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  1. very old players

    Happy new year to the oldies from *CO* with love
  2. very old players

    crus*CO* reporting in! o/ Glad to see some of you dropping on forum, i check online players list from time to time, many fammiliar names there . Oldies, few of us will be starting a new "life" in an upcoming game that feels a lot like EL in many segments, perhaps u've heard of it - Albion Online. Closed beta starts in few days, perhaps we can meet up there ,when we make a guild i'll let u know the name so u can request to join, all ELians are welcome
  3. Corpus Opis

  4. Corpus Opis

    Add Sima to the list (ex Factor / StSimone), he's oldbie too. As for flexo - well, he is stuck in WoW as much as i'm stuck, even more. He is like top DPS of best horde guild on battlegroup, they are hardcore PvE guild, and all his free time off university goes to raiding, so i don't think he will be playing. As for me, i'm just into PvP and trying to play arenas on competitive level so it takes some time too, but not close enough. Guild i'm in atm, does serious PvE, but raidleaders and officers don't care if people slack and i don't have no intention to put up with that so i don't raid, if that changes i might be doing 1-3 raids/week but highly unlikely. Also, i won't be stoping playing WoW, especially seeing expansion coming up . But as it's winter and i can't spend much time outside, i guess there will be time for EL too Mammawarrior - last i spoke to her few months ago, she rarely logs on MSN, her husband has gone trough some hard times healthwise. She is probably playing some other game, and she is too nice for Pk server one way or another Mikac - playing WoW, i think PvP focused too. Tropicano - lol, nobody knows what happend to him really. Boki - WoW, pretty hardcore too.
  5. Corpus Opis

    There is a legend that walks both realms, he is cunning, deceiving, he knows the true meaning of the code, they call him "the one" but he lingers under the name 1st_Warrior, he is a treat to the system, he must be eliminated or soon he will FIRST PK KILL us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *everything that has a beginning, has an end*
  6. Corpus Opis

  7. Corpus Opis

    Oh noes, *CO* doomed without stricken, liek.. who is gonna harv all that FE stuff now?.. /cry
  8. Corpus Opis

    u r all nabs. oh and next, i pked you your ass
  9. ATM i'm not really sure what i think about the whole thing, in a way i like it, and in a way i don't.. but here are some observations.. Mirror cloak and NMT cloak (for example) have same light values, one is psychedelicly orange other one is black, i think that should be taken into account.. Also, Q.Staff should not have same value as some other weapons as it is wooden (no moon reflection on blade for example) and it's black or dark at least. Also medallions give value of 1 (if i'm not mistaken) and they are usually worn under the shirt... Also i think Roja could make some "darker" versions of leather armor, enable ppl to play like rogues or thieves, and of course with much less light points. If you want to pursue the racial differences thing, gnomes for example could have -2 bonus to being seeable.. those dark elves -3 or something like that... This option leaves a LOT of place for creativity and to me it seems it's not being used at all but just plain, i see u / u don't see me.
  10. Special Days occur too Frequent!

    I'm having hard time believing that some1 is actually complaining about too much special days... o.0 *sigh*
  11. voted yes, it's about time we get some non_visual differences between races
  12. Hm, i like what Empi said, but also i think what ent suggested that charm should be renamed to Aim is pretty nice also.
  13. Invading Curses

    I won't be home at that time, so u have 1 more place free.
  14. Warlock cloak on sale

    Yea, nice, sweet and sexy Yellow cloak... starting price 500k gc. accepting bids via PM on forums, or in game, or u can use the friendly Gossip to drop me a line... have fun!
  15. Invading Curses

    Don't get me wrong, but such unbalance in teams won't make things exciting, it will make things very boring, but .. yea.. whatever