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  1. Online survey

    Please consider helping a friend of mine, employed by Baylor university, by completing this survey. The survey is short and on "attitudes toward offensive language" in the media (including gaming) but the questionnaire does not include offensive language. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete the survey. This study is not related to Eternal Lands in any way. Participation is as anonymous as you want it to be. You are asked to provide an email address, but it can be a fake one. The last two questions (including the one asking for a name) only apply to students enrolled in very specific university courses and you can ignore them. 1) Complete the survey found via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/atol 2) send that same link to AT LEAST 10 people that you know who are NOT COLLEGE STUDENTS, but are OLDER than college-age. This could be parents, brothers, sisters, other relatives, facebook friends, bosses, etc.
  2. What type of player are you?

    Really? No. I'm shocked!
  3. Types Of Players In Online Multiplayer Games

    Just browsed over this. So true! I laughed at the part where they describe how the four types of players view each other. Here's a favorite tidbit, "Sometimes, particularly annoying explorers will simply ignore a killer's attack, and make no attempt whatsoever to defend against it; this is the ultimate in cruelty to killers. [...] Killers regard socialisers with undisguised glee. It's not that socialisers are in any way a challenge [...]; rather, socialisers feel a dreadful hurt when attacked [...], and it is this which killers enjoy about it." Haha, I can think of a few people who fit into these three categories for sure!
  4. Achievement

    Has it been fixed? Because I have read 140 books and yet have no achievement for it. I thought bronze was at 100 books?
  5. day of Invasions

    I thought I saw that caps were lifted in Bethel at the end, when the real baddies/monsters were coming.
  6. day of Invasions

    Had a great time on Hurquin, nice meat and bone drops, great defense experience. Not too many people, good monsters. Thanks!
  7. New achivements.

    Lenny Loves Me achievement for having been killed by Lenny x number of times (sort of like MN hates me) It's Mutual achievement for having killed Lenny x number of times
  8. mixable exp books

    'm not trying to be mean here, so please don't take it the wrong way, but this is exactly why the vast majority of the game doesn't bother with tailoring. It's too hard to level and serves practically no purpose. Even the person ranked 10 is 'only' level 51. I glad that you enjoyed leveling it enough to bother getting all the way to level 70, but that doesn't mean people now have to reward you for it. I used to be tailor rank 1 with the help of my guild, and I admit that I did both - mix for ings for friends, and sell for a high price, mostly because the other high level tailors (at the time) talked me into it. People got really pissed off, then Surfy started selling clothes for less than ing price on her bot. I just got back after almost two years of not playing and I see that Surfy is now tailor rank 1. Good for her. I'm glad I made some of my gc back that I spent on leveling tailoring, but I was uncomfortable with the price gauging even when I was doing it and happy to get the money. But whatever you do, eventually someone will always underbid you, and in the meantime people get mad at you. So here's my final recommendation to van and others: If you're gonna do this, for god's sake, don't make a forum post about it!
  9. Fifth Annual Raffle

    Looks like I won your cash. Very appropriate welcome back gift from you to me, thanks Piper
  10. Real Life Imitating EL

    Recently I was on vacation in Venice, Italy, with no EL access (!!!), but as it turns out, EL is everywhere. Here I am, merrily strolling along when suddenly I see this: So, I suggest we post pictures here, taken in real life, of things that occur in EL. I suppose you could post the pic of a rabbit or a beaver here, but I'm thinking more along the lines of the above. Have fun with this. lilbear Edit: Doh! It would prolly help if I posted the right image code.
  11. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    nvm, you can delete this post
  12. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    You pick up your loot from Ryddler, for the most part. I believe bugabear and Ferny still have some of the items as well.
  13. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    What a great event! Congratulations to all who won, and thanks to all who donated! Thanks especially to the spontaneous donations at the end of the event. Some people didn't win anything, and I'm sure they're disappointed. I did want to let you know that of the 34 people who donated $5 only, eight won. That's almost a one-in-four ratio, and I think that's pretty good. There may also be some who bought more than one ticket and didn't win anything, but I don't have that data. Remember, in the end it's about raising funds to cure diabetes so kids like Tori will be the ultimate winners lilcnoot
  14. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    Some people hold more than one ticket though. Anyway great event. Sorry I couldn't help out this year. :/ Being a minor tends to have it's disadvantages at times. I know some people hold more than one ticket, that's why I didn't put an exact number. Still a pretty good ratio
  15. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    95 prizes plus 16 from me is 111 prizes, divided by 58 people... that comes out to be a pretty good ratio...
  16. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    Who gets the toadstools, the food winner or the flower winner? Food winner of course
  17. Third Annual - ryddler's Diabetes Raffle

