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  1. I agree to participate. However, I have not been active in the forums as much as I was back several years ago when I was a 'n00b' (not a newbie) and I was quite different back then, including my EL playing style. So I wonder how this will affect things. Forum Name: Alderan In Game name: Kayem (Main), Alderan (Alt) Real Life sex: Male Looking forward to seeing the results.
  2. The Greatest EL Player

    When you've been around for 4-5 years I don't think it's possible to choose a "Greatest Player". I'd say all those peeps that were nice to me when I was an incredibly noobish 12-13 year my first year and a half. All my old guildies - Aerowind, Starman, Rebel, Fergie, many others who's names don't come to me right now but made the game worth playing. Puntif for being pr0 GM - I've been with [TM] for I think more than 2 years now, mostly because of him. The C2 crew back when only a few knew people how to get there! Channel 24 FTW! \o/ The peeps in the C2 channel that are still there every time I come back from a 6-month break and help me de-newbify my self, hehe. You guys know who you are. The offtopic channel folks that are just fun to chat with. People that made EL fun back when I was just Hazzy's annoying little bro, oldies like Next, Mikeh, Aki, Mono, only a few I can remember... And DonPedro, because he was one cool dude. And all my friends along the way that made me keep coming back. Too many names to list or remember.
  3. 4 missing presents

    oo, ooo! Hyperbag contest! \o/ I still have keys left over from Ents super contest. This should be fun.
  4. Congratulations! Very nice prizes.
  5. PkG recruiting

    lol quit with the spam and flames. PkG is trying to recruit, why does everyone have to be a n00b and flame at them? You guys are being worse then they are! No offense to anyone, but come on people... [EDIT] Typos.
  6. Artwork Updates

    This is awesome! I can't wait to see one in game. I'm curious as to where that will fall the the order of creature strength. [Edit] Between ogre and fluff would be nice. [Edit 2] We do have armed orcs between ogre and fluff, and they are good xp. But the drops are horrible. Maybe if they dropped capes or a few swords once in while... but I should probably say thhis in suggestions forum. Again, great work Roja.
  7. So are we (the summoners) happy now?

    Yes. The price has been rising lately.
  8. This would be a good idea. I rarely go on test server because I can't test anything. Not enough GC, etc. But as ttlanhil said, there has to be some limit.
  9. Book sale

    6k for evasion pot book?
  10. Talk about the contest here

    Didn't the bag get removed along with all the other hyperbags? At least, that's what I assumed.
  11. Issues with PK

    This is a good point, I think. People have suggested in other topics that the rosto should only protect the things you are wearing. I think this would be good, so there will still be drops but you won't lose 100k GC+ everytime you die. There is an NPC in C2 that sells the new plate armors. The iron plate and titanium chain... I don't know what they could do about that. Well, branch could stay, there's not a problem with that I guess. But it's no serving it's purpose. Unless I'm mistaken it was made to help take items out of the game. Since only so few people use it, it's not really doing that. Increasing break rates needs to be done, and repairing armor should either not be possible or very hard/costly to do so. There are so many more of the new armors/weapons coming into the game, and not many of them are going out. These were supposed to be rare and very hard to get. Pretty soon everyone is goign to have them.
  12. open a shop

    You might want to change your bar prices, they are quite low. Average market prices are iron bar 35gc, steel bar 40gc, silver 35gc, titanium 45gc and gold bar 40gc. Also, you can usually sell SRs for 18gc each or 15gc+vial.
  13. Storage Sale

    How much for magic pot book?
  14. Issues with PK

    @Scorpius Actually, Tankel broke my CoL yesterday, as well as iron cuisses. And heavybeard broke my titanium greaves. But that is beside the point. I see your point, but maybe newbies to PK shouldn't have those top weapons/armor in the first place sicne they are supposed to be rare and hard to get. :S Also the thought crossed my mind about how the 60% GC cost of the item would work since market always changes etc... Maybe make it 60% of the cost that the NPC sells for. This might make it so the new armors are in more demand, and maners could possibly raise prices. Not might work out that way in-game though, hard to tell. [EDIT] Changed some things in the above. What I said didn't make sense. And, I didn't mean for the 60% price thing to be @ you, Scorpius. ;p
  15. Before you just ignore this whole post thinking it's just another person whining about BRoD etc etc, please, I'm trying to make some serious and helpful suggestions, not whine. I've had some of these ideas for a while, got some while reading the "Day of old-school PK" topic Some things I think would help PK, IMHO; -Take out BroD BUT increase breakage rates to keep the titanium/steel plates and new swords rare. There are so many more of them coming into the game than are coming out. This is a problem and makes them much less rare then was originally intended. Plus, Entropy and Roja wouldn't have to deal with BroD whiners. -Take out Tankel/Heavybeard. Armors simply poofing and not degrading and easily being repaired should also help increase rareness of the high level weapons/armors. OR -Make the cost to repair the item equivelant to the percentage chance of succesfuly having it repaired. For example, 60% chance that the item will be repaired, so it costs 60% of the GC the normal item would cost. Maybe make two options, 40% and 60%. At that point it may be better to sell the degraded armor and try to buy a new piece. This will also help keep the armors rare, as if it's sold degraded instead of repaired it should not take too much time to break (if break rates are increased as suggested above) -Take out Rostogol stone. With no drops PK is pointless to most of us. If JjK is right, here's what Ent said him self. I DID do a search. I didn't completely read through 17 pages of topics, but I skimmed through and couldn't find anything that was the same to all that I'm suggesting. Kudos to Roja and Ent, this has been on of my favorite games for more than 2 years. [EDIT] I also forgot to add... I think the new magic armors should be removed, or at least taken out of the EL shop. Maybe they would be alright if the chance to make them was MASSIVELY decreased, so that not everyone will have one, as it seems thats where we're heading currently.