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  1. Storage sale

    almost everything sold. ty
  2. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    paid for Merchant 3EX906774E3573350
  3. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Paid for Miria: 7AX720954J401574G
  4. 2 million gc auction

  5. Vegetal removal for bid

  6. works nicely on my Galaxy S (I)
  7. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Paid for Merchant: 5MN2079696043545T
  8. Expiring bots

    Paid for Miria today: 6TW804139H047424Y.
  9. I glow in the dark perk

    I would take it (once i got the pickpoints, that is)
  10. Essences and More for sell

    I would like 25 s2e please - Nidan
  11. very old players

    hi vartican o/
  12. fast action point regeneration in PK

    nice idea, i like it
  13. PoeticJustice storage sell

    309 s2e, 1100 each
  14. Undocumented features

    Today I accidentally hit the key combination Ctrl + T and i got a very useful Ranging window, which shows success rate other useful things. I cannot find anything about it in the news and updates, or even in the list of shortcut keys, or the encyclopedia. When i searched for it, i found some topic in the Programming section of the forum. I think it's a shame that these features are not mentioned in a place where normal players will actually look. Had i not accidentally hit ctrl+t i would not even have been aware that this feature exists. And it's kinda hard to search the forum for features you dont know to exist I think the client programmers are doing a nice job, but they should have some place to 'advertise' the new features, or at least half the player base will not be aware of the feature. Shame for all the hard work, right?
  15. Expiring bots

    Miria is under my control now. Just paid the yearly fee
  16. the last 2 Labagiu will be replaced with 2 Cocaral tho. We wouldn't have made it then. We had 5 deaths (iirc) and radu was nice enough to respawn one of our tanks 2 times We will need some better tactics or stronger players to finish it with the Cocarals, but it should be doable It was great fun tho!
  17. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    I tried the new client, but the problems are the same. Small maps do load, such as votd. I do have much WORSE fps there, btw. Larger maps just reload and reload when i touch a key. The problem is probably that the loading of the map takes so long that i grue. When i press a key it will try to reconnect and the map loads again, making me lag out again... Trapped in a circle. The normal client works just great for me tho. I get around 60 fps and maps load within a second (or 2 seconds for a really big map such as WS). It seems to be faster than before, but that might just be a feeling since the test client is so slow
  18. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    It took around 2 minutes before WS map was loaded after i logged in. I grued because of that i think (processor at 98% usage). Pressed F1 to go to console mode and it was loading the map again, instead of showing the console and i grued again after 2 minutes. So basically i cannot enter console mode with F1. (I repeatedly tried to do so, with the same effect). When i use the console icon it works ok. In fact it seems to want to reload the map after every key stroke i do. I will try to update my drivers later and report back here btw: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT, with OpenGl 2.1.2 processor: Intel Core 2 6300 RAM: 2 GB #glinfo: Video card: GeForce 7600 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
  19. Fifth Annual Raffle

    chipped in $5 too
  20. i agree, all i ever did was the almost-pro instance when it was still on test server. Then i hit 120+ and i was unable to do any at all. (Except for letting other people in)
  21. Global advantages

    Faster regeneration: +3 mana/health every minute. If you already have the FR perk it will be +6
  22. daily quests

    I love the daily a/d quests, i am doing them 3 times a day on pk server