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  1. Wanted list

    No bagjumping is not against the rules of the game but the players of EL have made up what may be called there own set of world laws where bagjumping is frowned upon and is breaking one of them unwritten laws,wether them laws are right or wrong is another matter. for the purpose of this post yes the above would be classed as bagjumping. surely the trade action was implamented for the passing of items between characters ?
  2. Wanted list

    Wether it be possible to impliment or not i dont know but another idea is to have like a sliding scale for characters say from -50 to +50 .players start at 0 and for every good deed (healing others etc) they gain + points and for every bad deed ( bagjumping,scamming) they recieve negative points . Depending on your score (and therefore standing with npcs) you have plus or negative perks -10 to +10 : normal +11 to +20: 5% off items bought from shops +21 to +40: +2 charisma and 5% off items +41 to +50: +4 charisma and 10% off items -11 to -20 : 5% more cost on items from shops -21 to -30 : -2 charisma and 5% on items -31 to -40 : -2 charisma and 10% on items -41 to -49 : -4 charisma and 15% on items - 50 : antisocial perk
  3. Titans

    Yeah i did think of that but sure that idea has been posted before.. when ppl think of dragons they think of huge monsters .personally i would only make them the same on screen size as unicorns sort of mini me dragon lol
  4. Wanted list

    I think we have all been bagjumped at one time or another and yes it sucks but personally i dont think there is any thing Wrong with people who bagjump (it gives the game its bad guys) i agree ppl who maybe scam or cheat should maybe have a WANTED put on them . i would place the list in the tavern on IP (it might not serve alot but might help newbies know who to avoid and not trust)
  5. Titans

    Nice idea . only problem i can see is what happens if no one decides to kill you .are stuck watching your Vamp character wander about ? it might work if a time limit was implemented = stay as an undead untill either a) killed or 3days have past
  6. "Buyable Nexus" Poll

    Voted no : its my humble opinion skills ,attributes ect should be earned and not bought
  7. Titans

    All fare and valid points if technacally an idea like this is unable to be implemented then fine ,at the end of the day it was just an idea. I never really intended the Titans to be in the fluffy bunny mold ,there were more for along the lines of for roleplaying and quests and to give the players a feeling that there actions make an impact on the EL world Thanx for the comments : constructive like they should be
  8. Buyable nexuses

    surly this should be judged on two parts 1) will this benefit the game as a whole 2) does buyin attributes instead of earning them devalue the spirit of the game
  9. Titans

    lmao nothin on my post has commented on how EL works and how to change the fundemental basics of the game.IT WAS A SUGGESTION FOR NEW MONSTERS and bar a little discrepantcy in my a/d calculations thats all it was was a suggestion.instead of rabbittin on about mistakes in game mechanics maybe the OLDIES should put them right like cyprom did. and yes i agree some of the best ideas come from newbies because they at least dont think themselve no it alls and always right they are unblinkered in there judgement . anyway not goin to turn this into a oldie vs newbie pro's and con's arguement everyone is entitled to there opinion
  10. Titans

    well derin for a moderator you pretty narrow minded ; the post is not about in game mechanics its a suggestion for enhancing the game but pick away . and yeah been playin EL for over a year but we cant all be perfect all the time can we or are you. if you want to pick holes in the suggestion that was posted then fine but not the game mechanics because at the end of the day they are down to the programmers not us
  11. Titans

    oopps yeah thats my bad . not up to speed on a/d of monsters im not sayin the idea is perfect which is why i posted it for other players to have there say and input
  12. Buyable nexuses

    Personally i cant see why ppl should get there PP back if they buy a nexus . As far as i understand it this idea is intended to be a BONUS way for player to recieve nexus's . no one is bein forced to reset or buy nexus's its just and added + for ppl who would like to
  13. Buyable nexuses

    Personally i think this idea has plus and negative points which have been stated by many in previous posts.The idea i do find most appealing though is Pipers for nexus stones,this idea gives all level players a chance to benifit wether its using the stone themselves or selling it on . I would go one step further and make the stones about as rare as a rosto and to make the stones specific to one nexus ie: stone of human nexus... stone of magic nexus etc. you could also have a very,very rare stone of pick point which could then be used on anything from nexus's to phys or coord . The quest idea would also get my thumbs up .if the quest were made high level only then this give the players who have spent time and effort levelling up there character a reward (im mid-level my self)