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  1. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    The_piper said it all....the rest is crap. Put everyone at same level then people go pk otherwise forget and you can all keep talking since this game started and in 10 years ahead will keep the same speech. blah blah blah
  2. Stuff that should be addressed.

    What is a normal EL player in the first place?
  3. RIP!

    I recommend this guild ^^
  4. new=bad

    lol serious ? Why you did that ? Unless you consider this game an extension of your real life you should not care about what people say here.
  5. A great suggestion if this goes live I might even reconsider to play again
  6. In Memoriam

    Very sad to hear this news. Desd was a person with a great personality, fun, full of joy, without fear of anyone or what people could say or think. The kind of person i like. Stalag
  7. Cape of no more warlock?

    Dont be tricked by the top chart there are other people with ings enough to get near 40 but just waiting right time to mix all But Im uber curious to see if its worth to make one...
  8. tit set

    I'm selling 1 tit set (torso, pants, boots and shield) for only 170k. A big chance of own some of Hades pro armor at low price I don't sell in separate it's all or nothing. U can reach me in game from 3pm PST / 11pm GMT.
  9. Godless

    best word to describe it is DEPENDS Depends of what you are in game and where are you in the food chain. If you are a trainer that wish kill yeti's then take it only when leaving fluffy cuz pp's never are too much for them (yeti). If you are an harvester take it as soon you can and while u at wraith take ICD, gelly bones, scotty die and antisocial if u don't intend to sell tit ores to WS blacksmith. If you want to get fluffy asap to get a NMT cape and reset after you can too or if u wanna get NMT perk to get fluffy to reset after take it too. If you want build a char to be the king of DP arena noobs then take it too. If you are nihilist in real life take it too Apart from that reasons don't.
  10. Mage class formulas

    First penalty i see is in carry capacity cuz a mage in theory has less EMU then a fighter. There could be a negative effect in Steel, Tit and dragon armor that would reduce x points to magic. But best option imo and is already in suggestions is to create thru Tailor skill some special clothes for mages.
  11. Mage class formulas

    I like it And nice work Cycloonx.
  12. Tailoring uses.

    Well since now there will be a mage class would be cool to have some enchant clothes for them. This would make mages to use rostogol in pk maps to protect value items then go naked and use some essences and SR only. Not seeing some mage with a/d around ~50 or ~80 to use tit plate set cuz is worthless and weights too much emu but seeing em with a black robe that could increase harm spell or a blue one that could increase cold damage, or a red one that could increase fire damage etc.
  13. Mage class formulas

    This Sounds like a excellent idea to me ditto.
  14. Auction on 1 will removal stone

    Cuz no one will bid it now and since was your first i bid it for 6k as a favor.