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  1. 3D Model Topic

    Hello, I've used blender for 2 years on and off, these are some of my models and sences. These two are my favorite, I worked them off blue prints. This tank has features from the mark 5 all the way to mark 8 This is a russian tank, it turned out well. Just some other vechicles. TF2 Sentry And a little sence. Ever heard the phrase 1 trillion dollars? This is what it looks like. $100 http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/2749/100ce.jpg $10,000 http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/7153/10000yh.jpg $1,000,000 http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/5952/1000000.jpg $100,000,000 http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/434/100000000.jpg $1,000,000,000 http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/5820/1000000000.jpg This is a trillion dollars in $100 bills. http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/706/1000000000000.jpg Feel free to post your own 3D art!
  2. Eowyn7 and SirDan's Wedding

    Sounds fun. Enjoy yourselves.
  3. Guild ideas for RL money

    First Idea, No, I don't think that would be interesting. It would be more like a pest. Besides invasions happen for FREE. However, the second idea of Guild tags on capes, yea... Edit: Just a idea, what do you think of, like guild money. Don't get me wrong, like a guild service. Guilds do clan wars etc... for the money then the guild members buy items at a price using these tokens or whatever they are.
  4. Fire Works : Fun for all.

    Thank you my dictionary. Sorry for the errors, but I wanted to write them before they faded into the endless thoughts of my mind. Use for Dravium, the 'Dwarven Explodsive Paste' Does not have to be the main use of fireworks though. Go make your own game, yep, I've tried. I failed though. Also these fireworks will 'mostly be in the sky' If you spell check this, I'll, I'll, send you a nasty letter.
  5. I think this idea is quite possible. But I'll give you ideas/reasons 1) Chinese War Fireworks (used to distract enemies) Could decreasure perseption for a time. Create decoies. Take Dwarven Explosive paste. (Dvarium mixture) Qruatz, Blue, Norm, red, Blackpowder, and saltpepper. Mix it. More Saltpepper, Blackpowder, and normal Qruatz. 2) Parties. Take Dwarven Explosive paste. (Dvarium mixture) Qruatz, Blue, Norm, red, Blackpowder, and saltpepper. Mix it. 3) Signals. Take Dwarven Explosive paste. (Dvarium mixture) Red Qruatz Lots of Blackpowder, and saltpepper. Mix it. Signal on minimap, (could take time so it does not warn everyone and spam) Driction, Chat message like. *name* has set a signal *driction. (This could spam chat) Or when you activate one, it goes. Names (names here), to the person it is *name* has summoned you (direction or on map) (This beats the urgentency) 4) Missles Take LOTS! Dwarven Explosive paste. (Dvarium mixture) Blackpowder, and saltpepper. Mix it. Ranged Weapon 0 (miss) - 50 (Perfect hit) 5) Homing in Missles Take a missle. Enchant it, (essences, etc) Magic Nexus of 6 Short Range Homing in 0 - 50 25 + Accurany. All should take artifialer of 6 What about the paritcles? Edits on Level up frieworks. (Less paritcles so there not to much lag) This is just another interesting idea.
  6. Dvarium-Suggestions

    What I mean by the chisel is this... Wolfram takes swords in your inventury everything to harvest. Dravium should take Chisels in your inventury.
  7. The Wake of A Child

    ((I think I'll join now,)) The tangled trees in the mist of a dense forest consumed all light; spare for the green patches that pooled on the adventurer's face. Green on green was his color, a staff his weapon of choice. Though a long sword is a great addon if you suspect fighting with goblins. Truth is, this young Elf, 36 by human years, was never truly perpared. This would lead to a very short life. He has narrowly escaped death many times, it was the thrill that kept him going. Among many other personality traits that set him apart, he was shy, has a big mouth, when he speaks that is, and jumps into blackness; Not even knowing what is on the other side. Swwwihhkawk! was the sound when a branch sling shoted into his face. That means someone else is here. Bent down, holding his bloody nose, grunts of pain. Slowly rose. The forest was darker now: but his elven eyes saw the dark green on pitch black. His weapons, as being not prepared, were a wineskin, bread, water, and a wooden staff. He was in no conidtion for a fight. Crusing himself for being stupid, ran. The trees rushed to greet him. No matter how fast he ran, the orc, or goblin, kept up. Jumping over low branchs, ducking under low. Changing directions to avoid trees. Left, right, up were his thoughts for 90 seconds then. Whhamp! his dull tump brought the goblin nearer. It could be said he was stuck between a rock, and a hard place. That was not true, he was stuck between a egde of a cliff, and a goblin. He had two choices, painful death, or death. He chose death, and jumped. No details were able to be seen in the falling void. Then, a kack, kack, kack of branches breaking slowing his fall, landed into a brush, on top of thick moss. He was alive. His breath was slow and labored. "HELP!" He screamed, "help." he whispered. Shifting brought needles of pain to his brain, of broken bones. Fell into a sleep of comatose. ((This is sorta true, once I did get caught between a cliff and a goblin.))
  8. New potions?

