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  1. After client update 1.9.3

    OK here is the problem. You are fighting so most likely you're holding down your alt key, to be able to restore and/or use some other magic. Now while you're figthing and therefore holding the alt key try drinking a pot, using your mouse, you can't. Before latest client update there was no problem. No idea if this is related to the fact that one can store stuff if your storage window is open by left clicking while holding alt. For all I know this feature might be older, no idea, found it today. - Little
  2. EU time zone invances and invasions

    Can't say I care where the mod comes from my opinion still stand that they should be randomly started and people allowed to fail if a good enough team isn't gathered. For cuiriosity, 120+ invances for october, time according to saxums link, full hour only counted (i.e. 05.44 is counted as 5). Belive they are gmt+1 so add a 1 to 21 since 1 is starting as I type this We all play different times and it would be nice if invances/invasions reflected that. That feeling holds true especially when you miss those few rare happenings you long for and you end up not having participated in a full (i.e. from start to finish) invasion since April, or have been part of a team killing a invasion casty twice since June. Little edit: typo
  3. Removal/modification of rule 5

    Tried it on test server for however long I played there, a month or two. There is no problem at all having 2 or more alts harving liliacs and selling to NPC while your main trains a/d. The a/d exp is the same for the main while you gain a substantial gc bonus from the harv alts (heck i read forum while training my alts normally, so much waiting between spawns). People wouldn't harv iron and coal, people would harv and sell stuff to npc to buy w/e they need directly from NPC and since this is supposed to be a multi player game it's a big no from me. Secondly #stats says Available: 882 as I type this, well, if this would be allowed I would have roughly 5 alts online not becouse I wanted to, it would be boring but becouse it would be free gc while I did other things, like typing here. If 1400 is the real max number the server would be full and more than so, so much fun not being able to log on your main becouse people are running 10 alts. Wizzy talks about 120k rostos, personally I think that's on the cheap side. -Little Edit: Just thought of it, remove Joker since you could have 1 alt at each spawn, for those that know all spawns that is (would be easy to figure out with alts though)
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hey, Pr0 work as always so let's start a new order Little - 10k Coal (24.5k) [bATCH 1] Little - 10k Coal (24.5k) [bATCH 2] Little - 10k Coal (24.5k) [bATCH 3] Little - 10k Coal (24.5k) [bATCH 4] Little - 10k Coal (24.5k) [bATCH 5] tyvm - Litle
  5. I glow in the dark perk

    Was planning on taking it sometime in the future anyway so definitly, only the small matter of gaining enough pp's. -Little
  6. New invance rules discussion

    OK since I seen it more than once, armor for lower level instances, DO NOT set the limit as iron set. That set is completly useless to actually fight in, in some circumstances you're better off without armor then with iron set on you. - Little
  7. New invance rules discussion

    For 120+ steel set is more than enough, i mean, steel cuisses armor 5-8 (avg 6.5) ice cuisses 7 armor, hardly any difference anyway against mobs. Imho setting required gear is just the wrong way to go, if someone helps they help no matter what gear they use. What is actually helping is the only question needed. What is helping; let ppl start their own invances and ppl will go with ppl they find helpful and at times that fit their rl, sorted. If they go with too few ppl and lose, finally who said that invances always should be won? With the reward from it it should be lost at least 1/2 of the time, winning means nothing if you never lose.
  8. No exp from invance while tzu day

    We had and 120+ invance today. While we was doing it a tzu stone was used, we continued and cleared it but there wast no exp as reward. I know we shouldn't get double but we got 0. -Little
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hiya, would like to order Little - 10k Iron Ore (39.5k) [bATCH 1] Little - 10k Iron Ore (39.5k) [bATCH 2] Little - 10k Iron Ore (39.5k) [bATCH 3] Little - 10k Iron Ore (39.5k) [bATCH 4] Little - 10k Iron Ore (39.5k) [bATCH 5] tyvm - Little
  10. After client update 1.9.3

