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  1. Last of my storage

    If you'd sell me just one of the seridium bars, I'd buy it. I'll try to catch you in-game.
  2. Post here or PM me in-game with reasonable offers. All sales will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Trades may be accepted.. Thanks! HE - 7500 LE - 15000 Bones - 3000 Raw Meat - 1000 ELE - 3 EWE - 3 Iron Plate - 1 Iron Cuisses - 2 Iron Cuisses - 1 Iron Greave - 1 Damaged Iron Greave - 1 Hydro Bar - 1
  3. Selling some stuff (Ess and the such)

    All Gone. Thanks everyone.
  4. Standard Policy for guilds

    I think everyone's being a little harsh. If you want to write it, write it. I know that my guild won't use it, but that doesn't mean others wont.
  5. 3 months of EL playing

    Also, it's important to keep in mind that simply because a guild that doesn't do "projects" or pk together, doesn't mean its members aren't friendly or helpful. Most (all?) guilds are full of members willing to lend a helping hand, just in a more informal fashion.
  6. Eternal-Lands first look

    You don't think he raised a good point about not being able to find the radar? You're understandably upset about his 2nd grade reading level, but he has some legitimate concerns.
  7. Eternal-Lands first look

    I don't think we're giving enough light to the name of the thread. "first look." Sure, there are many inaccurate statements he made, and he was unfair regarding certain game aspects, but I think the video does do an excellent job of portraying a new player's first impressions. No, but I'd let him post a video saying how the Porsche is unlike other cars he's driven, and he had a hard time acclimating to it.
  8. noser scam

    Someone tried this on me before, its kinda clever. I could see someone being fooled, if they were doing a few things at once and in a hurry.
  9. Eternal-Lands first look

    Those are user given ratings. He only rates games with excellent, great, good, fair, poor. Everyone vote.
  10. Eternal-Lands first look

    I think you bring up a great point here. The community has had some hand in designing more elaborate tab maps, why not allow a second, player-made UI available to use? Personally, some easy changes I would like to see would be to make some other UI components draggable, like snoops suggested. Also, a minimap button (Most, maybe all, other windows have a button on the interface.
  11. Eternal-Lands first look

    But somehow you have to teach players about the mini map (and other features aswell, ofc). So, writing it on the 2nd page of "shortcut keys" in the ency is not the right way. Having an NPC, for example, the Tutorial NPC, who tells newbies about features doesnt work either, because they dont read NPC dialogues. Making a #hint for that feature works neither, cause of lack of reading ability. Bringing back Newbie Island, where some NPC's teach the newbies some basics doesnt work either, read Radu's articles about the making of EL. Adding a README.TXT to the download archive, same problem: READING.. So how do you think newbies should (and will) learn about the features of the game? Piper On the minimap example, how about a minimap button? There's a button for just about every other window.
  12. Eternal-Lands first look

    Really? I'd rather just take the 30% that are already appeased. It's not like we're talking about 30% of 50 people or anything, It's thousands. I think the pool is big enough as it is. And herein lies the heart of the problem: Do we want thousands of average-joe-nubs in the game and by necessity dumb down EL into a different game? Or do we want EL as we know it now for the most part, and keep the player base smaller and more ambitious? I think most (myself included) would prefer the latter. I admit the game is a little hard to get started in. At the same time, if that difficulty weeds out some of the less "desirable" (sounds bad, but you get the idea) players, then that's great. I disagree. However, I will agree that it's "badly documented" IF you expect everything to be done for you, no thinking required. Seems a bit hyperbolic, I don't think that's what he's saying. Example: In the video, the reviewer complains about a lack of "radar". While I agree that you shouldn't have everything you need to know spoon fed to you, you don't really expect new players to go halfway down the second page of "shortcut keys" under the "help" tab in the help/skills/encyc/rules window to learn about usage of the mini-map, do you?
  13. Eternal-Lands first look

    Really? I'd rather just take the 30% that are already appeased. It's not like we're talking about 30% of 50 people or anything, It's thousands. I think the pool is big enough as it is.
  14. EL Urban Legends

    Why are you so sure? He's known about this for years.
  15. EL Urban Legends

    Yes, although I was never sure if that was a bug or a feature.
  16. New Quest Command

    I agree 100%. Plus, the game shouldn't provide the starting location for 6 of its quests.
  17. EL Urban Legends

    This one is true, but it's a bit of a hassle.
  18. Favorite Game Of the Moment

    Typer Shark Deluxe. I'm an addict.
  19. EL Urban Legends

    Mods have a private storage. Actually heard this multiple times from people over the years.
  20. Why is it...

    It's the nature of the internet. Also, some people don't take kindly to newer players posting the suggestions forum.
  21. I don't see a real need, especially since a good portion of males play female characters, and theres no practical reason to know the gender of a character. Gossip can help though.
  22. NPC Hunt

    Joshua Jana John David Jill Jessa Jinger Joseph Josiah Joy-Anna Jedidiah Jeremiah Jason James Justin Jackson Johannah Jennifer Iwin?
  23. views after 2 weeks of playing this game

    Nice to hear some feedback. About feeling overwhelmed: I think this is common whenever you start something new. Keep playing, listen to people's conversations, try to learn the lingo. The main thing is time: you will learn everything you need to know, don't get anxious if it hasn't happened yet. Armor: Augmented leather will suit you fine for a long, long time. By the time you really need anything more, you'll know your way around. Guilds: I think I tried rushing into the guild scene a little too fast. Take your time. Rabbits: I remember it being really hard, you'll get better. If you're still here, still motivated, and have an excavator cloak, you're doing fine. Keep at it.
  24. Game ethics

    The first time you lose something valuable because you didn't have a rosto is sort of a coming-of-age rite, as far as I'm concerned. I remember mine: I lost an s2e of magic and a titaniums shield to Peach in dpa