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  1. Shortcut in Suse 9.0?

    i'm using bash -c "path2el ; ./el.x86.linux.bin" as command line and it works for me .. SuSE 9.1 and it worked on suse 9.0 also
  2. Wierd slowdowns

    Here's the thing.. Maps such as: Isla Prima, VOTD, Grubani, KF, SKF, and various Mines are all ok.. but maps: DP and WSC are unbarable slow... like 1fps, and LOT'S of resyncs.. no matter where on the map I am... if it's a crowded place or place without ANYthing except sand (like in DP) I've never played EL from Windows but since i had 2 do something i decided 2 try those maps and in Windows they all work normally as all other maps.. but in linux on WSC and DP it's unbarable slow... like even @ molgor it's 2x faster then in DP desert.... another thing, that started 2 happen after the client update like 1-2 months ago.. before that it was all working very nice... hope this helps... Kernel: 2.4.2 / ATi Radeon 32mb ram / 450 mb ram / celeron 533 but like i said before that update all worked nicely...
  3. Wierd slowdowns

    Update: it´s gone! )) just got SuSE 9.1 with new kernel and no more slowdowns and stuff...
  4. Er........... I was thinking that another potion lady in like, portland or VOTD would be nice... yes/no ?
  5. Linux desktop propaganda

    exactly extra usefull + it's kinda edgy i was like " this is not happening " when i saw my mate playing 3 videos at the same time, and pressing F9 and they were while being "zoomed-out" playing with no frame drops or anything.. ... wicked!
  6. Linux desktop propaganda

    When i get myself a broadband connection, i'm sooo switching 2 Gentoo that emerge stuff is SOOO handy ... i've setup apt-get tools on SuSE and it does help many times, but still it's far from being close 2 emerge functions on gentoo.. And what linux needs badly, is some sort of Expose function that OSX has that is handy as hands!
  7. Linux desktop propaganda

    nice shots, it's allways interesting 2 see the working enviroment of other peeps.. As for the desktop propaganda, i was just explaining Flexo how linux is superior on the dekstop then windows, so i did screenshot for him last night he didn't wanted a 3mb png so i did this shitty quality .jpg it's KDE 3.2.1 ...with a beautifull Plastik theme ...
  8. New server bug reports!

    Oka i'll log into test server often during today and pm u untill i catch u online ...
  9. New server bug reports!

    I'm sorry if someone allready posted this, it's like 2:30am here and i'm not going 2 read the entire topic, anyway ent will know Sometimes in some cases it is possible that more players attack same target example: VOTD @ wolfs, happend few times when Mikac, flexo and mehself trained there... basicly from what i've seen, it happens if we're close 2 wolf and click attack on wolf at the more or less same time.. that's basicly it
  10. proxy possible or not?

    Since my ISP is like.. no words 2 describe it, currently it works only over proxy server, is there a way 2 setup EL 2 use proxy?
  11. OMFG - *CO*'s are sick :D

    haha... :roll: Of course not, Leeloo and Jen are lesbionic, u're antisexual, and mamawarrior is mama + warrior so she has no time for such things since she has 2 guard us day and night
  12. Linux culling/textures problem with ATI 9000

    um, i have ATi 7200 with 32 ram, and no similar problem with EL under linux, haven't tried in windows though.. try getting latest SDL libs
  13. OMFG - *CO*'s are sick :D

    roflmao now you all see what kinds of stories i have 2 listen 2 all the time
  14. what are youll listening to right now?`

    um atm: Eat Static - The First Revelation
  15. Linux vs. Windows

    If u ask me i think what should be much more in our main interest (at least some of us) is development and evolving of linux in every way, server, workstation, desktop OS! Linux allready has whole alot of good software "better OS with 1000 programs, then OS with 1000 problems" )) But as i read somewhere in an article with which i agree pretty much, main issue with linux is easy maintanance of install software and not only that, installation can sometimes be very edgy (dependencies etc) that is not a problem for most of linux users, but it can/is a big potential problem for new linux users.. I personaly would celebrate if KDE would get something like Expose feature from OSX, it is THE most useful thing 2 have .. Many other things as well.... But looking at things as they are now, and as they are constantly evolving, i really think this year and 2005 for SURE will be THE years for linux expanding... I hope for the best
  16. Linux vs. Windows

  17. Linux vs. Windows

    update for Entropy: I've kinda riddled myself with all that MC filemanager programs, so i decided 2 check development of Krusader, so i downloaded latest version 1.30 and i must say it has now replaced MC .. It's very nice, but i mean really! It has internal bookmars system, tabs and stuff everyone who used Norton/Volcov Commander look alike progs, will feel @ home very second ... If u want i can post some screenies for ya!
  18. Linux vs. Windows

