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  1. EL under Compiz/Beryl

    True, it's a gconf option, i played with it, and indeed if in Fullscreen there is no issue of that kind, but my problem is that i play el windowd and i have to play it that way becouse i multitask a lot. Any idea if telling compiz not to render certain window is possible?...
  2. Halloween just around the corner

    Heya Got lots of pms, seems people want to read the winning story, so i'll post it , I hope Sheesh won't mind .. -------- ... He stood on the roof edge, rain mixed with blood kept falling off his chin. The Pain he feels deep inside will fade, the blood he drank was of a cursed man, cursed with illness, whos time would come sooner or later. Fate however, decided it will be on this very night......... Old house in the middle of nowhere, man filled with memories, with eyes full of tears, thinking of time before, time ahead.... Storm is coming, he gets up from his bed to open the window, he always liked the smell of rain, his bed smells of sweat and disease and rain makes him feel more alive, makes the blood in his veins flow faster, ironic isn't it.... What he sees in the distance from his window, resembles him - death and decay. The fields that used to look like gold in sunset covered with sunflowers, now are gray and black. He gazes trying to see the thin line where land meets the sky, dark ghostly image he thought he saw dissapeard. It's dark, candle is not lit up anymore, his constant fear of dying became stronger, he can't hear the footsteps but he feels them.. Wet cold hand on his chest, raindrop on his cheek and a cold breath, second before teeth bite his neck, was all he felt. His time has come, picture of his wife and son, mixed with grief and shame were the last things on his mind. ... While the beast feasts, the blood flows down his throat like sweetest French wine, he doesn't care of age, he doesn't mind the sickness of his prey, thirst was too strong, he needs to feed... He stands on the roof edge, patiently waiting for blood to be devoured, sound of rain falling on his big circled hat calms him down, he takes it off, letting rain wash blood of his face... "Fools and their gods..." he thought to himself while looking at the ruins of an old village church, moving fingers over a white feather attached to his belt, trying to evoke the scent of Angel's blood in his mouth. It is time for him to move on, cloak soaked wet reveals sword on his back, as he walks away, clouds and darkness follow him.... ------------- the end --------------
  3. Special effects

    It's very hard to capture the effect on a screen shot, really, the ring on screenie doesn't look like anything, but in game, when casted it looks really cool and effective.
  4. Special effects

    New restoration spell looks really great!!!
  5. Special effects

    I'd be more then willing to test it, i just built the latest CVS, saw the new shield effect, looks nicer then original version.. Could you post here when there have been some changes in CVS sfxwise so i can fetch it and compile.. All in all great work. tnx!
  6. The next update

    Done, or so they said on #bc ).. so ent, how are u ?
  7. The next update

    50k left only Ent, i hope the update is ready ?
  8. Mysterious Contest

    Congratulations to Morning_star!!! U deserved it girl!
  9. Things i put up with :)..

    some of the recent things found in my chat log ... i'll prolly update it as i dig up more .. I apologise to all for inapropriate language .. If mods think it's too much, feel free to delete .. [21:16:11] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] Stop being gay you flamers [21:16:25] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] thats right.... I went there [21:16:46] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] Don't stop being gay..... oh way..... you wont [21:16:53] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] See how stupid you are? [21:17:20] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] You're lucky this isn't RL, i wouldn't be no damn noob, assholes [21:18:03] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] Well....... I don't talk to faggs nor faggits [21:18:31] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] Let's leave with, "We're enemies and fukk you, you stupid motherfukkin bitched [21:18:38] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] bitches* [21:18:55] #Ig [uFC_BennY:RIDE] fukk you, ya dumb bitch [21:24:43] [PM from UFC_BennY: unblock us bitch] [14:25:48] [PM from ejderha: i heard you are a little bitch in real ] [14:08:56] [PM from ejderha: come to nc arena i will show you who's noob] [16:09:58] [PM from localhost: one day i ll kill u dont forget bitch] [21:17:26] [PM from localhost: i hate u and one day i ll kill u dont forget] [20:42:43] Aqualung: faget [17:47:10] childofbodom: *CO* scum [16:25:33] [PM from AtiLLa: lol the stuff and ess... u know what r u *bull shit*] [17:49:03] [PM from Aqualung: piper in others ass is refresh dont u think?] [17:50:30] [PM from Aqualung: peper*] [18:10:21] [PM to Aqualung: ..] [16:22:45] [PM from ShYne: hehe] [11:00:45] [PM from ShYne: you are such a noob] [11:01:04] [PM from ShYne: revenge would be sweet] [PM from Jaxbot: Kagens brother. I heard you stole my brothers deathbag. He is very greifed about this. Will you please reture it?]
  10. Taraji map bug

    Not sure if it was reported or not But i was reported abusing it by sitting inside.. sigh.. anyway coords - > 379 324
  11. Things i put up with :)..