    Cool thank you I personally have had no prob at all with the ctrl but everyone plays in a different way so who knows. -Little
  11. After client update 1.9.3

    When you fight something that hits you for close to 100 dmg every bit counts, so you do hold down alt, for the reason Stardark states. At the same time you are scrambling to drink your eva/def/cord etc but you can't. - Little
  12. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    Depending on what weap and spawn you use I find the exp and drops from LO/Trice/Yeti works nice between them (for their lvls), get bit more exp on one and more drops from the other. I haven't trained LO in ages myself so don't really remember how much exp I got from them, nothing like when I was on feros that is for sure. The thing is, you can start on them at (not really sure about this) high 130, low 140? 15 a/d levels (154/156) later I'm still on the same monster and there is people that are more than 10 a/d levels above me, still grinding away on the same monsters. So make them for level 160, at least then I could look forward to a new critter to train on. Personally I think the gap between mc and Yeti is too big too. It is so much more fun to train on a new mob compared to one you allready killed 10k's of times. (I really should type faster see above for what kind of exp) -Little
  13. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    Going to continue on the trend of saying the same level you're on So above LO please. Yes, there is a gap between mc and Yeti/Trice so that would be my second choice. I can only speak for myself but after 60k+ trice they are sort of tedious, no idea how many Yeti and LO (lost counter , still got 40k feathers for sale if anyone is intressted ) So while there is a gap between mc and Yeti there is a gap to nothing after them. -Little
  14. Win 30 rostos contest

    Welcome to the Sapphire Rose Tavern & Inn. 1 bag found
  15. Win 30 rostos contest

    You entered Happy Spirits Inn & Tavern 2 rosto bags found (1 and 3 rostos) -Little
  16. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Using Sir_Odie's build from above and GFX in Debug makes it work for me too (probably a few FPS faster too However, my thermal serp looks like a normal tit serp to me now (just thought I should mention it). Besides that it look good
  17. The No-Name Store (Supported by Raid)

    Thx Would like to place a new order: Little: 10k Red Roses (5k) (Notice the name, Little) -Little
  18. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    Using the updated version from Sir_Odie. I suffer from the same problem as Nidan (got a shit computer so not that surprised ) Managed to login in Votd but everything is pitch black, adjusting gamma helps a bit, I'm able to make out some contours. Video card: GeForce 6200/AGP/SSE/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2 AMD Athlon 1900+ 1.60 GHz, 1.75 GB RAM /Little
  19. Quote of the week submissions

    While fighting the fearsome Jegos: [15:24:51] Lelugo: marvel 1x0 radu ahha [15:24:56] MARVEL will always be remembered...
  20. The No-Name Store (Supported by Raid)

    Little: 10k Red Roses (5k) and since special opening offer Little: 10k red snapdragons (5k) tyvm -Little
  21. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hiya Little - 10k Coal (22K) [bATCH 1] Little - 10k Coal (22K) [bATCH 2] Little - 10k Coal (22K) [bATCH 3] Little - 10k Coal (22K) [bATCH 4] Little - 10k Coal (22K) [bATCH 5] tyvm
  22. Saltpeter

    21k saltpeter for sale if I can get a offer I find OK. No end time just yet, let's see if there is any interests first. -Little
  23. Have to agree with Entropy on this one. As it is now I really can't be bothered to stop whatever I'm doing (even if that is sitting at a storage doing nothing) to go fight 20 odd monsters. That of course doesn't mean there couldn't be different difficulty on them. Remember how votd used to get invaded every once in awhile, not because people decided to not kill all the monsters (like it is now) but because they wasn't able to, was fun - Little
  24. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Haven't had time to be on-line lately and definitely won't be on-line for the coming week (will be without internet). Just letting you guys know, so no rush on my orders -Little
  25. YUMI Harvesting Service

    Hiya Little - 10k blue quartz - 20kgc tyvm