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  1. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Found a Coord Removal in IotF WALs a while ago ;p
  2. Branch of Destruction

    Just take a build that means you don't get hit. Still find it funny when people like Druss try to brod me when they dont hit. And lolol @ amar.
  3. Sign up for "pr0" instances

    PM me in-game. I'll do instances whenever.
  4. sto sell

    12k HEs - 84k FR Cape - 2.5k CotU - 6.5k BP Cape - 2k Total - 95k
  5. Banana Serp /Ice and Fire

    I like this idea a lot, very nice to make all the serpent swords similar, and some better for other things/armor combination. Nice Wizzy.
  6. Blind People Playing Video Games

    I'm amazed at this. This is honestly awesome. I'd love to help with this, if I can, as someone who has eye sight problems myself, would be more than happy to help. Please let me know if I can do anything AS.
  7. Don't Try To Help Rutuliukas.

    Won't happen, although I might start bombing one perkers again soon, I can't let rutu keep getting all these nice drops.
  8. Buying Lots :)

    I'm Buying: All Damaged Great Swords @ 18k each All Damaged COLs @ 40k All Damaged COMs @ 30k All Damaged Titanium Parts All Damaged Steel Parts 6000 Air Essences @ 50k 2000 SRs @ 27k ---------------------------------------------- Selling: 1 Brown Tunic 50 Speed Hax Potions - Would like to trade for 50 EMPs, or 130 GHPs. 1100 Rope 2000 Raw Meat 1 Invasionmeter Please PM me in-game if you want to sell.
  9. Auction for 50k LE's

  10. New and updated trade bot list

    Sorry for the double post, herb now has a new owner. It's no longer me, thanks.
  11. Trading/Selling

    10k for the Greave.
  12. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    800 Diamonds 3000 Silver Ores 1600 White Lillys Thanks loves.
  13. Repairable Dragon Armor

    I think it's time for a bump on this thread. The vote is over 60% yes. Maybe a new NPC, who takes the damaged dragon armor, and some scales, and gives you normal dragon armor.
  14. Auctioning 3 rostos, 2 EMEs

    84k for the Rostogol Stones. (28k each).
  15. Auctioning 3 rostos, 2 EMEs

    75k for the Rostogol Stones (25k each).
  16. Selling Items

    140k for the 2 COLs 300k for CotM
  17. Hey guys I'm looking to buy a few items, if you can sell me them please PM me in-game. Thermal Serpent Sword Binding Stones Enrichment Stones If you can't reach me online you can always sell to Herb, my trade bot.
  18. Trade - Steel Bar Ings

    The trade has been completed, thanks.
  19. SELLING: Universal Hood And Black Robe Set

    60k for the Hood.
  20. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    5k Coal please
  21. Auction - 50k HE !

    35k gc Serious: 350k.
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi guys. I'd like to cancel my order, as I got the items in-game already. Thanks. ^^
  23. Buying: Creature Food.

    I'm looking to buy enough Creature Food to max out my Mule. That being 9,600 Creature Food.. I'd prefer this to be done in one trade, as it's easier for me.. But considering I doubt that's going to happen, 800 minimum please. I'm not sure on the prices I want to pay, I guess if someone/a guild wants to do the whole 9,600 I can pay more. PM me in-game please.