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  1. password protected hyperbag

    K, I take a mistake don't finding those posts (but I searched bah) but consider this post is 5 years old, and my idea were a bit different but anyway sry
  2. password protected hyperbag

    The base of the idea was to find useful objects to boost shop sales that doesn't change the life to players not buying them. I searched but found nothing similar, Master Jedy
  3. A simple idea for an item to be sold only for real bucks from the shop: a special skull/skeleton keys that create a password protected hyperbag. For opportunity reasons and to avoid abuse of the special hyperbag those bags cannot be created close to any resource spot. Once opened, anyone can take it and close it eventually with another password, or closing it with a normal key so it will become a normal hyperbag.
  4. Global advantages

    for some time after completing a global quest (a week? a month?) and only in this period we can use some special stones or so that gives different special bonuses: e.g. some perks for a delimited time (1 hour of NMT; a day of MM; and so on - to be decided if you can take more than one perk). those stones could be mixed also in normal periods and of course will be one-use only. To make more complex, you can make a first global quest in wich you can ONLY mix those items (and/or find them as a random drop for every creature - higher creature could mean higher chance of drop) for a certain time (maybe only two days?), and then do another global quest in wich you can USE that stones/items. To be decided if you can have multiple, different temporary bonuses or only one per time. those stones could be of lots of different benefits, also the ones readed in this thread (eg temporary rise food benefits; give a lower chance of drop items when dying, lowering or cancelling the harvesting mini eventis; and, why not, att def bonuses; etc). With this system you can choose what personal benefit you could have from the special global quest, and maybe we could have also a good market for that stones
  5. Counters editor :P

    thx for your toughts, I'll get a try to those data synchin'programs
  6. I usually play EL on three different pcs , so I have three different counters. I love statistics, so if I wish to know how many EFES I've done on my total number of mixed FES I have to check the data in all my pcs. I wonder if in the future we can have a way to simply edit the counter file, or (this will be awesome) maybe the counters can be stored on server (yes, this will require server space so isn't a good idea). Someone says that with an exadecimal text editor you can do something on your counter file, but sinceirly I've heared of exadecimal editors in that talk for the first time... oh, and... I wonder if it's possible to put also bones in the food storage section for IEDP perkers
  7. Animal evolution

    yeah this can be fun! but we may think, at this point, that the creature you summon can *not* be the one you wish to summon, intending this also that you can have a weaker creature than the desired one. p.e. if you summon an armed orc it could be a chance to have a giant OR an unarmed goblin...but say if you're summoning a dragon and comes a white rabbit...Fedora wouldn't be happy anyway the original idea is not applicable imho: we have Lenny that just make this concept real, a random-spawning, random-powered creature that wanders c2 and can attack you while training on foxes...what you wish to have more?
  8. GC Buying & Selling

    As I sayd in another thread, the base idea of make gc buyable between players with a $ tax on the transition could be a solution for a lot of problems, like: - gc farming: this will not be considered anymore a game problem, 'cause people who make money with EL will pay a tax to the game maintenance (the gc farming can be a way of enjoy the game - like the pk game style and so on - ...but in the actual system if you make the gc farmer you are an enemy of the EL economy) like it happen in the real life in every society. - black market emerging: this will allow the pratice of the "black market" to be naturally downsized, avoiding also the scams due to the non protected money/gc transitions of course the introduction of the possibility to exchange gc per $$ inside the game must carry with it the ban for who pratice the black market outside the official channel, that could be more work for the mods. the only negative side of this system can be the fact that not all the players will put their money to the game, and this will mean that some players will rise up much fastly than other ones, but this is what really happen with the black market system (or with who buy items on the official EL shop), so it's better to legalize it...or not? I dunno how complex the implementation of a sort of "bank" can be...of course systems like paypal have to be used mainly...
  9. Your play times

    voted for 4-6 hours as an average time, but consider that most of the time I'm afk (I log on mostly from my work place), and only sometimes I can play on week ends.
  10. New engine test 2

    with top-settings I have roundly 550fps, and with medium settings fps goes from 1500 to 2500. I had no crashes and everything worked fine. Ati radeon HD 4830 512mb installed on an intel core i7 920
  11. New special day, will you use it?