    Just about very field in potions is covered. Most people can't make them all. Most people don't USE them all. Whats the point? Get used to the ones we have till there is a need.
  9. Dvarium by the name I believe it's a Dwarf metal, and should be treated as such. Dvarium should have 8 EMU Give 70 Harv EXP Harv level should be 62 And take the research of Dvarium Mining. It should (like most ores) take a pickaxe to mine, but also use Chisels and Hammers (1 for each piece of ore) It should also be stackable, and take the Inorganic nexus of 6 The uses should be... 1) Dvarium Bars Reasons? Duh... Excample. Take 10 Dvarium 10 fire essence, and 5 (other mineral, or crystal) manu it, and get one Dvarium Bar. 2) Dwarven Crossbow. Reasons? I do not see Dwarfs holding an Elven bow at the peak of there ranging ability. Excample. Take 3 Dvarium bars, 3 yew, 5 string (or one rope) manu it, and gain a Dwarven Crossbow. Damage 15-20 Missle Accuracy +9 Manu level 33 3) Dwarven Gauntlets of Battle. Reasons? Bring Punching into high level Pking! Ever wanted to kill a dragon with fists? Also it adds the next gloves Excample. Take 5 Dvarium bars, 1 leather, one string, 10 fire ess, one binding stone, and one EFE. Manu it, and create a Dwarven Gauntlet of battle Damage +15 (Damage dependent on normal fistfighting) Accuracy -2 Critical to damage +4 Armour +6 Manu level 60-70 Human Nexus 7 Maybe double harvest on every item it take leather gloves for. (Discuss) 4) Dwarven Pickaxe. Reason? Dwarves mine too! Excample. Take two yews, 2 Dvarium bars, one EFE, Manu and dwarven Pick! 15-20 Damage Accurany -10 Critical to damage +2 LESS (big time) change of breaking. Double mines every ore. (Discuss) 5) Dwarven Explosive Paste. Reasons? Dwarven mining explosives for battle. Excample. With an alembic, get Dvarium slop, (three Dvarium ores) mix it in with mercury, and fire essence, and black powder. Volia! Fino! Dwarven Explosive Paste. (For mines) (For fast mining) (For frieworks ) Edit(S) Grammer, etc That is all I have for this metal.
  10. Elven (Part one)

