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  1. ELChat2

    I always envisaged a nice simple chat client that looked something like IRC. You would have a list of people in the "channel", where by default that would be in your vicinity, perhaps with the other channels being the other EL channels you are in. You could then similarly have the add/remove messages and/or the list always there, on the side somewhere. This would consume a large amount of space, especially on devices with small screens, such as smart phones, so if it were added it would have to be optional. Slacker was tinkering with getting it to run on his iPhone, but when last he mentioned it yesterday he said that it wasn't yet working but also that he hadn't done a lot yet.
  2. Astrology

    I hardly see how this falls under Science & Technology. Astrology has no empirical basis, and the "reality" of which Jeditotalwar speaks of is merely the astronomical phenomenon upon which the dates were based. That said, Capricorn for Tropical, and Saggitarius for Sidereal. From what I have read of astrology in the past the Capricorn one seems more fitting, although arguments can be made about vagueness and generalities in descriptions.. but I won't get into that.
  3. ELChat2

    Freeone: It appears as if message scrolling no longer works after today's patches. Once the screen is filled with messages, it does not scroll in order for new ones to appear, and new ones are not shown. They are found in the chat log, however.
  4. ELChat2

    It indeed appears to be shaky: It did not write to my ~/.elc/main/chat_log.txt as you requested in-game that I test.
  5. hello ive got a problem

    I think what you're trying to install is a browser. Why does it have an icon in My Computer, though? What's the name of the program you're installing? Is it FireFox, a new version of Internet Explorer, or something else? Where did you get it? Painstaking detail is the best way to get quick and accurate answers. What version of Windows are you running, also?
  6. Increase everything 10 fold

    Presumably, this means that EMU would be raised 1/10th as quickly, such as 2 EMU per (physique+coordination)/2 (or however Might would be calculated with the change), instead of 20. That is, we wouldn't all end up with 9600 EMU. 'cept that their stats would be 10x also, so effectively you'd still get burned alive (or frozen?) and eaten.
  7. The to-be Eternal Lands Misfits guild map,

    Unfortunately, Asia's a bit large to fit. It goes as far east as the eastern border of Poland, approximately.
  8. The to-be Eternal Lands Misfits guild map,

    Wow, more responses than I thought this thread would garner. Aphistolas is right, I think, more people in the U.S. would be likely to understand a U-boat over the Berlin wall (I hadn't even considered the latter, but it's a good idea). And that it will be beached was purely for humor, it held no real significance. The windmill is something I'll certainly do. I'm not sure how I'd make or where a flag would go, but national flags are a good idea. Warsaw and the Channel islands will be a bit more difficult though, as we have to consider scale - the English channel, for example, is 6 steps wide.
  9. After some discussions over acquiring a guild map and what it would contain, and a bit about isolating our Brits on an island shaped like England with tea spilled around it in light of the Boston tea party, we decided that the map would be shaped in the likeness of Europe. The plan is to have a famous landmark or thing for which a nation is (in)famous or stereotyped in each respective country, such as the Eiffel tower in France and a beached U-boat in Germany. Our intent is to have the map open to everyone, with no guard bots to eat people. If anyone has a particular landmark (West of Poland, Romania, Greece) or such they'd like to see, I'll see what I can do.
  10. No pants: http://www.swrpg.info/hazor/clippinggnome.jpg Baggy pants: http://www.swrpg.info/hazor/clippinggnome2.jpg A search didn't come up with anything, so.. Yeah, just got me a tunic, and when I put it on my pants showed through.
  11. Linux 1.6.0 client test

    Using the first bin, not the static one, it only complained about libcal3d. I acquired that, and it's working just fine. I'm on Kubuntu 7.10
  12. Bows and arrows!

    I shot a few rabbits and wood sprites and none attacked me back, then I shot a wolf and it in turn attacked me. Lol, conavar, I am glad that I don't get the "#message from God: Our newest member is Legolas1342!" messages anymore.
  13. EL 192x192 PNG icons

    Because I cropped them:
  14. EL 192x192 PNG icons

    Hadn't really poked at the gallery. Thanks for pointing that out. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...um&album=14
  15. EL 192x192 PNG icons

    My lovely StormDaughter pointed out that the forum gallery held the large versions of the EL logo, so I used those. For any interested Eee users: Normal version. And one for those who like the blue logo.(..doesn't do so well with the blue, "accessibility," desktop theme. ) Unfortunately, I can't access image hosting at the moment to give you a preview, but I'll upload one while I'm at school tomorrow.