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  1. Guiness is Banned

    I was rather camping MB on invances when GF stopped for a while and it was when radu banned it. So it had nothing to do with GF. It was just... bad to do so, lol.
  2. Top Players Has Returned

    Finally we see Stivy's levels.
  3. Who is more trustworthy?

    Lmao. Even this was between myself and starkie, I would vote for Starkie. Yes, the guy is rich, the guy is farmer, maybe sometimes hoards market etc but issue would be never about "trust". As Nils mentioned, Starkie shared alot of rare drops with the team that we could never find out. Love you Tommy boy
  4. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    Any chance to add used/gained acp total to the counters' session page?
  5. Pk tournement

    So, here's my suggestion after all the drama and crying. Let's make it team vs team event, like capture the flag in KF we used to do. Since organization requires being objective, I volunteerly drop myself out of this event and want to hold the organization duty. We can have a list of participants in a pool and select 2 captains. In the event day, captains can pick teammates one by one. KF is capped so we can pick somewhere else where every PK action works (like wards etc) and also people can watch. I literally don't like the idea and sitting on a ward and spamming summons and try to double harm walking people. Let's do it the old multi way. (Since summons have EPIC efect on the multimap fights, we can limit summoning max acw so no ldb-spamming wins the fights, we shall not let the event be completely p2win) What do you think?
  6. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    Is it possible to be able to change size of some windows (such as storage, inventory, manu window etc) from the bottom like we can for bag contents?
  7. Pk tournement

    Kaddy - WTF tier Demonized - 150 cap
  8. This happened to me in last Ida mines invasion. It was dark inside and when I md'ed, I had all light did get so bright. My details: Max Effects Framerate: 50.00 Min Effects Framerate: 10.00 Light columns threshold: 5 Max Idle Cycles Per Second: 60 FPS: Limited to 70 Video card: GeForce RTX 2060/PCIe/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 446.14 Client Version: Eternal Lands Version 1.9.5p9
  9. Counter and spells copy to new client

    Go to options on new Client, from "Server" tab, unselect "Use New format to save user files (.json)" and close the client. Then copy your old counters into the documents/eternal lands folder. You should be good to go then.
  10. Eternal-Lands Reborn

    Exactly why EL will never be on Steam lol.
  11. Potential QOL Addition

    Try PM'ing them.
  12. That's pure complaining. Back then we had some invasions without notice even. We even have those sometimes. If you go afk anywhere except storages, you accept the fact that you can get dumped on. Good job Wizzy.
  13. KF proposed changes

    And I promise to keep Ozzy busy.
  14. KF proposed changes

    Eliminating cooldown on SRs and eliminating beaver tokens are pretty much the same thing and it's stupid. Making things like OSoMN, JSoC useless. SR should still have a cooldown, so should EMPs. But remove beaver tokens from KF. Fighting someone with 460 HP, 500 something mana already feels like forever, now you wanna go for no cooldown SR lol... It will be a fight like "who gonna run out of HE or MI first?"
  15. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Then add something to KF that requires armor/weap etc gear to kill/harvest/mix whatever it is. Or something that needs a group of people, at least 2-3 to do. Then maybe guilds "mean" something again.
  16. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    With 32 might, you hit dragon armors like a baby is punching.
  17. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    Beaver tokens should not work in KF either. Make the OSOMN great again I agree with converting KF back to original, everything on with just no drop. And make another new map (hopefully in 2028) with 130 cap, 40 attribute cap, no drop, engineering ON/OFF (Idk about this, I think they should work) but you get the idea. I kinda repeated Aisy but oh well.
  18. What would you do to "fix" KF?

    If attributes were capped aswell, we might start hitting 5-6-7 to eachother with halberds.
  19. PK Tournament 6/13/21 6pm GMT

    Count me in
  20. I'm back and clueless af

    lol, welcome back
  21. Why are you arguing about this in a public forum?
  22. I don't think an interesting discussion could come up about ranging from a person who never shot a single arrow in this game. Play the game first, comment or give opinions later about the gameplay.
  23. Check Other-Life, you will see that mentality quite hard and is why that game has still about 20 players after all those years and all that potential. Expect incoming sentences starting with "keep in mind that" from Learner. Beware, they are mostly non-sense and not-positive-point-of-view anyways. Thanks for backing up for EL'ers, we miss the feeling.
  24. .

    12 chars and you call yourself alt spammer. You should see the list of d_k! Welcome back anyways, focus on the chars, if you need help with the builds, pm me anytime you want. -Kad