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  1. The point is that some of those items offer resistence against branching, and some of them can be used in conjunction with the COTU.


    Resistence yes.. immunity no... if branch was removed then maybe more items would get used, but thats not going to happen, so people cant really be expected to risk them.


    Edit: even using say bronze armour with cotu (no branch risk) how much resistance does the armour give vs spam swords ? 10% 25% ? (general question since I havent a clue)

  2. Rather than add more orange spam items ( which IMO only elevates the problem ) to me a better solution would be to add an "enhanced cotu" that adds protection against COTM, JSOC, OSMN, SOM etc etc.

    This could be made using the tailor skill, since that skill could do with a repeatable money maker.

  3. If more stuff leaves the game, more stuff must be replaced, so thats good for the economy.




    To much talk about "the economy this,the economy that", the only currency worth anything in any MMO is : Enjoyment.


    Can have the best economy online,but if the games becomes to much of a pain to play ppl wont..


    People need to stop worrying about the economy or making things more realistic and concentrate on idea's to make the game more enjoyable, not idea's that will make it less so

  4. EDIT:
    Could you please elaborate on the reasoning behind the suggestion , why you think they are needed etc etc .

    The only info I can add to the above is that another event that occurred and saw little to no existing equipment tweaking was attribute caps. For some further explaination on that, i'll just quote Ambro:

    On a different note:

    It's not just the dragon armours that cause the problem.

    It's also the low might (= low damage) players have now because of the attribute caps. People take and have more PP's available for vitality because op the caps aswell. There are chars out there with tank like thougness.

    All in all...the weapons (or armours) in EL could use some tweaking to adjust them to the new after-cap situation.


    This might not be the sole reason you think they need changing, but since you quoted it, I will give my opinion of ambro's statement.


    If people choose to have a tank build for less dmg then good luck to them, changing items just to nerf them is a bad idea, unless you change items to combat all char builds.ie: also change the weapon/armour stats to combat those players with high Ins/Reas builds.


    Edit: Rather than one or two items being added/changed, the whole system needs a re-balance imo, to take into consideration all changes that have happened


    Granted due to pp buying there are a few char's with high stats in all attributes, but thats another topic :P


    (offtopic note: bound to cause "omgodz nuu": IMO pickpoints should not only have been capped at a set amount. 48 per attribute in this case, but also capped at how many points are allowed to be spent on those 6 attributes in total. Then items could have been given individual stats (pros and cons) Ie: Dragon armour gives +2 vit and Ins but -4 reas or coord since its slow to move in.. etc) quick example since to long to go into details ;)

  5. I suggest making enhanced versions of the great swords, the only change to their stats should be 6 more damage (to min and max).


    To manufacture they could just require 1 of the original great sword and 1 red dragon scale.


    Human 7 to use.


    Low break rate, same as the original great swords.


    I don't know what manu or crafting level is appropriate.


    Could you please elaborate on the reasoning behind the suggestion , why you think they are needed etc etc .

  6. For example, if the other changes i suggest aren't made, and people were to choose "Human Nexus 6 restricted Instance", they'd be able to use dragon armors


    Dragon armours are 7 human btw (unless they have changed) so leaving them 7 will put them in same group as bronze, upping orange spam stuff to 8 would add another tier of contests above that


    edit: to below, lol i had to re-check before i posted :)

  7. and the other case was settled outside because he couldn't be bothered - he had enough of media speculation and wanted it to be settled privately).


    Sorry, if you are innocent you have nothing to hide and prove yourself innocent......... settling out of court for $20 million just because you cant be bothered isnt the action of a "innocent" person..


    People with their head stuck in the sand just because they bought the Thriller album ..




    Note: Wonder if we will have a RIP Gary Glitter thread aswell :cry:

  8. Pro's:


    Allows people to concentrate on leveling on the skill they want to, and not being forced to grind on a second skill to be able to afford to grind on the first.

    Since grinding in any mmo can get extremly boring, only having to grind on what you choose to is a major plus







    If the GC comes from 3rd party's rather than the EL shop, removes income from the game

  9. Anyhow despite the "did he" or "didnt drama" at the end of the day he was just a singer, and doesnt deserve the hero worship or the weeping and wailing because he has died.

    Now if he had been someone worthwhile like a Doctor or Fireman etc then yes, but a singer lol hell no.

    Bravo. :pickaxe:


    Hey Cona tell me, when u express that opinion to people in RL do they get really offended?


    I'll often bitch about how football gets hours of prime-time coverage, multiple times a week, and half the news is filled with "omg football player X got drunk at a bar" (welcome to australia) and when i say "pff, it doesn't deserve 5% of the attention it gets... where's the actual important stuff like progress of the scientists that are working on curing cancer", people take serious offence, they look at me like i just shot a baby.



