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  1. Gold membership

    Because they dont want to start new characters from scratch
  2. Gold membership

    @ Marcvs So what you are basically saying is "when ppl reach a cetain level, penalize them until they pay $ " hmmmm quick 100% way to lose a player base imo
  3. What Services would you be willing to pay for ?

    Yes they would, it would be the same as thermal serps now, they would be traded ingame and thats not a problem,since they only come from the shop Radu is getting his money regardless. And this idea(s) isnt ment to replace the gold membership plan but to work with it as other potential money making schemes couple of ideas. Custom clothing/uniques items: Priest/Priestess robes: These would give the wearer some benefit associated with the god inquestion Robes of mortos: Increased dmg on offensive spells Robes of Aluwen: Increased healing on restorative spells Robes of Selain: Increased strength of summoned creatures (above 3 might be used in pk but would be very handy vs big bugger invasion mobs such as the MB) Robes of Lucaa: Increased xp harv picks from 120 to 150 per hour etc for other gods Horses Remove horses needing creature food and make them turn back into a whistle when dismounted or attacked but make them p2p ie: $X a year for unlimited access to a horse
  4. What Services would you be willing to pay for ?

    I totally agree, any and all custom clothing should keep within the "theme" of EL .. Ie: no spiderman,superman etc costumes Edit: I know EL did used to offer a custom clothing service but it was that expensive it put people off, so Im not sure what would be a fair price where boths sides are happy
  5. Gold membership

    Excellent idea. Look how popular LabRat's service has been, this is certainly a feature you could be using to make RL$, Radu... Imo that would be a good $ maker for the game, and something alot of people would pay for. (if kept cheap like $5 and not something stupid like $20 a robe) Voted yes and will/would buy But Im not sure the extra xp option is needed, the rest seem fine imo I would prefer that a gold membership also opened up a bigger range of custom items: Ie: Gold member only new p2p races etc
  6. One character per person at a time

    Rough idea so maybe shite Would making a new untradable currency help ? Ie: If you sell anything to an NPC they pay you in copper coins, these coins would then be untradable between chars but NPC's would accept them as payment aswell as normal GC(so new players can still harv and buy items they might need ) note: If Radu wanted to be really evil he could replace all drops with copper coins and just sell GC from the EL shop (would really make antisocial a bad perk)
  7. One character per person at a time

    That will the make the problem worse IMO Personally out of principle and wanting to support the game will only buy items from the shop, such as rosto's to sell for gc (it saves me ingame time so i can concentrate on doing what I enjoy) Now if I couldnt sell those bought items then the only option would be to buy from GC sellers = less money for teh boss
  8. One character per person at a time

    Well if its by this suggestion or another means something needs to be done tbh.
  9. For those who dont know, here is one of the reasons this being of higher Intellect than the rest of us got himself banhammered (Read: Higher intellect = Immature fool who got a mardy ass on and threw his toys from his pram ) note: language edited (chat from local at VOTD while fighting MB) Spikebigpapa: alright who is the motherf**ker who took my bag Snosrap: wow LiquiD: Blake: shh radu: lol Norm: rofl L33t: lol radu: oh the L33t: lol radu: oh the language, og my f**king ears Spikebigpapa: f**king sh*tbag f**ks Spikebigpapa: steal from noobs radu: calm down, k? Nerdz: =D Spikebigpapa: asswipe f**kface sh*tbags Epitaph: rofl radu: omfg Snosrap: lol Nerdz: O.o LiquiD: LOL fern: tut potty mouth Spikebigpapa: f**k you douche Mr_13th: oh my Nerdz: ban JeRoMeX: lol LiquiD: lmfao radu: you are going to take a vacation, dumbf**k JeRoMeX: your gone L33t: w00t someone watches late night cartoons LyedanRoth: outa he's grr Snosrap: goodbye spike fern: potty mouth Spikebigpapa: someone steals bag Spikebigpapa: i have right to be pissed radu: yes radu: but not to curse liek that Annatira: better than getting booted, Spike, stop swearing LiquiD: Spikebigpapa: suck my fatty douche radu: if I hear you cursing on more time like that you are out L33t: make him pkable first? Snosrap: yes Blake: lol FeaRM: yes momr58: me thinks he doesn't know who he's talking to Spikebigpapa: all i know is some douche took my sac while i got aggroed by this gay event radu: oh well, it happens L33t: i think everyone here has lost some Spikebigpapa: 200gp = 1 hr Afaik it carried on with him pming Radu *bows to the intellect* Edit: *wonders if he left the other mmorpg's he used to play................... or was banned*
  10. Save the Instance

