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  1. Blue dragon scales

    Hi I'm looking to buy 3 blue dragon scales. Leave me a price here or PM me in game(Beagin).
  2. 286 s2e

    Bought out in-game. Still buying thread/bones @ 2.5 per
  3. leather helms

    Auction over, still looking to buy a saving stone though
  4. leather helms

    33k bid ingame
  5. leather helms

    Just doing a quick auction of 2.2k leather helms start: 33k buyout: 48k min increase:2k And buying a Saving stone Auction ends @ 5PM ET Dec. 17
  6. 245 s2e

    Auction closed
  7. 245 s2e

  8. buying selling

    Have been leveling and had new stuff to sell/buy
  9. buying selling

  10. buying selling

    all done
  11. buying selling

    selling: 1681 leather helms(18gc per) 1000 potions of coordination(18gc per) 900 potions of wildness(20gc per) 1 iron greaves(9.5k) Buying: 1000 steel bars(65gc per) 10k thread(2.5gc per) Post here or PM me in game
  12. The Greatest EL Player

    any people who have wasted 4 or 5 years of there life sitting infront of a screen, thinking there better than other players, have no right to say other people's opionions don't matter, the game wouldn't function if people like you were incharge, all the newbs would leave after a few mins, after been treated like crap and the rate veteran players are leaving, there would be no one left. Hey how about instead of the time playing we make it you have to get a skill over 30(besides harv/oa)? But even so if we did it based off lvls Roman still wouldn't be able to not be considered a newbie
  13. The Greatest EL Player

    you for got to add bahador to the list.....
  14. The Greatest EL Player

    Im supprised this never came up, but in my opinion Mufossa was the best player of all time When he got bored of one skill he'd level another, still remember being in TLB and watching him post new manu levels every other day lol. He was also a pretty nice guy after he left PkG.
  15. Selling armour and bear stones

    ill take 10 leather boots and 10 aug pants catch me in game articenens ingame