    Did you know Maya runs on Linux? I have used both 3d max and Maya, and have found Maya to be superior. If we ever do get enough money from the game, Maya would be my choice application. I would like to use blender, have started to learn it..however it's missing an md2 plugin which is mandatory for our needs Yes i know, and i will setup Maya as soon as i get my new workstation ready (XP 2600 barton / 2gb ram / ATi radeon / 21 or 22" ViewSonic monitor) it will not be soon cuz that's hell of a price. Only issue i have is time vs productivity, i i work like 4-5 horus a day and once i'm done for the day i pretty much can't stand pixels/polygons/shapes/edges/ so i chill waching DiVX or playing EL, so far i'm getting used to the Gimp2.. Could u tell me how differece Maya way of work is from Max way of work? Second i don't think someone can persuade me that Bleder is superior 2 Maya/Max/Lightwave/Cinema4D it can be so so good replacement (which depends on your needs) but superiro, perhaps some later versios ... p.s. Entropy if u seek something like MC but more modern try Krusader it's very nice... though i use mc when i need totalcomander lookalike app for me the most annoying thing in windows vs/ linux is that i HAVE 2 use fing windows still, Wine is NOT close 2 solution, cuz it's laggy and takes up alot of resources of which i need every single CPU power and every single MB of Ram when i'm doing B2 poster in 300dpi!... :/ I might try using Gimp2 for one CD cover i'm making, 10x10cm/300dpi so i'm looking foward 2 see how it will show out ... p.p.s. Roja i think if blender file format is very well documentet there might not be a big problem 2 make a md2 exporter plugin? or it would i don't understand this issue that much
  19. Corpus Opis

    Yes that will throw in some excitement for sure kilari.. Imagine massive battles!!! can't wait.. p.s. izno: i did not have ANY pots on me
  20. Linux vs. Windows

    I think today it is kinda easy 2 switch 2 linux... I switched like 6 months ago, my distro of choiche was SuSE 9.0 and i don't regret it. I'm a graphic designer(freelance web/posters/flyers etc) though i din't switch fully cuz i still use PhotoShop for high DPI images, i find the new gimp (2.0) 2 be MORE then adequate replacment for webrelated graphics, sure getting used 2 gimp is not so easy but once u get used 2 it, it's very nice... And the day that Discreet releases 3D MAX for linux, i think that will be the day when i unistall my windows 2000 . Sure u can say i can use Blender but i simply can't find the time 2 get used 2 it, and 2 learn it 2 the lvl i have learned 3D max... As for Adobe and Photoshop, i think Gimp and Pixel32 will be more then good 2 replace it... Gimp is getting better and better, though development of Pixel32 is more then slow, it has some very good basics, so i'll wait and see.. As for other linux stuff, i could not believe i would be using shell more and more everyday.. It is sooo nifty that i have no words 2 describe it... I know when i log into windows and i can't shade window i go nuts , and many other things.. these are all Desktop orientated things but i'm a desktop user .. My vote goes for linux, i believe it is ready as a desktop OS!
  21. Corpus Opis

    roflmao )) no comment it seems i'm not allowed 2 use disengage rings ... whatever ... p.s. i was naked with a pickaxe
  22. Linux vs. Windows

    LOL true, actually when i switched 2 linux, that was my biggest fear... But as it turned out to be, most of the libraries u need are on the distro CDs and those that are not, are allways 1 click away with the help of Google
  23. Nothing big but...

    I've downloaded the first patch zip file then the new el.x86.linux.bin file it all works smoothy no problems but when i start it i get crus@pixel:~/Games/EternalLands> ./el.x86.linux.bin ./el.x86.linux.bin: /usr/lib/libGL.so.1: no version information available (required by ./el.x86.linux.bin) though game starts normaly.. Just so u know, perhaps this should happen and perhaps it should not ..
  24. War event idea

    It's a nice idea, and when u kill them all, all who participate get a little prize or something like that.. imagine a .. Cyclop has been magicaly summoned on Isla Prima ROFLMAO
  25. Linux Live CD

    Um.... knock knock anything in head:)? Realitycheck - it's a LIVE CD! which means (in 99% of cases) no need for hard disk @ all, u boot it from CD ROM, you can of course install it but if u just want to test if your hardware is compatible with linux you can just boot it from CD and check, no need 2 install anything .