    I totally agree that instances should have a bigger range of drops, and as Sqwurl pointed out they dont all have to be all aimed at PK. But also i would go one step further and say that to keep the Instance fresh and fun a bigger range of creatures spawnable per instance would be good. Pro Instance atm is : Level 1 : Acw or Giants Level 2 : Nasps Level 3 : red or black dragons Level 4 : Jegos Level 5 : Buls To me anyway that doesnt offer much variety, and after a while the instance gets a bit samey and loses some of its attraction, having more random drops/mobs Imo would help to change this
  11. Mare Bulungiu

  12. Mare Bulungiu

    Roughly 145 Att (maybe more)/ Def is 150 (using CEL calc from my att xp) , can crit hit for 80+,high p/c, high toughness, Glow in the dark perk and mirror perk
  13. Marketplace posting

    While on the subject of auctions, how about we get rid of the " I reserve the right not to sell if Im not happy with the price" since it just wastes peoples time. How about and this might be a weird concept... if you want/are happy with X amount of gc for an item, start the bidding at that amount
  14. Old skool Pk event

    "Posting on behalf of Dannus" (who is still forum ban hammered) Hello all, im planning to host a pk event depending on if enough people seem to show interest in it. Here it comes. Where: White stone city arena When: Sunday 22 march 19.00 GMT time For what a/d : max 260 a/d combined, (Will hopefully have help to check these) Rules: This Is a One vs One ..single combat event: So no outside help for the competitors is allowed in anyway,shape or form Weapons: all up to lvl 4 human nexus weapons - no magic weapons - no arrows/bolts (best sword= tit longs sword) Armors: up to enchanted iron cuisses, greaves. Tit chain, Iron helm and steel shield. Col is not allowed. All medalions except mol are allowed. The only cape allowed is red cape (Cotu) to avoid people from using rings in biggest possible range,which is also impossible to check Spells: all allowed except harm. Potions: all are allowed No wards/mines/summons The entering fee for this event is 1 k which later will be shared between 1,2,3 place. I will also provide 10 k to the awards. The contest is knockout which means the two strongest can meet in first match if unlucky, which makes it possible for weaker people to have a chance with some luck. (players will be choosed to meet each other randomly). You lose a fight if you die or leave the arena. Any questions post here or pm dannus thankyou (all prize donations welcome btw ) Edit: Diss/Fleeing is allowed , fights will only end when one contestant leaves the arena Competitors List: Dannus Sqwurl Stormie St_Arcane Senzon Haze gp_ TonySnow E_mc2 Bellali Dreyan Tommyknocker Shakyamuni Soul L33t Sin Prize Fund 10k from Dannus 10k from Dreyan 10k from conavar 30k from kind anonymous player 20k from Shakyamuni 3k from Tuffy 100 Glacmor rings from Annatira 600 srs from Sin 1k entry fee per player
  15. Vampire neg perk

    Way to many pickpoints tbh Im skeptic so wont be bothered about the astro Use Fr cape pretty much negates most of the dmg during daylight
  16. The Infected

    In theory I would say things like vampires could be implemented by using the pet system, and like the mule's would require a glyph and Necter Of Unlife(creature food)to remain in this state...They could be leveled like mules and each level would give both good and bad perks, and these perks would stack, so a fully leveled Vamp would have them all. ie: Level 1 : Neg: 4 dmg per min while in daylight. Pos: heals 2 hp per min at nighttime , + X amount of emu, mag res Level 2 : Neg: cannot eat normal food/use fps etc, minus food =loss of X hp per min Pos: Drinking blood vials adds X amount of food, + X amount of emu, mag res and Toughness Level 3 : Neg: Summon stones do not summon the normal creature associated with them(see pos), extra dmg from silver weapons (clicky) Pos: Evanescence perk, using a summon stone summons a pack of 3 increased a/d wolves no matter what stone is used etc etc
  17. Old skool Pk event

