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  1. Titans

    This is just an idea that has been going round in my head so any feed back both positive and negative is welcome My idea is to have certain unique powerful monsters that could bring an extra depth to EL and to make the players feel that there actions or inaction has an effect on the world. Certain high level unique monsters ie: vampire,ghost,gorgon,werewolf,mummy and medusa (call them titans from this point on) could be introduced that have an effect on the world as a whole. lets take the vampire for example. A vampire lord is placed in a castle on C2 (which he is unable to leave).Every week he is left alone he spawns a major vampire to the map on which the castle is situated.If he is left to spawn vampires at will when they reach a certain lever per map(lets say 30) then the nxt spawn is to an adjacent map and the process starts again as the vampires (or other titans) slowly spread across EL. Now lets say the vampire lord is attacked and kills his opponent then a major vamp is spawned for each character killed and if a major vamp kills a character then a minor vamp is spawned: example a/d Vampire lord : a/d as giant but twice the material points Major Vamp: a/d and material as ogre Minor Vamp: a/d and mat as armed orc not sure about the a/d's so any suggestions ? I say unique monsters in the sence that there is only ever one on EL at a time and if killed then dont re-spawn for a few months and then its a random Titan. ie: mummy is killed 3 months later a medusa arrives somewhere on EL. This would give great quest ideas. .... Kill the Werewolf before it infects the whole map. each titan could also have its own unique drop bag: Vampire : Cloak of Mist = makes the player harder to hit. Mummy : Medalion of poison = percentage that each hit causes poison to the victim etc etc ..
  2. Afaik a lot of players buy items for the EL shop for the sole purpose of selling them for ingame gold: So my idea is (for good or bad): Platinum coins are removed from the game and then put up for sale in the EL shop.. One coin would be sold for 1USD. These coins could then be sold to players ingame ( for what ever the exchange rate is at the time). The coins could then be traded to Radu for $ services Ie: Items from the shop, P2P races, PK server accounts etc. Pros: 1: Player who buy from the EL shop for ingame gold trades have a very marketable items ( when taken with no:2) 2: Players who havent access to paypal etc would have a means to purchase items from the EL shop, without having to search out players who exchange gold to USD 3: The game/Radu doesnt lose out, as the money is still made from the original purchase of the coins Cons: you tell me Thoughts ?
  3. Harvesting

    After thinking over the mini harvest events, Imo while it aims to tackles the problem of gold farmers and 100% afk harvesting (which I agree it should), it also hits those that dont gold farm or afk harvest. So I came up with this random idea , Im sure some will hate it with a passion or think it over balances the game, but feel free to post "constructive critism" 1 ) Greatly reduce the mini harv events : Reduce them to maybe a 1/4 of what they are now, keep it low as to not to overly intrude upon those who dont afk, while still keeping it there to affect those that do 2 ) Maybe add a neg mini event : ie lose 1-3 hp etc 3 ) Remove the 120 xp pick limit per hour 4 ) Have the Xp for harv work the same as for a/d : XP can be recieved for the whole hour, but stops after 20-25 picks (But the xp stopping doesnt stop you harvesting), to continue to recieve XP the player has to stop and restart ( ie: the same as flee training for fighters) If you stop due to a harv event this acts as a flee, so nxt time you start so does the 20-25 xp picks (Edit: The 20-25 picks is a random number so can be changed before ppl say " omg its to low" ) Now if people go harv afk they lose XP, while at the same time rewarding those that dont with extra XP per hour. Note: XP per harvestable might need to be tweaked if people think to much XP is being made. or and Im not sure if its possible that after the first 120 XP picks per hour go towards Harv and OA level, the rest of the XP for that hour only goes towards Harv level
  4. GodZ spawn serper