    Due to technical issues I can’t do much more than chat in EL these days. So, I’m giving away my storage in this raffle. There will be 16 prizes. For details and eligibility, see below. [If you have not received your prize from me, please send a forum pm to lilbear with some times that you'll likely be online and I'll try to catch you. Remember to include your time zone please! In order to be eligible to win one of the following 15 prizes, you must have donated $10 or more to Ryddler’s cause. The detailed list of items in each category can be found below. Win lilcnoot’s storage – food - piscator Win lilcnoot’s storage – coins - klgut Win lilcnoot’s storage – flowers - heyz Win lilcnoot’s storage – ores - bugabear Win lilcnoot’s storage – metals - Ferny Win lilcnoot’s storage – minerals - Wynn Win lilcnoot’s storage – tools - rutuliukas Win lilcnoot’s storage – weapons - ovi Win lilcnoot’s storage – armor - Nova Win lilcnoot’s storage – magic - woef Win lilcnoot’s storage – essences - Evanmarie Win lilcnoot’s storage – potions - CherUT Win lilcnoot’s storage – animal - Daniken Win lilcnoot’s storage – clothes - WeaverDAS Win lilcnoot’s storage – miscellaneous - Elveron In order to be eligible for the 16th prize, you must have donated $5 (five dollar exactly and not more) to Ryddler’s cause. Win lilcnoot’s raffle tickets – you will get all the prizes that I will win during the raffle. - IngalfTass Here are the details for each category. If I overlooked any double listings, please let me know before the raffle and I'll take them out of one category. Food: 20492 Toadstool, 2629 Fruits, 990 Potion of Feasting, 615 Vegetables, 3020 Mead, 6576 Wine, 268 Cooked Meat, 25 Ale Coins: 1,000,000 Gold Coins (that’s 1 million) Flowers: 2664 Impatiens, 6760 Lilacs, 10056 Tiger Lilly, 831 Cactus, 20492 Toadstool, 3192 Valerian, 264 Chrysanthemum, 1 Yellow Rose, 1431 Blue Star Flower, 21539 Sunflower, 2168 Wheat, 7535 Red Snapdragons, 764 Swamp Candles, 7230 Wormwood, 5214 Red Rose, 6762 Yarrow, 1360 Tree Mushroom, 129 Cotton, 2878 Mugwort, 1976 Poppies, 1876 Mullein, 4 Tulips, 3167 White Chanterelle, 1908 Daffodils, 30 Poison Ivy, 4407 Dandelion, 3083 Blue Lupine, 1499 Ogre Toes, 1438 Nightshade, 91 Blue Berries, 10377 White Asiatic Lilly, 4886 Rue, 34 Red Currents, 4035 Henbane Ores: 5201 Iron Ore, 1946 Cinnabar, 350 Gold Ore, 7174 Silver Ore Metals: 1 Hydrogenium Bar, 5 Silver Bar, 75 Gold Bar, 1508 Iron Bar, 46 Titanium Bar, 4 Wolfram Bar Minerals: 12421 Coal, 30 Ruby, 609 Sulfur, 5 Turqoise, 1888 Gypsum, 2411 Quartz, 4891 Blue Quartz, 3359 Diamond, 2003 Rose Quartz, 864 Emerald Tools: 12 Mortar & Pestle, 2 Ring Mold, 35 Pickaxe, 2 Gemstone hammer & chisel, 1 Alembic, 5 Medallion Mold, 128 Needle, 4 Saw, 6 Scissor Weapons: 8 Iron Battle Hammer, 11 Wooden Staff, 17 Iron Broad Sword, 7 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword, 6 Wooden Battle Hammer, 419 Training arrows, 1 Quarterstaff, 50 Ice arrows, 251 Wood Branches, 2 Steel Long Sword Armor: 1 Iron Greave, 3 Leather Boots, 17 Iron Helm, 3 Steel Shield, 5 Padded Leather Armor, 6 Leather Gloves, 1 Titanium Plate Mail, 21 Leather Helm, 1 Titanium Shield, 1 Titanium Cuisses, 1 Steel Cuisses, 3 Titanium Chain Mail, 1 Steel Greave, 1 Titanium Greave, 2 Leather Pants, 13 Augmented Leather Armor, 1 Iron Chain Mail, 1 Crown of Mana, 4 Augmented Leather Pants, 1 Crown of Life, 1 Used Titanium Greave Magic: 19 Ring of Naralik, 25 Make Rare/Fail Indicator, 29 Ring of Portland, 150 Ring of Palon Vertas, 2 Criticals Indicator, 20 Harvest/Degrade Indicator, 4 Ring of White Stone, 34 Unicorn Medallion, 11 Ring of Emerald Valley, 11 A/D Indicator, 3 Ring of Trassian, 2 Medallion of Life, 6 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves, 2 Ring of Desert Pines, 26 Ring of Isla Prima, 13 Rostogol Stone, 35 Moon Medallion, 36 Ring of Disengagement, 4 Ring of Imbroglio Islands, 19 Ring of Glacmor, 3 Sun Medallion, 3 Stars Medallion Essences: 10584 Life Essence, 4484 Health Essence, 910 Matter Essence, 2 Enriched Water Essence, 3 Enriched Fire Essence, 2347 Air Essence, 1737 Energy Essence, 1098 Spirit Essence, 2341 Fire Essence, 9 Enriched Life Essence, 1182 Magic Essence, 51 Water Essence, 1 Enriched Magic Essence Potions: 8 Potion of Cold Protection, 53 Magic Potion, 120 Potion of Reasoning, 379 Poison Antidote, 606 Potion of Spirit Restoration, 7 Potion of Radiation Protection, 62 True Sight Potion, 7 Potion of Heat Protection, 8 Invisibility Potion, 738 Creature food, 4 Potion of Attack, 2291 Potion of Body Restoration, 7 Potion of Great Healing Animal: 5 Red Snake Skin, 6 Raw Meat, 1 White Tiger fur, 1 Fox Fur, 5861 Bones, 534 Polar Bear Fur, 3 Racoon fur, 2 Bear Fur, 15 White rabbit fur, 3 Snow Leopard fur, 1 Black panther fur, 21 Deer Antlers, 10 Falcon Feather, 358 Cockatrice Feather, 17 Brown rabbit fur, 6 Beaver fur, 43 Leopard fur, 14 Wolf Fur, 7 Hawk Feather, 100 Bear Summoning Stone, 408 Rat tail, 5 Skunk fur, 2 Puma Fur, 97 Feran Horn, Clothes: 2 Fur Boots, 2 Body Piercing Cloak, 1 Mirror Cloak, 6 Skunk hat, 1 Blue Robe Skirt, 8 Brown Tricorn Hat, 1 Blue Tunic White Shirt, 1 Black Red Striped Baggy Pants, 1 Yellow Robe Skirt, 2 Red Scarf, 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak, 17 Racoon hat, 1 Yellow Robe, 1 Black Robe, 1 Black Tricorn Hat, 5 Brown Buccaneer Hat, 1 Blue Cavalier Hat, 2 Blue Tricorn Hat, 2 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat, 1 Gray Robe Skirt, 1 Lavender Tunic, 2 Red Tunic White Shirt, 1 White Robe Skirt, 1 Light Blue Robe, 1 Light Blue Robe Skirt, 1 Fast Regeneration Cape, 1 Blue Robe Misc: 1500 Mercury, 1 Enrichment Stone, 635 Red Dye, 450 Green Dye, 2 Leather, 1060 Yellow Fabric, 2351 Purple Dye, 1424 Red Fabric, 595 Green Fabric, 1379 Blue Fabric, 2 Skull key, 3 Skeleton key, 2277 Black Fabric, 970 Purple Fabric, 5 Serpent Stone, 1379 Gray Fabric, 701 Brown Fabric, 120 Orange Fabric, 641 Yellow Dye, 30 Wood Logs, 383 White Fabric, 7221 Blue Dye, 3858 Empty Vial, 14 Mule Glyph, 1202 Thread, 247 Orange Dye, 251 Wood Branches
  18. Clarification question. IF (big if) we were to get those three channels plus guild channel, would we still have GM too? So, that's like having five channels then, but two are limited to guildies? Or would it be an either/or thing, either guild channel plus others, or GM and three channels? lilcnoot
  19. What he said ^^ And yes, I had to put Calliope on #ignore for that reason, and I was just about ready to put Euphrates there too, but I think the guild fixed it. I understand that it's "cool" to have the guild's bot great guildies, but if the guildies happen to harvest sunflowers for hours and the bot is next to the sunflowers it gets pretty annoying. And omg Sava in NC.... She talks to everyone. Didn't her owner teach her not to talk to strangers? lilcnoot
  20. Hopping on to the next guild

