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    Computers,sleeping and Eternal-Lands!
  1. P2P recovery

    Hello, its been a while since i have logged onto EL but when i tried to log in yesterday i was asked to update my toon. The problem is i cannot update my toon due to the fact that my account name has more then 2 numbers in it. Im sure there is a way to get arround this. Any ideas? Thanks Xbox360 SOLVED
  2. EL videos

  3. How tall are you?

  4. Windows Vista

    I have Vista and a Nvidia 7600GT and have never had a problem with EL.
  5. How fast r y00?

    keep in mind im running 7 pc's and an xbox off of one connection
  6. Awsome Pong!

    No online (as of now) but that is on its way.
  7. Awsome Pong!

    Here is a link to a AWSOME PONG GAME! http://www.plasmapong.com
  8. You tube videos

    So your saying "your website" (download.com) has the player, are you saying you own download.com? I think not
  9. gone

  10. What did i do befor i played EL

    Before EL i liked to play commander keen on my dos 386! C:\keen4.exe
  11. chat log

    Hmm i have vista and i dont have any problems with the chat log.
  12. Vacation

    There going south on bucka laucka daucka street!
  13. Ant Eater

    So, i was thinking last night, im not sure why i came up with the idea of an ant eater but i did. Basiclly my thoughts about it are: it would be a new animal and about as stronge as a normal goblin. They could rome around Votd and TG, and other maps and basiclly only attack learners ants (not the rent-a-ant ones). Of cource you would be able to kill them. Let me know what you think.
  14. Operating System

    Man i want my DOS 386 back, you cant go wrong with windows 3.1, 256 color, 256mb HDD,MiDi keybord,serial mouse and all that good stuff! oh cant forget the 5.25inch floppys! C:\keen4.exe
  15. Operating System

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate