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  1. Azerty keyboard problem

    I noticed that on an azerty keyboard the <ctrl-a> does'nt open the stats windows. I must use <ctrl-q> to open the window. Same for <ctrl-w>, I must use <ctrl-z>. Thus, it seem's that some control keys (I didn't test all) doesn't take care of the keyboard mapping. I can modify the file key.ini, but it's not the good solution.
  2. I am compiling a test client now.

    similar as http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21124
  3. CVS from 20051222 on FreeBSD

    hmm. is it only in busy areas like around molgor? I've only seen it there and in my last contest when I had many people around me, making me wonder if it's the number of people Same problem, was the only player near the PNJ. Other players reported this problem. This on windows, client compiled with DEV-C.
  4. Performances problem

    All the options in the compiler tab of project options are no options -W and -fexceptions 24-DEC-2005 Retiring new_actor_animation solved the problem for some users but not all Retiring more (new_frustrum, bug_fix...) did'nt made a lot of difference for the players (some have 30 fps in place of 60 fps, other's don't see anything about it)
  5. Performances problem

    With the french client compiled with DEv-C, we have performance problems with AThlon systems and ATI card. When the players use your client, they don't have the problems. I use the following switch/ -DWINDOWS -DELC -DLOAD_XML -DOPTIONS_I18N -DNUSE_FRAMEBUFFER -DNEW_FRUSTUM -DBUG_FIX_3D_OBJECTS_MIN_MAX -DNEW_ACTOR_ANIMATION -DPNG_SCREENSHOT Must I care of something else to compile the client (thinking at processor instruction set left to the default), etc.. Greetings,
  6. Translation via XML of the windowstittle

    Code for loading the string is allready in translate.c. Thus patch is complete. Declarations were missing and translate.h.
  7. Translation via XML of the windowstittle

    patch id 757 some variables was not used in the creation interface. Note: I see patch 751 removing the <ctrl-q>, I think it's not needed as the @ can be redefined via XML (implemented in a previous patch).
  8. el-112 on FreeBSD?

    global.h:49:19: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory global.h:50:20: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory global.h:51:22: GL/glext.h: No such file or directory Seems that you headers file for opengl are not accessible. Missing perhaps a -Isomething to access then.
  9. index of Encyclopedia

    Patch submitted ID 691
  10. IS_COLOR

    only __inline
  11. index of Encyclopedia

    I note that in init_stuff we have the line : ReadXML("languages/en/Encyclopedia/index.xml"); Should it take care of the language specification of the player or no?
  12. IS_COLOR

    Using MSVC, I defined in global.h the line #define __inline__ __inline and no modifications in items.c.
  13. OpenAL game sound effects

    For what I known about teleporters sound, they are localised with a radius specification. But, it's the same radius for every teleporters and no care of the obstacles (the player on the other side of a mountain but withing the radius will hear the teleporters).
  14. Translation via XML of the windowstittle

    Patch id: 682 A lot of messages translated, but the most important is the translation of the local commands and the possibility to redefine #, @ and / for the commands (usefull for players having azerty keyboard)
  15. definition of dllimport function not allowed

    It's normally the first function in items.c. You can try without the __inline__ instruction before the GLuint.