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  1. Summoning

    I agree but this new MI bypassing summons doesnt do that if it includes the stones aswell I dont disagree with having the effect ingame but imo it should only work for "true" summons and not stones Note: Imo all this will do is turn PK into a "who can click the most stones" fest, so it would be nice if the cooldown on stones was doubled or tripled
  2. Manufacturing strike!

    I would go for that as an alternative option aswell tbh But I wasnt suggesting that "all" drops be removed, just ones such as weapons/armours/potions/books that either detract from the market or can be bought ingame.. mobs should still drop rare items such as stones/capes/enhanced essies etc selling Items with Anti isnt a problem .. you just save up the drops you want to sell until they make the trip worthwhile, then get a friend/guildie to sell them for you (takes maybe 5mins of their time)
  3. Manufacturing strike!

    The right not to be greedy Alot of people see mob drops as a bonus, so if you get a tit chain and only sell it for 4k, that is still 4k more than you had.Even more players just keep them in storage for their own use later (iirc I have 4 or 5 "drop" tit chains in sto) As for tit longs.. is there a market for them yet ? (hope so cus I have 50 in sto gathering dust ) It would be nice if those were gc drops instead, I guess. do you agree, Conavar? Yes I do agree. Thats not saying for example every mcw gold drop should be increased, but they would drop "bonus" gold instead of an item. Ie: instead of dropping yet another eva or Axe construction book they would drop 1-2k instead That way the drops are not impacting on the market while still giving me the gc to pay for any new items (also if that was done to all "common" books drops, then you have the bonus of those books only being available from the npc.. money sink ftw)
  4. Manufacturing strike!

    The right not to be greedy Alot of people see mob drops as a bonus, so if you get a tit chain and only sell it for 4k, that is still 4k more than you had.Even more players just keep them in storage for their own use later (iirc I have 4 or 5 "drop" tit chains in sto) As for tit longs.. is there a market for them yet ? (hope so cus I have 50 in sto gathering dust )
  5. Death Cloak

    Says it all TBH
  6. That doesn't happen in my invasions, unless if you spawn camp, in which case, you are SOL. Yes I know it doesnt happen in yours, but has been known to happen in other peoples Its not a complaint btw, just Imo more ppl wouldnt mind this idea, if they knew the creatures wouldnt be randomly dumped on top of them
  7. It might work IF there were hard and solid rules about their use Ie: no waiting till players are being multied by ogres,chims,trice etc then dropping these creatures on them (which happens now but to poof rosts not armour)
  8. Horses

    Ok random idea open to tweaks and suggestions: How about giving the horses a health bar of say 240, this health would then decrease at a rate of 1 per min.If you enter a house/cave etc the horse turns back into a whistle and is put in your inventory, and while there it still loses 1 health per min.Health reach's zero horse p00f's To heal your horse you would have to take it to a stable npc, where he/she would give you two options: Fast Heal: health points to be healed x 10 = Gc cost ... which would be an instant heal or Normal Heal: health points to be healed x 3 = Gc cost ... these would heal at the rate of 2 per min (which would take a while but players can have more than 1 whistle to use) The Npc would act like a storage npc and the horses would be turned into whistles for the duration of their stay (might be nice to have 1 or 2 NPC horses there for visual effect) Might be an idea to have whistles only be allowed to be stored at a stable and not an normal npc (horse hazmat ) Imo would be a nice GC sink without being overly expensive and make the horses which have been a great addition to the game much more used and worthwhile (imo at the moment all the hard work that went into programming them etc is wasted atm) Edit: then maybe the differant types of horses could have varying degrees of health ie: Black horse 300 health, but whistle cost X amount more gc to buy and stable charges X amount more to heal etc Thoughts/flames etc etc
  9. Old skool Pk event

    The spell is ,the formula (sp) isnt. In a contest such as this involving no Col's the harm spell as it is now is overpowered
  10. Make it a mob drop only cape so fighters get some gc but seriously maybe have somewhere which is like the opposite of a school, items have no chance/very little chance to break while used in this area, but no xp is recieved for the items made. Then it would be the players choice of getting xp with the chance to lose an item, or not getting xp but with little or no tool breakages
  11. Old skool Pk event

    Feel free to remote heal yourself if its better than your restore But does bring up good point, that though it might be obvious to some others might not be sure about, that is being a single combat map/event, no outside help will be allowed (main post edited) Aesop and myself are thinking of organising a contest that will be open to everyone and will be about fun rather than a players items etc, but that will not be until after dannus's event..
  12. Old skool Pk event

    Thats something Dannus will have to decide when he logs on nxt but From my point of view it should be disallowed (apart from to end the fight), with the gear involved the fights might last a while as it is, dont really want them to turn into a parody of Benny Hill with people chasing each other all round the arena . That is for Dan to decide though ,so will edit main post when he has informed me
  13. Manufacturing strike!

