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  1. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Datun has just been paid, plus the unlock fee. Transaction ID #22U78789VE321034V In game name: Whovian
  2. I am saying good bye to my beloved character Error, and to celebrate his leaving I am hosting a list of contests! Yesterday: Newbie Contest Winners: illuminati _LoVe_ Princess_Peach Harvie Today; PK contest: Level Ranges; 40s and below DPA Arena capped at 40: Riyaadabr Lycron - Winner! halbohr AmberGal 60-80: Codux 80-100: Maddi96 100-120: MirageKnight Polarstar 121-140: Starting 4:00 Server time, KF last man standing 100kgcs and maybe more. Dubro Busterblader Maxine Trojan 140+: Rules: No summons below the 100 range! NO GSM or Brod! Anything to break/degrade an item is not to be used. Rules may change slightly but all contestants will be notified before the start! Please sign up, and once I get enough people signed up for a range group I will set the time - There will be First, Second and Third prizes! Newbie Contest #2; Will start at 3:30 ingame time! Roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes from now. Join channel 7 for details. Riddle #1: A black dog is sleeping in the middle of a black road that has no streetlights and there is no moon. A cart coming down the road with no torches steers around the dog. How did the driver know the dog was there? Winner -Maddi96 Answer - It was day! Tomorrow: More contests to be added later! This is only the start, have plenty of items to give away! Have fun and Good luck my friends. ~Error the old gnome
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    5k Iron Ore - 19,750gc Whovian ingame
  4. Event Weekend! Saying good bye to Error!

    Contact Error ingame for your prize
  5. The Death of Error

    This is a story is a story I decided to write just now about my return to EL and my new character here. I want to thank Radu & Roja for their great work here, the game has improved so much I have fallen in love with it all over again. The quests are amazing by the way, really enjoy doing them. Anyway let me know what you all think, any criticism is appreciated. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Death of Error Traveling with the Great Doctor through time and space, battling Daleks and other aliens from far off galaxies, Whovian was lost. He fell through time and space, ending up on this small moon filled with beings of a differen't type than he had seen previously. He met a little gnome there who went by the name Error. Error told him he was leaving this splendid world and all its riches behind but that Whovian should give this place a chance. Error was old and had been in deep slumber for many, many years. His past lives weighed heavily on him, but he asked Whovian one question. "Whovian, you are new here but I can tell you have seen much in your life time so I wish to grant you the knowledge of my past so that my memory may live on through you and my time spent here has not gone to waste. Will you accept this knowledge?" From past experiences Whovian knew what dangers knowledge could bring, but he also knew what wonders it could also bring. Swallowing and nodded his head slowly in agreement Whovian saw time fade from Errors face. So many years washing from his eyes, he smiled. The small gnome stepped closer to this new arrivial and beckoned him to bend down. Doing as he was told, Whovian bent closer to the gnome. Error raised his hand, emitting a silverish glow, and placed it upon his brow. Ages past, faces older and younger, some gone others still around, all passed before Whovians eyes. Time spent with beloved friends, the joys of so many lifetimes lead by this gnome, and so much pain. Tears rolled down his eyes as these memories became his, the happiness and misery becoming his own. He reached out to the small gnome in front of him, "Why have you given me this knowledge? It is the very essence of who you are...I do not understand." "As you have my knowledge so do I have a tiny fraction of yours. Much like your Time Lord friend I live on through others. But I do not regenerate, when my time comes I merely pass on the know how I have gathered through so many years. But I have wasted away in this world, my time is over. I wish to die...Sweet comfort in death, when you have lived as long as I. Take care young one, and may you prosper in this land. Treat those I have loved well and they too shall embrace you like they once did I. My time here is over, yours has begun. Carry on the name I have built, though it may carry very little weight it was built on much hardship." The ages slipped back into the gnomes eyes. He stepped backed and looked towards the heavens. "Unolas, long have I revered you. Though I have not always shown it by shunning you, but as the end of my life dawns I lay myself in your Knowledgable hands. May you allow me to seek understanding in the after life under your watchful gaze." Stepping back Error vanished in a flash of light and was gone. So ended the time of Error and began the time of Whovian, may his life be long and meaningful! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Edit for spelling mistake
  6. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    I play like 50% of my EL on the PK server so if my vote counts: Shadow: Yes
  7. Signature Shop!