    Dont like Spawn serping. Play on the PK server or another games PvP servers... Can PK KSer's then Or Go to their spawns and serp them back. Or (and this is the hard part) Have an adult Civil convo via pm to resolve the matter Bickering in forums about X guild serped Y guild solves nothing. All it does is gets the reaction X,Y,Z guild wanted and fuels their percieved e-peen. Note: Not aimed at anyone guild.. just the whole "moaning rather than talk about it like adults" mentality
  5. pro instances

    The instances should be run for fun not farming purposes. /thread
  6. Boycott Learner

    Just dont buy them. Stop doing things that you feel require you to carry a rosto. Dont go to invasions, train in less expensive items, train on lower mobs if you want to train in ya l33t dragon armour. There are ways around not using Rosto's . Is 50k to much for a Rosto, IMO yes, but Learner isnt holding a gun to your head making you have to use Rosto's. If dont like the price dont buy. Simple isnt it ?
  7. PK arenas change

    Not a bad idea TBH, and doesnt really need to invole the player having to fight. The Tut NPC could send you to talk to a new NPC at DPA "Arena master " so to speak. The NPC could explain the basics of PK, Dis rings, Brod, CoTu's etc, and on returning to the Tut NPC he could reward them with a few SRS's, Dis rings or such like.
  8. PK arenas change

    I think its a great idea by Radu. Just accept or reject the proposal as laid out by Radu, stop trying to "add" conditions to it. If you try to want to much you will only lose the chance of anything in the end.
  9. PK arenas change

    Should make them non xp arena's tbh, the arena's should be about PK and not easy training. The game has got enough of that with guild maps
  10. Main Server 2.0

    Does this translate to "I'm stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over"? In away I suppose you could translate it to that, but in the sense w/e I have doing was the same as I had been for the past X years Ie: Train Yeti > Att > Flee > Att > Flee , the same system and combo used on countless mcw, fcw, dcw, fero, fluffs, etc etc Or for a change go mix, but then w/e you mix the system is the same for all skills Tailor/manu/pot/alch > collect/buy ings > click mix . Even with guild projects it all follows the same path, so in the end its no differant. So yeah EL is generally a good game, but I got stuck in a rut/got bored with the lack of diversity (for me) so to speak
  11. Main Server 2.0

    Sadly you will always get that for the same reasons its hard to get unbiased views, most (not all) players will only suggest/accept changes that benifit them. They only see themselves and what they want and not the bigger picture, which IMO is to make the game better for ALL current and future players and to try to attract more players. "Idea is good for the future of the game but I spent XXX amount of $/GC so I will disagree with it" or " screw you im ok" syndrome. EL is a good game in general, I didnt stop playing because overnight it suddenly became bad, but because it became the same game everytime I logged on ( if that makes sense lol )
  12. Main Server 2.0

    Note: This post is not aimed at the topic in this thread in particular, but at just at things in general I Disagree If players "just " accept the bad without trying to improve it, then they are letting the game and their fellow players down. Granted there are ways to do this without being total dicks and disrespecting the hard work Radu and the Devs have put into the game, but sometimes changes need to be suggested and debated in a hopefully mature way. Only Radu himself knows what in the end is best for his game and what direction it should or shouldnt take, all we as players can do is hopefully make logical suggestions (note: once again not aimed at this thread in particular) and try to help him in an *unbiased way. Yes 99% of players ideas are bad but there's always that 1% gem. * Now getting unbiased views and debates is the hard part. Ive played and spammed the forums of a few MMO's and IMO one underlying theme follows them all, and thats some players become attached to the game and start viewing it as "their" game, and will fight tooth and nail any changes that would make the game better for all, and/or help attract new players. They just dont want "their" game changed from what they have become used to, and god forbid any player or dev should suggest changing "their" game
  13. Wipe and Cap

    You missed a major point out... " CHOICE when to PK ". Players like to choose when to train, when to harv or when to PK ( its why most MMO's PvE servers are more populated than PvP servers). Not sure how the PK server works atm and you might have carebear rules about attacking trainings, afk harvers etc, but trust me they would all go out the window with a major influx of players. So saying "come to the PK server" isnt an option for those who want a "CHOICE" when to PK
  14. Wipe and Cap