    Winners 1st : Sqwurl 2nd: Haze 3rd: Tommyknocker Thanks to all those who took part,donated prizes and came to watch
  18. Contest, prizes worth ~1MGC

    Gratz and xena ssssh about no bricks or he will give big-bugger-lungiu true sight
  19. Old skool Pk event

    Entrance Fee from the players will be due to be paid in WSA before the event begins note: If you have guildies/allies etc in the contest, please make sure you can leave your guild if you are drawn against each other
  20. Make Dragons stronger

    IMO Dragons lost the majesty/wow factor as soon as they had fixed spawns ingame and were spammed in invasions To me anyway they should be only used as the ultimate "end Invasion boss", for them to be this I dont think they need their a/d/p/c toughness, mag res etc increasing, just increase their HP to Bulungiu level and above. This would promote team work for the lower levels who cant kill dragons 1 v 1, while still keeping them "potentially" killable 1 v 1 by those players who have put the time into training a/d that high (but with increased HP killing them would take even the top players alot of time and effort, which something like a Dragon should do) So 1: Increase Dragons HP 2: Use them only as the odd 1 or 2 invasion bosses 3: Remove the ingame spawns ( or keep the spawns for a New improved Dragon, but do like the old Everquest used to : From the time of death respawn time is random and between 1 day and 1week )
  21. Manufacturing strike!

    This would be trivial to implement by setting the NPC buy/sell prices to the min/max of each item's range. Few would sell for less than what they could get from the NPC, and few would buy for more than what the NPC charges. The hard part is figuring out just what that range should be for each item in the game. For example we've already seen pages of debate on the true cost of an item: (1) it's "free" because you can harvest everything needed vs (2) it's "Xgc" because that's what it costs to buy all the ingredients to mix one. But if he wanted, Entropy could define the market value of every item in the game by simply adjusting the NPC prices. I'll let someone else debate if that's the best solution or not. Pretty impossible to do tbh for anything that requires rares, do you base the npc price on what rares used to cost ?, what they cost now ? or what they will cost in the future ? Unless people expect Radu to change the prices with every server update
  22. The rampaging Horde!

    yup 1-2 hours later would have been perfect (but I suppose finding the "perfect" time is difficult)
  23. KF o:

    Hmmmmm After the topic in chan 6 last night, I think we should all just shut up and enjoy what we have
  24. Events

    Surely if you donate a prize for a contest, its because you want others to win a prize, not to get your name up in big flashing neon lights. Credit is nice but a quiet PM "thankyou" from the organiser is all the credit that is needed Imo Who cares ? you won a prize be happy with it, or maybe you would prefer to forgo the prize just to get your name in blue on screen lool I can only answer this from the perspective of Annatira (but Im 100% sure its the same for all event hosts). I know for a fact Annatira has donated who own items for her contests and some prizes have come from her guildies (maybe you dont realise since we dont ask for our names to be in bright lights) Maybe just maybe those mods come from guilds that recruit "nice people" ? edit: There are alot of nice guilds with alot of nice people in them who are not mods and last time I checked "being a mod" wasnt a prerequisite to organising an event Pm contests are good, for the simple fact that the winner is random so everyone can feel like they have a chance to win, not every contest should be aimed at those who have spend X amount of hours searching the maps or have spent X amount of hours training a/d etc, a mixture of all types are good and gives everyone a chance note: Thanks to everyone who has ever hosted or organised an event in the past... some of us (even if we dont participate in them all) appreciate the work you have put in
  25. Events

    Must say I agree with this, atm those who play between 6pm-1am GMT are (to put it bluntly) getting screwed over. I know the people who run invasions have RL's to attend to, but how long does it take to spam a few creatures in C2 portals room etc for an invasion ? Atm the only "invasion" fun I can get is to do an Instance (and they are getting very samey)