think EDIT: Grammer
  8. The Sleepy Guild

    Please welcome Eternal Lands' newest guild! Guild name: Sleepy Guild tag: Zzzz Guild Sleepy has 2 members. The guild URL is: http://sleepyel.webs.com/ General info: Huh? What? We're the sleepy guild. We're players who are online way past our bedtime. We are also very lazy and sloth-like. Joining the guild: Ask... What's the most classic Eternal Lands theme of all time? Any TRUE EL Player has stayed up into the early hours of the morning; trying to get that level up, finish an instance, doing a competition or just screwing around with friends. Come on, you know you're sleepy. Join now. -Zenial
  9. April 2012 - Water Essence

    Hahaha! Thanks for telling me extrapolation! CLOSED.
  10. SELLING: Hydro Nexus / Bars

    Hello everyone! Selling: 2 1 x Hydro nexus @ 675kgc each (13.5kgc per bar) 20 x Hydro Bars @ 14kgc each OR All 70 Hydro Bars for 940kgc. - Zenial
  11. SELLING: Hydro Nexus / Bars

    Now looking at offers. Please post here.
  12. Enhance Pheonix

    Well it has been many years since I sat in a math class, right first level 800, 2nd 900, 3rd 1000 etc, if this is not exponetial, I have no word to call it, so I just call it Expensive. Glad we all agree - it's way too expensive. I think 1.3mill max (and that's with improvements/balancing from current version) I likes your formula! No new phoenix spells... No. I'm not sure whether giving phoenix any spells is a good idea. From a role play perspective, you're idea is great. But for gameplay it will make the fight less competitive, by making the same options available to both lots of players (phoenix and normal)
  13. Buying Coal

    Buying up to 100k coal. Price depends on quantity: Less than 10k = 2gc each 10k to 50k = 2.2gc each 50k to 100k = 2.3gc each 100k = 2.5gc each -Zenial Also, let me know if: 1 - You regularly harvest or collect furs for GC 2 - If you're a newer player that would like to do ings+food mixing for exp only.
  14. Real Life Imitating EL

  15. Manu quest special prizes

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  16. Manu quest special prizes

    Skeptic here. Titanium long sword is too soon in the lineup, in my oppinion. It is a rare ingredient item. For the rare ingreds items, I must agree that the xp reward is not in line with the cost of ingredients. The reward has to be looked at long term, you may burn a lot of bindings, EFEs and bars in the process, but you have that 'edge' of positive astro forever. Your GC will recover. But yeah, I can see the opinion changing on skeptic perk from here on. I'm keen to finish the quest when I get the level Good luck to those who are in the running for this competition.
  17. SUX 2 B U - PKG IS BACK

    pkg here, coz we put you there
  18. Favorite Game Of the Moment

    You call Majora's Mask addictive? Monster Hunt Tri is addictive!
  19. Why is it...

    Detta.... I did the same thing; seen a lot of people do it. Welcome to Eternal Lands.... in a few weeks in, lots of people go through an "I HAVE IDEAS" burst... been there... done that... learnt better. Look at this educational video: I went back, and looked at your other threads to evaluate what you had suggested and peoples responses, but you've edited out your posts. I'm sorry you felt the need to do that. -Zen
  20. new=bad

    Please Makayi don't be upset, be assumed amused. If you think about it, having the power to make other people move can be very handy ^_^ You also have to accept that in the process of weighing up how safe your gear is there are a lot of questions to go through: Do you know them? No Do you know the guild? No What value can they take up to? Maybe alot. Once you have more renown amongst the community, people will trust you more. EDIT: Hit enter half way through my post - I'm newbie!
  21. new players

    Hey Mayuki! I'm glad to hear you're making progress! After a while, all the abbreviations become second nature, you'll pick it up There is an option (I don't know if it's just with a CVS client) that is called "Save last row" which allows you to click on your "Sto all" feature and you will not sto anything on the bottom row of your inventory window. So try to leave your pickaxes/HEs/srs/fruits that you usually bring with you in your bottom row and you will not have to worry about that anymore. Not just CVS, this is in stable too.
  22. AUCTION: Magic Removal Stone

    Magic Nexus Removal Stone Auction! Starting bid: 550kgc Increments: 25kgc Buy it now: 700kgc Auction ends: 5 days from this post! Good luck!
  23. AUCTION: Magic Removal Stone

    SOLD to Lelugo, congratulations.