    I decided to open up a siggy shop since I have been making them for friends lately. 5kgcs base price for each Signature, or ingame items totaling 5k. The price may go up depending on how hard it is to complete the siggy. But no matter how hard it is it will not go over 10kgcs. Here is some I have made: I dont do avatars unless specifically wanted to match the Siggy, and then only for special reasons. So if you want an Avatar Forum PM me and we can work something out. Here is how you order a Siggy: Either post here or Forum PM me. Colors: Text: Images: Style prefered: If you dont know what you want just put what text/colors you may want and I can take it from there. PAYMENT WILL NOT BE RECIEVED UNTIL AFTER PRODUCT IS MADE. INGAME Name: Protoss
  8. Signature Shop!

    havent really thought about it...
  9. I would vote yes, great idea imo
  10. Selling a Serpent Stone

    Selling 1 serpent stone, best offer wins. This "auction" will run for two days! Happy bidding ~Shadow ingame
  11. Selling a Serpent Stone

    Auction ended Liquid is winner, PM Shadow ingame to recieve he stone
  12. Selling a Serpent Stone

    it ends when I get back from work in 12 hours
  13. PK Server Premium Proxy?

    I dont play the PK server but I do use the Proxy server on the Main server and has helped me out a lot. I would suggest to anyone to give it a try.
  14. Merchant bot at beam auction

    Gratz Learner!
  15. Bards Contest!

    Bard wished to have a contest so together we came up with this little contest. 1st: Dragon Blade 2nd: CoL 3rd: 2k Training Bolts and Crossbow 4th: Antisocial Removal Stone Here is how it works, you need to find where Bard is hiding and compliment things about him until you get three different responses. You will notice the responses from reading them. The Number will be in the post. To win you post the three different responses bard gives you. FYI: Bard is the new story bot in Eternal Lands /Bard HELP to get started! P.S. you must be near bard to trigger the responses. Thanks to Zia and Ozmondius for donating some of the prizes.
  16. Bards Contest!

    Congratz to DwarfKing, Kitential, CherUT, and GoldDragon! Thanks to all who took part in this little contest!
  17. New Bard in Town

    A new Story Teller has entered our world, his name is Bard. He has stories and poems, and every week or so he will add new ones! So it has been a long time since I proposed this idea, but he is finally here! Huge thanks to learner for all his help. And all the others that contributed to this project! Type "/bard Help" to get started, and dont forget to unignore bots on channels if you want to listen to his Stories or Poems. If you have any comments or suggestions Post them here or PM Error ingame Join Channel 76 and request a Story to hear him tell it. He also has plenty of remarks, So never know what he may tell you depending on what you PM him ~Error P.S. any story writers that would like their stories added to bard need to contact Error
  18. Buying AES

    Buying 10k AEs 8.5gcs each PM Error Ingame or post here.
  19. Buying AES

    Catchme ingame
  20. Selling Bronze Set w/o helm

    Selling Bronze set: SOLD Best offer wins, and I reserve the right not to sell if I dont like the price. Also Selling S2E of Fire Best Offer Wins. Post here or PM me ingame ~Error
  21. Selling Bronze Set w/o helm

    also selling: Flowers: 88 Tiger Lilly 78 Cotton 1592 Lilacs 36182 Red Snapdragons 1243 Cactus 892 Poppies 313 Blue Lupine 736 Chrysanthemum 3047 Nightshade 6688 Blue Star Flower 2685 Mullein 259 Rue 326 Impatiens 3539 Sunflower 87 Yarrow 3 Wormwood 28 Red Currents 302 Henbane 100 Toadstool 161 Black Rose 13051 White Asiatic Lilly 102 Tree Mushroom 16 Valerian 1 Wheat 1 Mugwort 337 Daffodils 37 Blue Berries 1481 Dandelion 161 Yellow Rose
  22. BARD

    I posted a few months ago that I was thinking of doing a story bot, many of you responded with open arms to the idea. Well it has taken much longer than I thought it would but he is finally under development on the test server. He has a LOT of features that are being added atm, lets just say he will be quiet interesting. Some of the current things you can do are as follows: You can insult him You can Compliment him You can Greet him You can tell him goodbye You can Thank him You can talk about Drinks with him. His favorite is Ale from the Hard Rock Tavern. You can tell him to shutup, but he doesn't really listen well And a few others I wont mention MANY more are planned. These are all still under work, so still a few kinks to get out before he is perfect. And just started work on the stories. I will let yall know more when he is online. I have big plans for this bot, so hopefully yall can be as excited about him as I am. He will also have a "NEWS" feature that will give you info on things going on in EL. A Bard gotta know the gossip ;p . Just wanted to let yall know the idea is not dead, and is being worked on very hard by myself and Learner. Btw his responses arent always the same as before Well there you go ^_^ ~Error
  23. BARD

    If anyone out there would like to submit their stories to be told by Bard, your name will be next to the Stories name, please either PM me ingame or send me a forum PM me on here. Thanks ~Error *EDIT* Also accepting Poetry and Songs
  24. BARD

    So far 4 stories are added, with a few more in the process.