    Some do, some dont.. depends how much they have bought into the new Religion of "Stardom" Worship, or maybe Cult is a better word.

    ( or change one letter in Cult, and pretty much sums up the ppl who idolize "Celebs" like Paris Hilton, or a singer or an actor :pickaxe: )

  10. Who cares if he shagged some kids. If every kidshagger made such innovative music... it would be worth it easyily.


    WTF!!!! seriously WTF ........ Advert right there ^^^ as to why drugs are bad for you :wub:



    Anyhow despite the "did he" or "didnt drama" at the end of the day he was just a singer, and doesnt deserve the hero worship or the weeping and wailing because he has died.

    Now if he had been someone worthwhile like a Doctor or Fireman etc then yes, but a singer lol hell no.


    And before ppl say "Well he did this for charity"... NewFlash so do 100's of thousand of other people around the World, and they are just as important as a singer.

  11. Yes imo the roleplaying side of mmorpgs is somewhat important (the npc side.. not walking around pretending you're a dwarf) not only for the back story they provide but also to move the story on, it sets another goal other than just watching your xp tick (normally done in other mmo's by having a req lvl needed for quests npc's to talk to you).


    To me the roleplaying side needs the illusion of interaction , where players feel they are changing the World etc,even if the game World doesnt actually change, ofc there are ways to make that illusion reality but not the place to mention them (offtopic).


    So yeah any new npc's that add to that illusion or set the players new goals can only be good for the game

  12. [*]keeps the cost down; you physically cant shred through them as quickly


    I disagree :pickaxe: the main reason being, yes they have a cooldown (but its not that long) but they also stack(with a low emu), where as acc/eva pots dont. So you can carry and burn through alot more attribute boosting potions during a prolonged PK fight than you can acc/eva.


    Also IMO since they dont stack it does add a touch of strategy as to when to use your limited amount (I normally only used to have room for 5 of each acc/eva), if you just spam use them, you can pretty soon run out and find yourself bolloxed to someone who has used theirs with thought.


    Note: This is based on removing them for the sake of PK cost, now if you want to remove/change them for game/PK balance then thats a differant point, but that wasnt the point of the OP

  13. The cost of acc/eva pots in the overall scheme of PK is tiny( if ppl can run around in X00K gc amount of gear then a 100 gc pot (iirc) is miniscule imo),

    and why only acc/eva ? why not remove all "extra cost" PK related potions ? att/def/reas/ etc etc etc


    A much better solution if any was need would be to change the acc/eva ings.. so more potters spent the time making them and hence reducing the cost

  14. same as cockas, dragons, giants ..... so why ppl are not asking to put better spawns or 2x of these ?


    Edit: only cuz of drops no?


    Well as far as Trice go, The biggest downside to training them is the map they are on... and when a player decided to use his own GC for invasion tokens, to get some moved to a more trainable map what happened ?


    O yeah The "OMG it will ruin my harv spot" squad decided to move them back again, And now that the shortcut to them harv spots have been removed they are hardly used.

    So the lack of forethought kneejerk reaction kinda f00ked it for both sides... pr0 aye ? :P


    After being non-active in EL for a few weeks (log on to chat and thats it) ive kinda got a new perspective on the "community", and to me it always seems that one side is trying to kneecap the other ..wether thats Harver Vs Fighters , or Fighters Vs Crafters, Fighters Vs Mages etc etc when it should be all players working together to make the game more FUN, since that is the fundemental reason we play these games.


    The only valid reason brought up against these changes is maybe the increase of gc coming into the game, and if that is the case then Im sure the drops can be tweaked to take that into account so its no biggie.


    So to me anyway if a change like this would make the game more FUN for players, then great go for it. Can never have to much fun in a game, cus at the end of the day thats all it is ..... a game

  15. Imo if anything then it should be more single spawns with decreased spawn time, because you are never going to be able to add enough double spawns to keep all players who want them happy.


    So players will still be waiting for the "sweet spot" doubles

  16. Voted no


    Cant really have a " community " Rule to protects your items when the game gives you a 100% guarantee no drop on death. Community rules as your rosto ftl



    But that being said I think outside of any community rules its the right thing to do as a person to return a non-pk db, I have done it in the past (even to red tagged guilds when the db has contained 1mil+ worth of items) and I will continue to do so in the future.

    For the simple reason I know how much hard work can go into getting those items and I wouldnt like to spoil ppl's fun by depriving them of them.. that just my personal opinion though *shrugs*

  17. Think Im pretty much with neverman on this.


    Radu could post a basic outline of what he wants to do .. then locks the thread " OMG NO WHY" , this would give ppl time to digest and think about the idea without knee jerk reactions.

    After 2 days the thread is unlocked for comments,suggestions. depending on how this goes Radu could then make a fully detailed post about the idea for people to vote on..