    If you join Riva, Ferny and I can bite your ankles on guild channel! We have people in all continental time zones of the US and Canada, as well as England, Netherlands, Israel, Brazil, India, and prolly other places that I keep forgetting. Anyway, if you decide you want to join us, you better bring that ficus tree when you make an application on our forum! lilcnoot PS: We're fresh out of Smurfs these days, but we got fresh gnome flesh.
  21. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Woot! I'm gonna win all the prizes since right now it looks like I'm the only one who donated, hehe, lucky me lilcnoot
  22. Hoods

    If you want a hood, you can provide me with the ings, a savings stone, and 5k gc. If I don't need the savings stone, I'll give it back to you. Either way, I'm keeping the 5k gc. If I lose the savings stone, and you want me to try again, you'll need to provide another savings stone. You only have to pay one mix fee. I'm currently tailoring level 62 (12 level below recommended) but still at rank 4, so I guess that means my chances of making one are still higher than most others'. lilcnoot Edit: I've made about seven or eight now (I think, forgot to check counter before logging). Averaging one savings stone per hood, unfortunately. Universal Hood (1) Items needed: 5 Enriched Magic Essences 25 Threads 3 Needles 10 White Fabrics 1 Binding Stone
  23. Hoods

    I'm female, even though my name derives from a male name, female ig and irl. lilcnoot
  24. Yes, I want to participate lilcnoot and lilbear female irl
  25. Real Life Imitating EL

    I saw this on a truck today, drivingn through town. I didn't have a camera on me so I went and found it online again http://www.olyfast.com/ I guess they are having a lot of omg moments at that company... lilcnoot