    True but a new server is a better option, since any wipe/cap changes to the main would lose players without any guarantee of attracting new ones, and if it doesnt its kinda bolloxed the game. A new server is hedging your bets and is a safer option for Radu. Might be an option, and if they want your address they can pm me
  15. Wipe and Cap

    Tbh after thinking about it overnight the changes might be ok without f00king up current players ............. on a new server Old skool (or things were better when I was a kid) server: No mini harv events PP buying NPC removed Dragons armours removed Orange spam weapons/armour removed Brod removed Non breakable NMT removed Skills capped at 80, OA at 100 No guild maps allowed and countless other changes that would make the game less for the "hardcore" grinder and more for the casual player Before people shout and point to the PK server, no it would be the same limited PK as the main. That way people could have the easy,casual game they want without pissing off the current player base. Since any proposed cap changes to the main are not 100% guaranteed to attract hordes of new players like some believe they would, atleast the current players wouldnt been lost Note: Yes St. is a spy for another game but a fail one ............ since his pikachu costume is kinda a giveaway
  16. Wipe and Cap

    Tbh the game doesnt need server wipes, caps, 3 legged hamsters in tutu's etc to keep players happy... IMO it needs things for those players to do : goals ( such as level Req quests/items, etc ), new content for ALL levels ( new instances, dynamic instance, etc etc ). The only way a wipe and cap would work is if 10x more content was added for players to do once they reach it . Caps work in games such as WoW due to the shear size of the game world and things to do in it, without that content caps are pointless
  17. Starting over.

    I wish in debates such as this people would stop throwing around " well the game is still beta" comments, because tbh thats bollox. The game is only still "beta" in the same way any released MMO is ie: content expansion and balancing tweaks. A true beta game is FREE, free to play in the case of a P2P game or free shop items in a F2P game, you are their to test for bugs, stability of code/servers etc for a small limited time . As soon as a game accepts money from its clients it no longer becomes a beta game ( not in the sense people use the word here anyway)
  18. PK with permission.....hopefullly no misunderstandings

    Me I cant see a problem with it if you are basically asking for a FF, its only really a fun test of chars fight......... but then again some guilds red/brod tag for no reason
  19. PK with permission.....hopefullly no misunderstandings

    Ermmm what are you on about ? not a flame just by the post its not very clear
  20. Starting over.

    So glad you have a good valid reason to want it *face palm*
  21. Remove Brod, make NMT Breakable?

    True Changing items wont make more people PK, only increasing the player base can do that.. People either like the PvP aspect of games or they dont. Removing Brod isnt suddenly going to make 100 harvers equip armour and run to KF >>
  22. NMT idea

    Yeah in the same way arson is fun . and have to ask yourself why its unique to EL and no other mmo's have such an item
  23. NMT idea

    TBH if they are going to be made breakable, just make them that, not a degraded version or w/e. Then remove them as drops and sell them from an NPC, for a price determined by the break rate, wether thats 50k gc or 150k gc.... gold sink ftw
  24. NMT idea

    Solution is pretty simple to me: People say they Brod for the economy : (utter Bollox but lets pretend thats true) People say they have spent pp for NMT perk so they can protect items both from Brod (red cape) and normal breaks ( NMT perk) So remove Brod and Nmt cape from the game Radu still gets his item breaks Manuers will have increased work Pkers will be able to wear capes for strategy not need Players will hopefully train mobs their level and not fluffs in RDA ( been there seen that *face palm* ) The perk will be both a sacrafice and a benifit : Less PK/PvE strength but less breaks Granted more but not all items would have to be made repairable, but once again more work for manuers/tailors etc
  25. Re-adding the Day of no Grief

    I agree that it be nice for day of no grief to be reintroduced but Im not sure acid rain day is a good counter to propose..since its easily avoided.. so IMO it would be getting NGD for free Now change acid rain to peace day