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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k coal for 22,000 gc Please -ArchimedesI
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    20k Coal Please and Thank you ----ArchimedesI
  3. Storage Sale

    How about 60k for a CoL?
  4. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    That is an issue, but we can make rules against camping at resources. Very easy to detect if players from the same IP do that, then I can make it so they can't harvest for a few hours. Instead of having the counter on the resources, would it be possible to have them tied to the player ? ie: player A has a hourly/daily harv limit at a certain spot, when that limit is reached they have to move, would stop ppl with multi alts depleting resources and also would negate problems with time zone differance Thanks for saying what i was trying to say in a more simple way I blame it on the Vicodin
  5. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    Have no Idea if this would be possible but it would seem to solve many of the problems if it were. What if there were a max amount of harvesting at any one spot set to an IP address instead to the whole game? It would completely wipe out alts used to harvest and large group parties could still harvest without stealing others Harvestables. Would also solve the family problem because they could still all play they would just have to do different things at any given time which shouldn't really be a problem. This way there could be no 'serping' of harvestables that could be complained about. The respawn time could also be set for longer to encourage players to work on more than one skill and also to encourage trading. (If IP limit not possible then player limit?) just my thoughts
  6. Man (player) eating leopard

    The whole point IMO is that if a stone was introduced to stop the leopard attacking you , then the "player" should get the neg effect of being teleported somewhere.Having the stone STOP the leopard from chewing your arm off AND not interupting what your are doing is IMO to big a plus. oooh maybe the stone could turn the leopard into a pussy cat that harvs for people while singing show ballads and the teleported the player could spread the word (if they wanted or not if the ebul) to other people on the map and to hunters @ Lexi Totally agree it doesnt need to over expensive IMO the best would be that attacking target would trigger the stone. But of course only after 2-3 hits, so you might die as well, depending if the level of leopard is high enough at the time. Leopard would be teleported to other map while the stone would disappear. The bonus? Leopard changes location and has not time to loot your death bag or to equip or use the items. That means, you can safely retrieve it I love the idea of having a player eating ?leopard┬┐ in the game. I will throw out my two cents for what its worth and hope that my ideas can be put to some sort of use, positive or negative... One idea is if when it attacks and kills or is attacked and killed neither beast nor player would drop anything???? Or maybe the leopard would only make you drop things that it needed/wanted (what leopard cares about a pile of silver,coal or toadstool??) I'm not sure if that is possible so its just suggestion.... However, about the leopard stones, (quoted above) if the leopard were to be teleported away to a different map what would stop it from using its superior intelligence to walk straight back and clean the floor with you (if you were afk or decided not to move afterward for some reason), therefore i agree that if the stone teleported you to a place like the portal rooms, the leopard would not know where to look for you but could still continue to rampage around feasting on others . If that is to much of an advantage for the stone carrier maybe there is a chance that they leave something behind (5%-10% on every item?) Then they still would have a chance to go back for it and since they would be in portal rooms they could get there faster then from the underworld... -Archi
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    6k Branches, 3k gc, please and thank you, ArchimedesI
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ArchimedesI 6k toadstools 9000gc thanks
  9. Will Removal Stone

  10. Will Removal Stone

    Selling Will Removal Stone... as you might have guessed. Bidding Starts at 65k gc with 5k gc increments. Happy Bidding
  11. Suggestions...?

    Hello I am not sure what I did to get banned. It is possible that i did nothing and it is only unlucky. However when I followed instructions to get white listed i have gotten no results for a week now. I would appreciate suggestions. Thank you. ----------character: ArchimedesI