    I've used schools in the past, but only sometimes, and only to get the last amount of exp needed to take a level. But the 3x instead of 2x can really change the situation (you will get much more exp per "wasted" gc), so I think I will use this day to get some good extra exp if implemented! maybe the day can have also a "random" school (only one, randomly choosen on all the schools in the game, regardless of the skill) that gives 4x, and that have to be searched around Draia?
  12. Councils (parliaments) in rl is needed 'cause people cannot take care of the same laws they have to respect. The problems of parliaments is, in fact, that very often the council members makes laws for their personal purposes (with less or more hidden intent). For that reason this game goes well while is only Ent to take decisions: he doesn't play directly at the game, so their acts will not influence his skills and/or way of gaming. If we will have a council, must be of people who don't play directly. But the point is: who will have the power to nominate the council members? if we give the election power to the crew, this game will become a persistent political campaign ("I will promise to do this!" "If you vote for me I will force ent to give you the rights to have a manu strike!") in wich ent will become a code-machine to write what the council likes this day (will last very short time...). On the other hand, if only ent can choose/fire the council members, we will have a ghost medieval state with no real power (that will last very short time...). We at least can create a comitate of players (not elected, just people who wants to cooperate to find the ways to make this game better - indeed I like this game as it is now...for example ) who have only a couple of spokesmen who will post the suggestions of the comitate, surely planned with ent. A first wave of members of the comitate can be choosen by ent with the help of the mods, than to enter the comitate you have to know at least three other members, who have to invite you. of course the suggestions of the comitate will not be in any case final decisions. i think that in this way the comitate can post real argumentated suggestions, full of details pre-planned by the members in their discussions. Suggestions that create disputes between the members theirselves, probably will not work in the game, and will not appear on the official forum at all. The comitate can take place in a reserved area of this forum.
  13. Depletable Resources Poll

    that's the point. I think we have to work first on the point of the gc farmers: solved this one, we can talk about furthers implementation (or radically modifications) in the game, without trying to hidden this objective in every implementation. The gc farmers question have to be faced directly, without running around it. There is a black market problem, that sucks resources ($$) from the game (the game NEEDS $$ to live)? good. we can act like a real life governament: legalizing the black market into the game (with an NPC who act like a bank, I dunno, or via the official shop), appling real $$ fees on the transitions (yeah, a tax) and punishing who is discovered to exchange money outside the official channel (this can be monitored by the mods...if I have understood what they can see). Solved this point, we can talk pacefully about how and when implementing new interesting things into our beloved game, like delpleting resources, multiplaying and so on. If we will continue to make suggestions on how to modify the game to run around the gc farmer's problem, we will not reach any place - as we say in Italy.
  14. Depletable Resources Poll

    I've talked with some buddies today: most of 'em are only afraid of that this change will not be a simple implementation of the game, but that this will lead to have another game, different from Eternal Lands, that they can like or not. You have to admit that changing the resource system will change the game itself (considering combined also with allowing multiplaying), in some ways...some people are only askin'theirselves IF they will like that hypotetical game like they enjoy the actual EL, that all of 'em love. Anyway I've voted yes 'cause we can always *try* the new system (even trought trying it on the test server: people won't come there to not waste time? offer them the chance to win some good stOOf on the main server), and take a rollback if it doesn't work: will not be the first time
  15. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    I haven't read all the replies (I'm at work), so I'm sorry if I will say something that some1 sayd precedently the idea of making resources limited is not wrong (as in the real market, a resource CAN have a price ONLY if it is not unlimited...but this is probably valid in the real life only and not in the mmorpgs), but allowing a free, unlimited multiplaying in a world that has limited resources is not a good idea. This will mean that the people who spent all the time in EL will become richier and richier (and Ent will calibrate the game to make those people to not become allmighty), and all other players that can spent on our beloved game only some poor minutes (with the other time afk, trying to collect the resources to be mixed in this minutes) will become poorer and poorer (relatively to the richier ones). And you know, in this game as in the real life, the gcs MAKE the difference. so...my foolish idea (if you think that this two things - multiplaying and limited resources - had to be implemented both): the quantity of items to be harvested in a certain time (an EL day? a RL day?) depends on the math average of your 5 best skill. So there isn't a real world lack of resources, but the depleting of a resource depends on the character itself. This will work also if can be implemented a cap for a certain quantity of items to be harvested per IP. In this way, we don't have to "adjust" the total amount of harvestables items in base of the people that are on line at the same time (if there are 2k people playing, cannot be the same situation when we had only 300, if the depleting is related to the resource itself). Behind this system, it can be a random or calculated depleting of a resource for ALL the players, maybe an event by chance that can evaluate how many players are using the same spot. In this way, the people who play with multiple character had to work hard to raise at least 5 skills of every single account they use, and this (hopefully) will prevent players to sum all the resources on a single character, making this last one very rich (the worth of a character is ALSO the time you spend in his grow). In this system, multiplay will mean that a single person can share resources or semi finished goods between his characters, specializing one in manu, one other in a/d, and so on. Yes, this is much more complicated (to be implemented) that the original idea, I know (or not?). Surely I've missed to considerate a lot of things...but those are just my 2 cents