    It's really really pointless to say anything back, and when i do, it's usualy something very nice like "thank you sweety" which makes them even more mad. Here is some more .. [17:58:01] [PM from HeLLRaiZeR: You gotta suck the biggest balls on earth.] [23:19:10] [PM from AngelFaceJo: cocksucker !] [11:18:28] yaserhameed: u fucking noob
  12. *co* member called crus attacks pvpers

    I am not joker hunter, he is my lover, so he pmes with his location, and i come..
  13. Mortos Race

    81/93 40/20 -- sunday
  14. Today's "Little" Invasion

    I agree with Dejan!! Sooo bloody good (and i mean that literaly) I loved it becouse it progressed in lvl of monsters, and it lasted long enough to have a lot of fun!! GREAT!
  15. And becouse of very insightfull comments from you and alike, who have much against "strategy" even if it's mean and sneaky, and only like mathematics in a/d this game entropy is chancing it back.. it's sad :/
  16. CRAP!!! Don't do it ent! The new magic thingie was soo much fun, i don't understand why do you want to remove a good new thing back to just plain old boring one, becouse every1 ***** about the vial thingie? Please consider the decision about magic... And i'm not saying this only as pker who likes to harm backstab from invisibility, but think about summoners, now they can actually HEAL the chimeran so that it can face a relativley stronger player, before they could not. Not to mention that new players can now roleplay and lvl magic and do something with their magic lvl... I hate to say this but i agree with mufossa... Maybe vials thingie needs some tweaking, i can't really say anythingabout that - i never made potions, but magic is finnaly a LOT of fun, leave it that way. it is the ONLY way for game to evolve. tnx!
  17. I see point in what everybody is saying, but like I said, now there can finnaly be a magician as a roleplay char, that can DO something on battle field, and i think the harm is balanced good. Imagine 5 invisible magicians, no1 can stay alive, the same as they wodun't stay alive if faced vs. lvl 100 fighter, so i tink that is fair, we will all have to be much more carefull. this adds fun to game, and as much as i woudn't like to see 50 a/d player kill me with harm if he has high magic, it's all cool, cuz he worked hard for his magic lvl instead of his a/d lvl and now he can do something with it.. not to mention if more offensive spells come to the game, it will be sick, this game is getting better and better.
  18. Oh p.s. one more thing, i think potions of true sight and invisibility should only be manufacturable, and not buyable at Mira. But that's my two cents.
  19. Greetings all... I have somewhat been known as a person who sometimes bitches about updates and stuff, but rarely tho .. This time however, when included both the client and this server update all i can say is GREAT!. Seriosly, game got changed BIG TIME!, especially for fighters/pkers, sooo much strategy with invisib spell, so much more posibilities with "new" harm spell, for example, now a group of mages can take a STRONG fighter no problem, which before was inpossible. Not to mention new shiney armors and stuff. I still think we do need a somewhat unique items and "random" event's/quests/triggerted monsters or such. Over and out!
  20. Some textures not visible on Linux

    my client looks like this too, tho was like this in 1.1.2 :/ Radeon 7200 here
  21. Look what I found

    the old days can't be repeated... nor relived :/ I like C2 cuz it has that kind of atmosphere of old EL... 20-30 players on it, no MODERATORS on c2 channel that say "topic" every fcking second cuz of their frustration with low lvls, no idiots, no hassle... cries
  22. Watch it HC, there are many people that would like to deal with Ent cuz of the cooldown lol, so invited would not be a good idea LOL
  23. Chatting with memebers of *CO*

    Sigh, u should see the #IGs we get every day lol Tho nothing beats the corpus spaming
  24. Client release candidate 3

    using the cvs vitez built for me, works very very very good.. first thing i notice is A LOT faster map loading, everything seems smoother, the combat animations are finnaly seeable .. fun! great work