    Elves are an old race full of mystery, legend, and other fables of good and evil. From all the stories ever written of this race are set aside to fact, and lies. Truly Elves are of the woods; I grant those who wrote that truthful. Though Elves keep their history and past to themselves, truth will be revealed. Every elf has his story. These stories, written by Bards, Lords, or in the notes of their own diaries each have a bit of truth. Elves not only find peace by putting their hands into moist earth; some attack alloys and metal with such vigour it shames dwarves. Others prefer wasting their days in the grey smog of an ancient coal mine. Elf after Elf, set on trips to unknown islands, frozen wastes, and desserts, every one of them to uncover truth, or find a new set of sigils. Stories by Elves, for Elves cannot always be trusted. Elves do not write stories about them selves expect for arrogant Elves; who bend truth to favour of my race. This story however is the story is about the Dwarves, and Orchans races and the Elves treaty. Chapter 1 Collect the pieces. Long burst form ivory horns blasted though the stanched air. Elves paraded up and down the streets, the war was over. Elven ladies with torn dresses carried distressed children. Men from guard towers and homes, each with their own scars, yelled with joy. The elves then threw their battered weapons into a pile. This war you didn’t hear of, if you did either you were part of it or a great historian. The reason this outrage was kept secret was that the battles each left a mark of shame on the nations, thus they kept it secret. They were many other reasons for the secrecy, such as the wards cast by mages, fast and silent military tactics, and the battles took place in the most remote areas. This war was now over; the peace treaties were beginning to take place. The Elven king, a mysterious man, whose name was Vilo’dean. He had not been doing well. The tribes of the Orchans, as far as Elves could tell, were making excellent progess. Then the Dwarf clans did as the Orchans. Vilo’dean must have a secret he’s holding back, so spies were sent. Shadows from the courts outer walls shielded me form unwanted eyes. The wide brim concealed my face. Lanterns hung in the misty shadows revealing a paved road. My arms crossed and my back leaning on the wall. I’ve been waiting here for hours for the spy, Car’oen to come. Either he was dead, or continuing to solve this puzzle of kings, tribes, and clans. Personally, I had no problems with Orchans, or Dwarfs. Just perfectly fine women and men which wanted to do this treaty. Though in court, whenever I got in, I had to remain sceptic of their intentions. I was shaken out of my thought by a pair of feet disturbing dust. The man came towards me and handed me a package of letters, deeds, and treaties. “My lady.” Car’oen whispered kissed my hand, “At first these records made revealed their mysteries to me, but the rest a Laion can do.” After he was done, I dismissed him. Though there are things to be said about speed of Elves, I was gone, without a trace. Chapter 2 Solve the puzzle. The flame in my candle flicked to life as a chipped my fire essence and lit the candle. I laid the records on my table. I opened a letter with my knife and spread the sheet in head of me. My king: Form Corpus. Corpus, that’s an Orchan name, perhaps the treaty’s are going, I thought. But my king, he has allegiance? Vilo’dean, the tribes of the Orchans can not be shaken from the diamond mines, time to negotiate with the blade of an axe. Diamond mines? Has greed taken hold of our politics? Negotiate with an axe, that’s war. I need more evedance. I shuffled through the paper to another letter. Vilo’Dean, ruler of Elves. This is a dwarves letter. Can’t tell when treaties will be done. Might begin to get slower due to disagreement of clans. Mines of Wolfram might be the leverage I need. Without them my clan will not be able to continue Force will not be necessity Kolao, leader of the clan of Blades This letter is normal, I suspected some ploting. My eyes scrolled down the letter then. Vilo’Dean, ruler of Elves. Can’t tell when treaties will be done. Might begin to get slower due to disagreement of clans. Mines of Wolfram might be the leverage I need. Without them my clan will not be able to continue Force will not be necessity Kolao, leader of the clan of Blades That was it! Greed is running the peace here. The war will start if someone does not do anything. I ran to my other table and begun to write letters to the Orchans, and Dwarves. This might work. Next Chapter, Three heads roll. This is my short story, I think I'll leave you in suspence. Deneochris Edit(S) Last checks on errors, grammer, etc
  11. "Cold Day" and "NPC Strike Day"

    I like the cold day. Rather simple, yet so real. NPC Strike day. No comment. Off Topic: Why shouldn't there be 365 days, on the leap year we could have a normal one.
  12. Amber: What to do with this tree sap.

    I'll work with those another day. Though I do have some ideas for Dvarium...
  13. I was exploring, like most people when they are bored. Then I found a large amount of amber; it had no purpose. So I've came up with the few ideas 1) Summoning, Rare, and Powerful creatures. Reasons? Amber contains mosquitos, mosquitos contain blood, blood contains DNA/Life of an animal. Excample use. Take 10 amber, refine it (in anyway you deam fit) then get mosquitos/blood/DNA/Life. Gather some bones, meat, ETC. Cast the summoning spell. Get a Dragon, or any other rare creature. 2) Necklaces, Rings, other objects of beauty. Reasons? Amber is a beautiful golden-brown fossil free resin. Who wouldn't put in jewelery. (It does look nice) Excample use. Take 3 amber, polish it (Much like a gemstone) then get Polish Amber. Take a mold, gold, etc. Make it and gain an amber necklace, or ring. 3) Enchantment. Reasons? If you acpect option number two it should be able to be enchanted. Excample use. Take an amber necklace, some essences, a enchantment stone. Combine, and get a Amber Necklace of Recoil. Or any other enchantment. 4) Engineering Reasons? Engineering does include building buildings. Though this is far off in the future, building HAVE been made of amber don't believe me? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber_Room Excample use. For Engineering in game, none. But in and the map constructer (in the future but closer) details and expensive rooms. Those are the four reasons I have so far. Discuss
  14. Your opinion on ranging.

    I agree heu, I think ranging should become more usefull. Not too usefull so it dominates. But hey, thats why I think there should be a battle triangle.
  15. White list me please.

    Thank you very much, and I will obey your last command. oh yea. My brother (Draconey) "Might" want to play but I'll let him ask himself.