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  1. Just wondering. Mine was flying tigers this DOS game were you shot down all these planes n buildings n whatever.MY little brother and I played like ever night after dinner from when I was like 6 till I was 9. What was yours?
  2. el client error message?

    My apartment at school was burglerized a few months ago. I have been using rental laptops from school becuase I cannot find anyone to replace the screen on my on crap comp. Anyway a friend lent/probally gave me her old comp which is the same as my old comp I cant find anyone to fix (dell e1505 media edition) I have downloaded el + update and it keeps loading part way through first loading screen (the one with the ship not the words) and then a error message pops up asking to either send report or dont send. I have delted all files and reinstalled but it is still doing it, any ideas?
  3. Taking crafting orders

    I am currently taking orders on craft items: All c1 rings 100gc each All c2 rings from 250-325 depending on which you want Moon,sun, uni, star meds -180gc each harvester medallions -7k each CoL,heavenspawner med, gather med, and med of life -only taking orders at the moment on these for ings+ food. (I am too broke to buy all the ings) All other rings and meds can be made for either gc or ings+food. Post here or pm me in game
  4. Taking crafting orders

    O sorry guys didn't see these orders, guess I wasn't clear about how long I would be taking a break on orders for, I am getting going on the orders posted but after those will be taking a break for a awhile since school has just started.
  5. Taking crafting orders

    after finishing the orders currently taken I will be taking a break from orders for about a week. Thank you for your interest
  6. Taking crafting orders

    Orders are done in order received (including orders received in game) Juvenal -done Abel -done x2 Loir - done Vithar-done Raistlin-done Allandor-done waiting to trade Marvel Shadeslaye-done
  7. Buying havestables and ess

    I am buying: 10k coal 20k silver- bought 6k water ess 12k fire ess I am willing to buy in parts of the quanties I am looking for if you do not have that much.
  8. Are you addicted to EL?

    haha i cannot logg on atm due to the shitty wired connection in my dorm, however I am writting a paper on addiction, I chose video game addiction and got awful nastolic and started looking at the forms even though I new it would make me sad that I couldnt log on, hmmmmm addicted yes, in withdrawl yes. aww college ....you keep my up to 3am not finishing the 12 page paper due to nastolgica and finding a link to a porn with two umpa lumpas that has forever wierded me out and changed my life, compious amounts of alchol have been invested at the time this was written to try to stay awake and write this paper and now this post - 2cute2 out.
  9. Alfred

    Alfred <333 i miss you. ill get my video card fixed and give you apples and polo mints soon. promise.
  10. error/full screen?

    i reinstalled my operating system and redownloaded the game, tried to sign on but it the same thing happend as when I had vista for a few weeks before switching back to xp. Tried to sign on the first time and error messaged out. (kept opening up on fullscreen) tried again (and again asked me to read rules) still on full screen and signed on and it logged me out with error message after 1 sec. Then again I tried and before i tried to sign on I attempted to switch from full screen (everytime i errored looked like my desktop was on safemode) and the el client minamized and error messaged out once the screen went back to normal size. any ideas on what this could be or how to fix it?
  11. error/full screen?

    edit: i looked at dirvers under device manger didnt see any :/ before i had ati radon 3000 or something like that how do i see what card i have on this new comp so i can get drivers? yeh got windows xp back, the dell guy went through and did drivers for me and i go boerd and walked away while he controlled the screen, he said he had done everything but the one needed for wireless because there was something wrong with the server, but maybe not :/ on my old laptop i knew what my video card was on this one not so sure :/ ill go try to look
  12. Made to order rings.

    diss rings -90gc each votd ring -90 each dp ring -85gc each ws ring-80gc each pl ring-85gc each naralik ring - 85gc each evtr ring-275gc each moon med- 215gc each unicorn med 190gc each harv med -7k each post here.
  13. Little pker pack of rings.

    Posting this separate from my made to order ring thread because these not made to order, just made to sell off. 200 diss rings 200 votd rings total, 36k. pm me or post here.
  14. Little pker pack of rings.

    I am willing to sell off in pieces, just wanted to see if anyone wanted to buy the lot off first.
  15. A few stones and such

    coordination removal stone - 14.5k enriched water ess - 2.5k 1 serp stone -8.5k - sold 1 enrichment stone -7.5k - sold 1 book of iron sword of fire - 3.5k post here on pm me in game
  16. A few stones and such

    nope sorry enrich sold, adding one serp
  17. auction for some essies

    72k for the fire ess
  18. Made to order rings.

    rad's rings done
  19. Made to order rings.

    rat14's rings done
  20. Made to order rings.

    Thilien's meds done
  21. Made to order rings.

    danrothar's meds done
  22. Made to order rings.

    chejo's rings done
  23. Made to order rings.

    fearm's rings done
  24. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    2cute2, not sure if I am supposed to post multiple times for each batch, so apologies if i did this wrong, 3x10k sapphires,3x10k blue quartz =156k