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  1. This poll was always going to be bullshit when it's posted by TigerClaw and has Tyrannis in it, just some excuse to be egotistical before they leave trying to prove a point or whatever.


    When is the male version coming with Infamous in it, Tiger? I'm waiting.


    Not voted, and not planning on. With the way PK has been before I quit, you can't honestly say a good PK'er, it's based down to luck of armor/swords.. If you go back to when it was more about skill than luck, then it was desdamona, sweetthang always liked to PK also.


    Thread is epic btw.

  2. I know Lorck, it does, but I'm saying there are ways to protect against it.


    And Infa I don't care lol, I'm just giving my opinion on how expensive as fuck that will be to level, that's all, making it kinda worthless for the time you'll use it.

  3. Please tell me the 32k CF was a joke?.. I seriously hope so, who in there right mind would buy/use 32k?.. I mean c'mon, why not make it 9.6k? why does something that might actually work cost so much fucking GC?


    Btw Aug Set (iirc) gives nice fire protection also, standing in KF with it on isn't much of a problem. Should change it to a different type of AoE damage, not fire, or something that doesn't have a form of protection (Such as radiation, or magic) to make the 32k CF useful instead of another GC sink that's often implemented.


    Ofc these are just my opinions, what do I know. :)

  4. Just means those who stand in KF stand in aug sets, true sight, and heat protection spells.. But still, could be interesting.. (And I'm guessing this AoE damage will be based on the Level, not many people will level for it.. (Cost is about 600k - based on it being 800 per level @ 12 levels).


    But lets wait and see.

  5. One reply:


    /Gossip about Chosen


    Tell me the last time I logged on, or PK'd, and then tell me if I care, and then tell me some more useless information that you can spam about people trying to make them look bad.


    I'll stick to playing my new game, but have fun in KF, I'm sure it's as packed as ever. :)


    #Edit - It's a shame I formatted my PC and forgot to back up all my chat-logs, I could post some interesting bs also, seems like fun. ;)


    #Edit - I wouldn't say an amazing summoner, and with jeff, if he needs to spam summon tigers/bears to gain the whole 0.02pki he used to get from me then go for it, I'm sure the ~6-10k GC it costs him, or the 2.5-3M gc for the hydro-bars is so worth it. :P

  6. [some:Time:Stamp][PM from: Whocares: ow this fred r awsom plis moar.]


    It's 100% original I swear. And one can copy+paste/fake chat-logs, those posting here are just lame. When you fight in KF alone, pls come back to me. Btw the best times fighting in KF was always LION, GODz are just boring zoologists ^^


    ow pls flame more, this makes me so happy to read.