    If by that you mean "collecting their own Ings" then yes, to me anyway,that would be part of the manufacturing chain of an item.(and having worked in a manu factory, you sometimes dont start with the end products Ings, making them is part of the progress towards the finished item) To me doing something other than manu would be harving and selling the ores,or alching and selling the essies, selling pots.rings ,serping fluffs etc (which I have never said)
  14. Manufacturing strike!

    Sadly you are wrong The only time I have mentioned rare's is when people mentioned the over production some did to find them, I have never said manuers should live on the profit of rare's and screw normal items. My focus has been on why you dont get Ing prices down.. So incase you missed it... you are wrong
  15. Manufacturing strike!

    That sentence can be changed for a few of the skills though I think the stones that Harvesters get are quite fine. Also, you can use other skills for teh gcs. Just because you're a harver doesn't mean you can't pursue riches in other ways. I think the Rare's that Manuers get are quite fine. Also, you can use other skills for teh gcs. Just because you're a manuer doesn't mean you can't pursue riches in other ways. Note: Before ppl moan/flame... post is ment as a joke
  16. Manufacturing strike!

    Just out of interest it would be nice to know how many bindings,serps,etc came into the game per day/week via ingame ways (harv,drops) If this is the same as it was say 6 months ago, but now with more items needing them, maybe the find rate needs to be tweaked abit higher. I know with the black market $ > GC rate as it is at the moment, unless you are buying for personal use or for friends, they are just not profitable for most people to buy for market from the shop
  17. Manufacturing strike!

    I dont want to turn this into "omfg we want more drops threads" but just like to comment on this remark. That statement Troger might be true, but only for the Top 30% of fighters, afaik (and yes sometimes it might come across like it), that when Korrode etc mention "fighters" they mean everyone from 10-160 a/d not just themselves.
  18. Manufacturing strike!

    It varies tbh as you move up the mobs, some lower level mobs are great for gc/drops, troll/ogres spring to mind, while things like mcw are useless for anything but xp (never get rich training them lol). GC drops are fine imo they help pay for items needed, but I would agree that drops such as swords/armour etc that detract from the market are not good
  19. Manufacturing strike!

    Honestly? yes. #edit: "everyone" means harvesters, alchers, manuers, potioners, and crafters. I do not think tailoring or ranging should be a source of income. <3 shuj Ok I will humour you.. the reasoning behind that is ?
  20. Manufacturing strike!

    I am lazy but unlike some im big enough to admit it but meh if you dont want lower Ing prices then good luck when the cost reaches the NPc price
  21. Manufacturing strike!

    So everyone should make money apart from fighters ? who have already been affected by lower drop rates (both gc and items), increased essies cost etc etc. and im talking the average fighter here not myself who makes his gc in other ways or those few who serp yeti's for gc Btw RTFP I said i was more than happy to reach a middle ground of paying more
  22. Manufacturing strike!

    Same end result? The harvers getting shafted instead of you? Saving 1/2 a gc per ore is nothing compared to the markdown the end users get which is the point of this thread. I thought the point of this thread was that manuers made a big loss on items ? That loss afaik is coming from higher ing items (specially rares) to what they used to be. I can only speak for myself but I would be happy if they got some profit from both ways.. lower Ing prices and increased end item cost , if they managed to get ings prices down and still charged 25-26k for a sword (if that gave them a profit) I would be more than happy to pay that
  23. Manufacturing strike!

    Dont get me wrong, Im 100% in favour of you making a profit, but I think that would be better gained by making a stand against the Ing prices rather than upping the end price. Same end result just differant views how to do it I suppose and imo doing it the manuers way will in the long run just result in the sword price being more than what the NPC sells for
  24. Manufacturing strike!

    Then why did you mention 22K price for a great sword just a short moment ago....or were you talking about a different item? You did not actually specify at that time. You made it sounds like that was what you thought we should sell the swords for. At least that is how I took it. I didnt say should, I said if someone collected all the ings themselves they could sell for 22k and make a profit on great swords, which is true, now wether they do or not is totally down to the individual . The 28-30k price for a great sword doesnt bother me ( I dont put a price on fun) I just wanted to know the logic , which people have since pointed out. now wether I think that logic is sound or not is beside the point and not worth argueing about Edit: and the post you quoted are questions..not statements ? <<<<
  25. My Thoughts on the Recent Price hikes

    Well since Radu once again mentioned his plan, to have all harv spots only produce a set amount per day, that might change. Now wether he was messing with ppl or that is really what he has in mind only he can say